Oceanarium in Shanghai –
– 15,000 fish and tunnel 155 meters long

Shanghai Oceanarium is considered one of the best in China. Here is a submarine glass tunnel 155 meters long – this is a world record. But besides the tunnel, there is a lot of interesting things.

Main features and description

Shanghai Aquarium Designed "Advanced Aquarium Technologies", known for its work in the Arab Emirates, Australia and Singapore’s oceanariums. The project cost the Chinese 50 million dollars.

It can be seen that the oceanarium in Shanghai immediately planned as "the most", originality is felt in everything. Building design is very interesting. It looks like someone who took the Egyptian pyramid, the slam of her sleep and "opened" (see. photo on the right).

This effect is difficult to see the bottom, but it can be easily removed from the viewing platform of a neighboring TV Eastern Pearl.

The total area of ​​the oceanarium is 20,500 square meters. In addition to the exhibition area, there are several souvenir shops and a restaurant for 300 guests.

Exposure is divided into geographical signs. In total, there are nine main zones: China, South America, Australia, Africa, Southeast Asia, "Cold Waters", "Polar", "Sea and Beach" and "Deep Ocean". In some aquariums arrange thematic exhibitions. For example, during the publication of this review there is an exhibition of sea sponges. Sea sponge looks like this, but in no case is wrong.

In the oceanarium in Shanghai there are 300 species of large marine animals, and in total there are about 15,000 inhabitants. Some animals are very rare: tree frogs, rare views of jellyfish, sea rippled rag and imperial penguins.

About how to get here, read at the end of the article. After buying a ticket, visitors rise to the third floor. There are a small cinema and waterfall. Scientific and educational films show only participants in group excursions.

On the third floor there are zones: China, South America, Australia and thematically exhibitions.

The most interesting thing here is the zone of China. Very similar aquarium is in Beijing’s oceanarium. There are aquatic animals living only in China.

First of all, the giant salamander is interesting (see. Photo), having dwelling along the Yangtze River. In the wild, these peaceful gigners are almost no longer found. They can be viewed or here, or in the Beijing Zoo. Here you can see the Chinese Alligator (see. Photo). Chinese sturgeon (see. photo) Also divorced only in China, you will no longer see it anywhere.

The Chinese room is a collection of "exclusive" species that are almost impossible to see outside of China. We recommend sure to see these animals. Giant Salamander produces an indelible impression.

On the second floor there are halls: Africa, Southeast Asia, "Cold Waters" and "Polar". The most impression of visitors here, of course, penguins, especially the great imperial.

Next, visitors go down to the basement, where there is a 155 meter tunnel. Only here you understand that the oceanarium in Shanghai is much more than it could see outside. All the most interesting here is located underground – the zone "Deep Ocean".

Tunnel provides an inspection of the sector 180 or 270 degrees. Through it, you will not even go on foot, and come in a special escalator. The escalator was not randomly prevented by human traffic jams. However, the escalator takes only half of the strip. No one bothers you at any time with him to get away if you want to stay somewhere longer.

The main warning about the escalator. If you want to stop somewhere, do it immediately. When there are many people in the aquarium, move along the corridor in the opposite direction is almost impossible, that is, it is difficult to return back. Do not hurry in the tunnel, you are from the oceanarium before 18-00 not going to drive out.

It is here around you will swim sharks, skates and other large marine animals. Most tourists look only upwards, but also at the bottom of the day you can find a lot of interesting things. There are real coral reefs, reef sharks and moray are floating.

Tourists often do not notice, but around each aquarium setting the corresponding geographical area of ​​the world is created: the speakers make sounds, the paintings are triggered around. All this creates a unique cozy atmosphere of the Shanghai Oceanarium.

After the tunnel, visitors fall on the first floor where you can visit souvenir shops or sit in the restaurant and eat. The menu of the restaurant with pictures, and even without knowledge of Chinese characters, you can choose something suitable.

Unlike Beijing’s oceanarium, there are inscriptions in English everywhere, and focus easily even with minimal knowledge of the language or with a translator program on a smartphone. The staff does not speak English (in Russian, especially), but also the reasons to overcome the language barrier you are unlikely to be found.

Interaction – Feeding Animals

Daily in strictly allotted time here are feeding different animals. If you give time, you can see it. Of course, it is interesting to look at the feeding of sharks and penguins. The schedule is:

Sealing Larga 09: 45-09: 55 and 14: 15-14: 25 Zone "Cold Water" (Cold Water Zone)
Penguins 10: 00-10: 15 and 14: 30-14: 45 Zone "Polar Zone)
Ocean fish 10: 30-10: 45 and 15: 00-15: 15 Zone "Deep Ocean" (Deep Ocean Zone)
Stoy fish 10: 50-11: 00 and 15: 20-15: 30 Zone "Deep Ocean" (Deep Ocean Zone)
Akula 10: 50-11: 10 and 15: 20-15: 40 Zone "Deep Ocean" (Deep Ocean Zone)

Note that the zone "Deep Ocean" is surveyed from the tunnel, and during feeding can there be so many people on weekends occupy seats in advance. To be honest, it is better not to appear at the Shanghai aquarium on the weekend, as all Chinese people here go on these days. Come during the week, there will be free.

How to get

It’s very simple. You need to take the metro to Shanghai Lujiazui station on the 2nd (green) line. You get out of the subway and see the television tower Oriental Pearl, her with nothing to confuse. To her right is the aquarium.

Its building is hard to miss or confuse, it is drawn as many fish that even without the knowledge of languages ​​is becoming clear that this aquarium. In addition, around the weigh signs with arrows and painted sharks. Administration of the Shanghai aquarium did everything that you do not get lost.

We highly recommend visiting the aquarium in one day with one of the viewing platforms in Shanghai. This can be Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai Financial Center, Oriental Pearl Tower and Shanghai. So you save a lot of time traveling on the subway, because these objects are very close to the oceanarium.

What’s the cover charge

Adult ticket – 160 yuan

Children growth of 1 to 1.4 meters – 110 yuan

The elderly (over 70 years) – 90 yuan

People with disabilities – 70 yuan

Oceanarium in Shanghai - - 15,000 fish and tunnel 155 meters long

Subscription for the year – 388 yuan

Family pass for the year – 888 yuan

Many visitors wonder why then sell subscriptions? Some sense in it is. exhibitions, and is held at the Shanghai aquarium that suit them up to ten times a year. This is why the Chinese and buy tickets.

Opening hours

From 9:00 until 18:00 every day, seven days a week. Ticket sales end at 17:30 and stopped to let visitors into.

From 9:00 to 21:00 aquarium is open in July and August due to the summer school holidays. Also a schedule effective from 1 to 7 October in the Chinese New Year (the last day of the year and the first six days of the year according to the lunar calendar).

How much time planning

Three hours will be enough for all the exposure even if you watch the feeding of animals and stop about every aquarium. Go all the aquarium quickly in an hour.

Comparison with other oceanarium China

First Shanghai aquarium compared to the park Chimelong Ocean Kindom in Guangzhou province. Chimelong 10 times, there is nothing to compare. In Chimelong have an aquarium with the largest fish – the whale shark, and then keep the killer whale, which for the Chinese caught our fishermen in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk.

Unfortunately, Guangdong and Zhuhai are not for the Russians popular tourist destinations, and the Russians get here hard.

Shanghai aquarium compared to Beijing. They are comparable in terms of size and aquariums, and the area, and the number of animals.

From our point of view in Shanghai interesting. Firstly, there is a 155-meter tunnel. Secondly, there is an inscription in English, and easier to navigate. Third, the feelings, it is cleaner, brighter, more beautiful and more enjoyable.

The price of the entrance to the Shanghai aquarium above – 160 yuan against 130 in Beijing. In addition, over 130 yuan in Beijing, you will get a ticket directly into the aquarium and the zoo. The aquarium in Beijing put on a show of marine animals, which is not in Shanghai. For these reasons, some tourists prefer Beijing Aquarium.

Comparison of the Aquarium in Russia

Aquarium Shanghai in size comparable with Russian aquariums in Sochi and in Moscow at ENEA. Of course, the tunnels in Russian aquariums there, but here in Moscow there are whales, and in China they do not exist in Beijing or in Shanghai.

If you take a variety of forms, in Shanghai, it is richer than in any oceanarium in Russia. We hope that soon everything will change, and our large aquariums will not look worse than the Chinese.

You good entertainment in Shanghai and read our reviews of China (Links below).

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