Ocean Park in Hong Kong

Ocean Park is one of the most famous holiday destinations in the world. In 2006, the popular international magazine "Forbes" made a Hong Kong Park in the top ten most visited entertainment parks on the planet, and in 2007 "Forbes Traveler" noted as one of the "50 most visited tourist attractions in the world". The complex is included in the top 15 of the best thematic parks on the planet. In the thirty years of existence of "Ocean Park" in Hong Kong, more than 95 million people were visited by. Undoubtedly, Ocean Park is a magnificent pearl of the city of spices, take a look at which everyone.

The entertainment complex is located in the southern tip of the island east of Aberdeen. Its area – more than 870 thousand square meters. meters. Conditionally Park is divided into 7 parts: Aqua City (Water City), Amazing Asian Animals (Amazing Animals of Asia), Whiskers Harbour (Usataya Harbor), Thrill Mountain (Dangerous Mountain), Rain Forest (Tropical Land), Marine World (Sea World) and Adventure Land (adventure captured). There is no sharp distinction between them.

Another generally accepted division of the park on – "Waterfront" (coastal zone) and "Summit" (mountainous area). At the same time, the first includes Aqua City, Amazing Asian Animals and Whiskers Harbour, and in the second – everything else. Connects both parts of Ocean Express, an underground tunnel of 1.3 km long. Express trains are able to transport up to 5,000 passengers to transport. The compositions are sent in both sides every hour. To move from one end of the park to another can also be on Ocean Park Escalator. Many street escalators work in the park throughout the day.

One of the most pleasant ways to be on the other end of the entertainment complex – the cable car "Cable Cars". From the windows of the suspension cabins are awesome views.

In addition to attractions in the park there are restaurants, cafes and snacks, where you can sit and have a snack. Plus, on the territory of the entertainment complex, trading shops with sweets, soft drinks and ice cream on removal.

Have a pleasant moment – you will not have to pay for individual entertainment. The entrance ticket is operating according to the principle of "all inclusive" – ​​once paid and enjoy all the charms of carefree cultural recreation. Ticket price: 280 HK $ – for adults, 140 HK $ – for children from 3 to 11 years. Guests under 3 years old, over 65 years old and birthday women – free. Separate expenses will require only purchase of souvenirs and nutrition.

Ocean Park is huge and provides many services. When planning recreation is better to give this wonderful place all day. Fascinating extravagania begins at the entrance gate. Guests seek in the frame of the sensational film "The Park of the Jurassic period", the models of dinosaurs grow around tourists, performed in full size. Dozens of huge multi-colored balloons tens of huge multi-colored balloons tested here. There and here benches, roofs, walls are decorated with funny animal sculptures: Panda, walrles, seals ..

Aqua City

In Aqua City there is an aviary of butterflies, where the winters live in vivo. If you travel in summer, it is better to look at the insect in the morning or closer to the evening. At lunchtime, you risk them just not to see, since everyone will hide from the heat into the shady corners of the nursery. The valley begins the rise of the 1.5 kilometer cable car "Cable Cars" above orange trees, exotic flowers and hundreds of sites, where various representatives of wild fauna are carelessly inhabited. Walk ends in another part of the park – Marine World.

Water city is represented by a huge indoor Aquarium "Grand Aquarium", children’s carousel with marine inhabitants instead of SEA Life Carousel horses, singing Symbio fountains and an acrobatic show against the background of Skyfair Celebration balloons.

More than 5,000 species of a wide variety of creatures live in a giant aquarium: from small fish, marine stars, turtles and plants to such giants of the underwater world, like a hammer fish, tuna and manta scat. Aquarium in the park opened quite recently. Animals and plants for him delivered from all over the world.

"Symbio" is better to visit at dusk, on the way back. Under the immortal melodies above the ground, 360 water jets are swayed, drawing in the air the events of the old fairy tale: Furgent dragons and ancient warriors. Action is fascinating and clearly distinguishable. Fountain symphony is accompanied by the beams of spotlights, and looks amazing.

Amazing Asian Animals

In Amazing Asian Animals you can look at China’s national heritage – Panda. Bear possessions are divided into separate parts: "Giant Panda Adventure" (Adventure of the Giant Panda), "The HKJC Giant Panda Habitat" (Habit Panda Wednesday), "Panda Village" (Panda village). Here you will meet giant panda Ying Ying, Le Le, An An and Jia Jia. The last two were donated by Hong Kong Mainland China in 1997 in honor of the "Return of Hong Kong PRC".

In addition, rare red pandas live in aviars. They have a size much smaller than that of relatives, and are more movable.

Salamander families live here. Salamander is considered one of the most ancient living beings on Earth. They lived in the era with dinosaurs. Amazing amphibians escaped bitter fate during climate change, hiding in deep caves. In China, a scientific salamander is called "yes neither", that is, "Giant Salamandras". In the spacious, you can hear the appeal "VAVA-YU". It means "Baby Fish". Unusual nickname amphibians received due to sounds published with breathing light on land. They are very reminiscent of a crying infant. Salamander’s lifetime – up to 150 years, the maximum weight is about 180 kg.

After visiting Panda, you can look at the Goldfish Treasures Goldfish Museum. In a small building, fish hundreds of breeds live, including very rare. Kinded gems golden, red, white and black scales, they are peacefully swimming in small aquariums. Picture is allowed. Fish viewing field can be sent to the bird theater "Emperors of the Sky". During the day, he gives several ideas, participating in which we take a variety of representatives of feathered, including steppe eagles, Mediterranean Sokolov, South Mountain Carcar and Vulture-Indek.

Lovers of dangerous and unusual in the complex "Straceing Animals of Asia" should be visited by Lake "Gator Marsh". There are cunning crocodiles and alligators in quiet swampy. In China, this is quite significant animals in national mythology. Hundreds of legends and godings are connected with them, since ancient times they were attributed to different forces. Reptiles considered small dragons inhabited on earth.

Whiskers Harbor

Intry slides and swing – good, but what to do if the company is full of young children? Move on! "Whiskers Harbor PlayGround" – a playground created for you. This is a supermal, children’s village, jungle, gym and cafe in one. So far, young researchers with the assignment will be engaged in age-old oaks, rope stairs, tangled toy tunnels and more secure, but no less exciting rides, adults can relax in cute arbors, drink a delicious cocktail or tea, lunch or photographing your favorite chad. In general, everyone will remain satisfied.

It is hourly in the "Usato Harbor" for guests there is a funny performance with funny clowns, deft acrobats, tireless juggles, charming sea lions and smart parrots. In order to get to the concert, it is necessary to find the building with a huge multi-colored inscription on the roof "Whiskers Theather".

With kids, you can also ride a carousel with cute wooden horses "Merry-Go-Round". Often to resist her and caring parents. Then be sure to find the attraction "Clown A Round". It represents a huge and smiling clown, the hands of which are arranged on the parties and hold the booths in the form of God’s cows. After the kids are booty, the charming urching is circling babies from side to side.

Not for nervous attraction "FROG HOPPER". It can be felt like a real frog, easily and immanently rising for a split second for dozens of meters above the ground.

Thrill Mountain

Here is one of the most exciting adventures in Ocean Park – "Hair Raiser". "Hair Giant Reizer" – the largest rollers in the park. They contain many loops and turns, starting on the coast, "hill hair" smoothly go into space above the surface of the South China Sea. A fascinating trip with the taste of danger guaranteed. Another unique attraction of "Dangerous Mountain" – "Flash", "Devil’s Hammer". It will easily raise you to a height of white 22 meters, starting to spin at a speed of 60km / h around its axis. Unforgettable impressions are guaranteed.

Risk to you to taste? Go to the "Whirly Bird" carousel and try yourself in the role of birds. The machine will raise you 30 meters above the ground and be concerned in light suspended cabins.

Next to the crazy slides and turntables are the "BUMPER BLASTERS" autodroid – "explosive cars", where you can ride on small colorful electrocracks. Each typewriter is designed for two people.

Rain Forest

In the tropics you will find an attraction "The Rapids" – Rafting alloy. Tourists are searched for small round inflatable boats and send to a dangerous and exciting adventure on the river, through mountain sills, fateful turns and noisy waterfalls.

Ocean Park in Hong Kong

Lovers of a relaxing holiday worth paying their attention to the "Expedition Trail" – an informative journey deep into the wild jungle. Start a walk marks a small pavilion woven from bamboo. In the forest you will meet the smallest monkey in the world – a dwarf toy, brought to China from Brazil, and the strongest animal in the world – the beetle of Hercules East. This beetle is unique in its kind. He knows how to carry gravity 850 times higher than its weight. It is still not solved by the mystery of the insect (outer skeleton) of the insect. Only at Hercules, the external cover changes color depending on the change in environmental humidity. The size of an unusual bug with an average human palm.

One of the recent inhabitants of the Tropics Park – Kinka, a clutch bear. Outwardly, he resembles a monkey. On the way, you will also meet Calibar – a shaggy waters. Today, Calibar is the biggest famous rodent people on the planet. Calibar females reach weights in 65 kg. The severity of males varies from 34 to 63 kg.

Rain Forest surprises wait for travelers not only on land, but also water. Here inhabit the world’s largest freshwater fish Alaraima, brought from South America. Park staff will tell you about all rare representatives of local flora and fauna.

Adventure land

Ocean Park is designed for lovers of extreme and amazing. Here you can ride on another American hills "Mine Train". Unlike the previous ones, these spirals are spiral and easily ride their desperate passengers up and down the torn circumference.

When visiting Adventure Land, it is necessary to look at the Raging River attraction. These are the same slides, but instead of trains, passengers are seated into small boats, and the rails serves the water canal. "Mad River" loops on mountain slopes, descends into mysterious gorges, rises above the trees and rapidly falls down.

Between the "country of adventure" and the next part of the Marine Park, Pacific Pier is located – "Silent Pier". Here on smooth snow-white boulders, seals are dreamed, in transparent pools without tired, sea lions. Animals can be observed from the shore due to the rope railings or below through the glass walls of the pool. Here you can close as much as possible and clearly see how they play, swim and hunt.

Marine World

In the "Sea World" you can experience your courage on another American hills of the Dragon (Dragon) hills, or with a breeze on the Crazy Galleon aircraft (crazy galleon), rushing and spinning 20 meters above the Earth. Next to them there is a carousel "Flying Swing". She looks like a Russian chamomile, but higher and dizzy.

In "Marine World" is the famous Museum of Meduse. Excursion runs along high animal aquariums. Artificial lighting is not completely. All light, pink, salad or bluish, comes from local inhabitants.

Pulsating bodies charged in the space of aquariums. They slowly swim to glass walls or easily hang in dark water. In total, in the underwater garden more than 1000 types of "jelly-shaped" plankton.

Every day in the "Sea World" in Ocean Theater Presents with the trained inhabitants of the seas and oceans. Show Dolphins – Ocean Park Business Card. One of the most popular among them is "Sea Dreams" (Sea of ​​Dreams). This is a high international class formulation. Music accompanying a concert is the Winner of the Oscar Prize. Speech accompany the delightful scenery, the stories of leading about good and evil in the world. At the same time, the program can be performed on 6 different sites and broadcast on multiple screens. Coming to the event is better in advance, 10-15 minutes before the start, to take comfortable places. Despite the regular repetition of speeches during the day wishing to see always a lot. In the time left before the concert, the time will not be bored. It is filled with skillful musicians and merry clowns.

How to get:

Before "Ocean Park" can be reached by taxi. The stop at the complex is included in the travel bus route "Big Bus". Buses depart from Star Ferry Pier. On public transport to the park you can easily get.

If you are traveling from Hong Kong, you need buses: No. 72,72a, 92, 96, 592, 6a, 6x, 70, 90, 97, 260, M590, 41A, 38,42, 77.99. If you get to get from Kowloon, pay attention to the buses at the numbers: 171, 671, 107, 973. From the new territories to the park there is a bus 170.

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