Oct. Munich. Beer

14 huge pavilions. Long boarding tables. People – Sea. Noisy and fun. "Waiter, Ain Mass, Bitt!" – That and it is heard from all sides.

And in the blink of an eye, such a ruddy Froilain in the Red People’s Affairs puts the same "mass" – Litter mug with amazing drink. Amber. Cool. Foam.

Make a sip. Second. And feel this unforgettable taste. And tart, and lightweight, and refreshing, and invigorating. Beer.

. Beer. October. Munich. Three words? No, 188 years of tradition. Whole epoch, whole philosophy. In a word, "Oktoberfest", where we and you were.

"Oktoberfest"? How, you still do not know?! This is the world’s largest beer festival, conducted in the capital of Bavaria – Munich every year from the end of September to the beginning of October.

But before telling a respected reader about the grand "Beer feather" – A few words about brewing in general and in German land in particular.

As you probably know, the history of beer has several millennia. The first mention of it refers to 7000 BC. Recipes of this drink were carved on a stone found in a two-frequency area of ​​Sumer. For the same Suchmers, even a patronage of brewing – Ninkasi (which means translating "You, who so generously drove me").

Further more. For example, in Babylon not just boiled beer. Here, the rules for the manufacture and sale of beer were reflected in the famous arch of the laws of the king Hammurapi. "Fate Hummurapy", Everything else, provided special punishments to brewers, diluted with water beer. It is curious that the guilty was given the right to choose: to be strengthened in a barrel with a dishealing beer – either drink it until it fell.

In the Middle Ages, Flanders became the most important center of brewing. Where, by the way, there was a legend about the King of Gambrinus, whom the brewers considered their patron. According to the German belief, fabulous gambrinus is the inventor of beer.

But the German land gave the world not only legend, but also the most important law – the law on the purity of beer, adopted in 1516. It still adheres to the entire European Community. By law in beer, except for water, soda, malt, yeast and hop, it is impossible to add anything. True, recently, brewers were given a small crossway – permission to cook beer not only from malt, but also from other cereals (Germans, by the way, did not agree with this, and only malt beer continue to do). But, as before, – no preservatives.

And further. In Germany, the best beer varieties are produced. (Who is from you, admit, did not admire, say, Levwenbrow, Schumacher, Alt, Kielsh?)

In addition, the Germans are one of the most "Beer" Nations in the world. By the number of dried beer per capita (250 liters per year; Compare: in Russia 10-12 liters per year per person, on average in Europe – 170-180 liters) Germany is inferior only by the neighbor of the Czech Republic.

Yes. The love of the Germans to beer – and really something special. If it came to the issue of special circles for different segments of the population (police, students, railway workers. ) And for all occasions, then any comments are superfluous.

These curious copies, by the way, can admire in the town of Bad Sussenride, in the museum of beer mugs. And not only admire, but also once ("How can?" – Walking vigilant wives.) Capture Pepper. What can you do, Germany.

On the museum shelves – and the first mugs with a lid that protects against all of a flying lifetime. And the bottom of the mugs with genre scenes, visible in white china only on clearance. What to tell, better to see himself.

For the first time, the festival was noted in October 1810, when Bavaria loudly played the wedding of Ludwig I and Princess Teresia Saxon Hildburghausen.

Satisfied father and father-in-law – King Max I Joseph – decided to decorate the celebrations by folk festivities. The next year, the holiday was successfully repeated. And the decade later, the city council decided to make regular walking on the field, named after the newlywed treesyienvis.

Since then, tradition has practically not changed. Stlikely, as almost 200 years ago, on the third Saturday of September, at exactly 11 o’clock, the festival begins in national costumes. Special "Beer horses" From the Central Munich Square of Marienplatz pull to Teresienvis "Beer underwater". And the representatives of beer shops carry beer banners and sing beer hymns.

At noon Burgomaster Munich in the pavilion "Schottenhamel Festhalla" scores a faucet into an exemplary barrel "Martzen" (Specially welded for the holiday still in March beer) with the words of a ritual spell: "It goes well!". And the holiday begins. Whole city drinks all day!

And drinks not just. And be sure to comply with all established customs and rituals.

  1. To fool a little: buying an inflatable baton with the symbols of the festival, knock it on my neighbor’s head;
  2. Paramete: To shoot in a dash;
  3. Make a gift to your beloved: Buy a huge gingerbread heart with the inscription "You are my happiness".

Well, after receiving barley "potion" The same custom makes return home. And not on the eyebrows. Case, let’s say you, not the lungs. And if all the hops will hit the head, it is not worth a despair. Undoubted amateur Beeper will definitely find in the thickened twilight and deliver home or to the hotel. Will find thanks to a simple adaptation – a red luminous heart icon, which practical Germans give all participants "activity".

Oct. Munich. Beer

However, such "Solemn body delivery" can be avoided. Pretty snack – and no problems. And there is something to eat.

Make a reservation immediately that about the usual Russian man with a salty inquiry will have to forget. In Germany, this concept does not exist. About the gentle shrimps do not remember too. They are usually served under wine. If, however, pulls on the salinar, order a bagel, sprinkled by large salt crystals. But it is better to try truly German treats. We assure you will not regret.

What are at least the famous Bavarian White Sausages (Weiswurst), who eat for lunch, drinking with white beer. Serve Waiswurst Pizza, and you need to order two at once. Such, again, traditions.

In general, sausages – Imbisbuden – the key word of German gastronomy. They are prepared in various stalls throughout the day. They are considered deals and buy obedient children.

A "obedient" Men, meanwhile, enjoy excellent salty pork legs with sour cabbage or fried pork ribs (ripphen), or assorted with blood and liven sausage.

In a word, a German snack to beer is a real "serious" food. Abundant and hearty.

"Shelter" and entertainment

We see-see, you are already impatient and anticipation "Beer extramonia". Do not forget only that in order to visit this wonderful event, you need to take care in advance. Places in Munich hotels at this time are clogged to refusal.

Where to stop better? Undoubtedly, closer to the place of celebrations.

For example, in Bayernland, on Bayernstrasse, 73. Double room with shower and toilet in this cozy institution, decorated in the Bavarian style, with excess, will cost 130-150 DM. There is a hotel in one of the most "hot" Points of the city, near the station and Oktoberviz – the purpose of your trip.

You can choose a place and more compromising. Family Pension Pension Schiller, which on Schillerstrasse (also near the cherished place) is very good. Greeting reception. Pure, light, calm, inexpensive (42 dm per person per night, with breakfast).

And luxury lovers advise to stay in the heart of Munich at the Konigshof Hotel. Opened in 1862, it is considered prestigious in all Germany. And boasts a reward in the area. Cooking – "Golden oyster", which was awarded in 1987 (which means: gourmet, rejoice and enjoy!) Double Room here is 365-415 DM.

And the last. Beer beer. And Munich himself will not prevent. Old and New Pinakotheki (rebuilt, by the way, on the orders of that very Ludwig I) – Wandering of works of world art: Leonardo Da Vinci’s canvas, Rubens, Degas, Monet.

Studio "Bavaria", Open daily from March to October – a kind of German Hollywood. Friendly director and movie star came here – from Alfred Hitchkok to Elizabeth Taylor.

Zoo Hellabrunn. Its originality is that four thousand animals are grouped in it by continents.

English Garden – Soul and Light Munich: Spacious lawns, small round temple Monopteros, Intricating Chinese Tower, Tiny Lake Kleinhassoareer. Idyllic picture!

How nice here relax, take a walk or just. drink beer, admiring the sun in the water.

Oct. Munich. Beer

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