Ochamchyra — A small resort in the south of Abkhazia, washed by clean Black Sea waves and the waters of the picturesque river Galidzga and surrounded by relict broth. On the quiet streets of obschyra, located triangle, in one-story and two-storey wooden houses flows the measured life of a provincial village, who revives after the war.

But now this old town with a glorious history — wonderful place to relax. The surroundings of Ochamchyra are rich in monuments of archeology, allowing to plunge into the distant past right up to the IV century BC. And the ten-factor marine seafront of the obstacles, bordered by the Samshite Wall, is striking with its beauty, cleanliness and comfort.

Therefore, Ochamchyra — A real paradise for lovers of history and archeology, for inquisitive active youth and for lovers of a secluded rest, away from the bustle of large cities. Here are good recreation centers and tourist bases, which every season become all whiter comfortable. The number of tourists in this Abkhaz resort is constantly growing. And now in Ochamchyr, everything is done to turn it into a major resort center.

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What is interesting to see in Ochamchyr?

Top sights of Ochamchyry

Bed Cathedral

Ilorsky temple

Abrskyl Cave in Otap

Sources of hot mineral water

Mokv Cathedral

Ochamchyra: Excursions and events

View the main sights of East Abkhazia will help a two-day excursion route to the Mountain Lake Amtkel and the village of the same name. This is an excellent opportunity to plunge into the pristine, almost not touched by a person, the nature of Abkhazia. The lake is surrounded by high mountains, almost a year covered with snow caps. The route includes inspection of Shakuran waterfalls and plots in the vicinity of Sela Amtkel, swimming in the river Jumpal, six-kilometer lift to Lake Amtkel on horseback. In the village you can buy the best mountain honey in all Abkhazia. In such a journey, you must wear sportswear and comfortable shoes. It is not recommended to take children up to 15 years. The cost of excursion from the city of Sukhum is in the region of 2’700 rubles per person, including food. You can also choose a day trip to the Lake Amtkel with a picnic on the shore of the river Cold near the Samschite Grove. The first part of the path you overcome by car, and from the village of Cebeld – on the horse.

One-day (9:00 – 17:00) and two-day trips to Shakuran waterfalls with fishing and bathing in the Jumpal River, visiting the cebeldin cave. Two-day journey includes a trip to the Samshetsky Forest. Skurning waterfalls do not advise children to take children under 10 years. The cost of one-day tour — from 1’300 rubles per person, two-day — from 2’000 rubles per person when sending from Sukhum.

History of Ochamchyry

Climate in Ochamchyr

In this coastal area, the climate is soft and comfortable for rest. Winter in obschyr is not too cold. And most of the summer, the air in the obstacle retains a rather pleasant temperature, not disturbing to the exhausting heat. Swim in the sea at the Abkhaz resort of Ochamchyra begin in May and continue even in October. Select time for recreation will help the weather information in Ochamchir for months.

Ochamchyra, Abkhazia Recreation, reviews, hotels of Ochamchyra Tour Profection Travel Guide

Ochamchyra: Entertainment and Activities

Fans of active recreation will be interested in the possibilities of mountain tourism in the vicinity of Ochamchyra. Another exciting and surprisingly easy sport available in the mountains, — Rafting, which is a descent in a special boat on mountain rivers.

Here, as in all Abkhazia — Real Paradise For Riding Lovers. Newcomers recommend starting with horseback groves. More experienced riders choose among various day and two-day routes in the mountains.

Completely can satisfy their innermost desires of fishing lovers. By the way, in the local rivers there are excellent places for catching cancers.

For those who prefer classic sports, in Ochamchyra there is a spacious stadium where you can run running, play football or badminton.

At low distance from the city, healing sources of hot mineral water. It is used for medical purposes. And the city has a great perspective to arrange a balneological resort here.

Transport features of Ochamchyry

In the domestic public transport in Ochamchyr, in view of her small sizes, there is no need. Climb buses and minibuses connect to Ochamchyru with Sukhum and Next with New Athon, Gadaoua, Pitsunda, Gagra, PSOU border point.

Taxi services are well organized in Abkhazia, having a variety of cars, even buses and cargo vans. Taxi’s trip to Pohamchyr can do cheaper if, when ordering cars on the phone immediately agree on the cost of services.

Ochamchyra, Abkhazia Recreation, reviews, hotels of Ochamchyra Tour Profection Travel Guide

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