Octopus card in Hong Kong or electronic wallet

The Octopus map is perhaps one of the most useful things to buy a tourist in Hong Kong, especially if he plans to spend a week and more. What is the famous Octopus Card and why we strongly advise it to acquire? If briefly, this is an electronic card to which you put money and with the help of it pay for travel in public transport, products in some stores and even attend cafes. Believe me, it is very convenient! Of course, there is always a risk of losing a map, and with it and all the money, but the wallet can be lost, and the passport – it does not mean that you need to lock in the room and not go anywhere. We decided to gather in one article all information about the Octopus map: where it can be bought, how to use where it is taken and, most importantly, how to return the deposit and unused amount.

Oktopus card in Hong Kong

Octopus is used to pay for travel in Hong Kong since 1997 and along with the Korean Upass, it was one of the first such payment systems in the world based on contactless NFC technology, and later such cards began to appear in other countries. If you believe official data, then more than 20 million cards are in circulation (three times more than the country itself), and the total amount of transactions per year exceeds 130 million Hong Kong dollars (approximately 16 million. US dollars). It is believed that 95% of the total population of Hong Kong every day enjoy these maps to pay for transport and products in supermarkets. By the way, you can use Octopus Card not only in Hong Kong, but also by the neighboring Macau and Shenzhena, where possible.

Where to buy an octopus card?

Oktopus map can be bought at any metro station at special racks, at the airport at Service Desk, in 7leven supermarkets. True, there is one nuance – in Hong Kong Airport Card can only be bought for cash, so you have to change your blood wages of American dollars to Hong Kong at a disadvantageous course, or to remove the amount in the ATM.

Rack sale Card Octopus in Hong Kong Metro

What are the OCTOPUS cards and how much they cost?

Octopus cards are several species. Standard maps are divided into: children’s, adults, for pensioners and personalized. In addition to conventional cards, there is still an octopus combined with a bank card, Cross-Border Octopus and all kinds of variations – for example, a key chain for keys. We will tell about the standard, which will be interesting to tourists:

  • An octopus adult map in Hong Kong costs 150 HKD ($ 19) of which 50 is a deposit that you will be returned when you return the card, and 100 immediately falls into account, and you can use them to pay for goods and services.
  • Children’s card is designed for children 3 to 11 years and costs 70 HKD ($ 9), of which 50 are also pledged.
  • There is another map of Elder, but by the usual tourist, even if it is even a pensioner, it will not be sold – you need a resident ID.

Children under three years have enjoyed public transport for free. If you plan to actively use the card, it is better to immediately put money on the bill – you can always return the unused balance.

Types of Cards Octopus

How and where you can use octopus?

Where you can use the card? Many options. The most common is, of course, public transport (bus, metro, tram, etc.). First, it is very convenient – no need to buy a one-time ticket, and secondly, drivers Two-storey trams, For example, do not give out, so if you do not have 2 HKD, and there is only 5, then this is your problem. With an octopus, the question of the delivery for you is not worth, from the account simply write off the desired amount and all. Another indisputable plus – time saving. Instead of picking up in the wallet from the driver’s window in search of the little things, lighting up the passage, it is enough to touch the reader’s card and go further – everything happens to lightning.

Terminal of public transport payment in Hong Kong

In addition to public transport, you can always pay from the Card Octopus your purchases in 7leven supermarkets or buy coffee with a bun in a small cafe. On this map you can also visit the pool, paying for parking, pay for movie tickets, I go to McDonalds.

How to replenish an octopus card in Hong Kong?

If suddenly you have run out of money on the Octopus map, you can replenish it literally in a few seconds. Terminals are in small stores, and at each metro station. Process – easier you will not think of: insert the map, make money, press the confirm button and use. Everything! The balance of the octopus can be viewed or in special terminals that are at each metro station, just look at the terminal window when the process of writing off the means, or install the application on the phone with NFC, after which it is enough to attach a phone map – the program will contact the Oktopus server and Display current card balance.

Terminal Replenishment Card Oktopus in Hong Kong

How to return a deposit and poor money?

If at the time of the end of your stay in Hong Kong you have left the poor money on an octopus map, then when you return the cards, you will be returned not only a deposit of 50 HKD, but also the unsighted amount. It is more convenient to return the map at the airport, and the received Hong Kong money can be spent on a cafe or shopping in Duty Free.

Octopus card in Hong Kong - where to buy how much it costs and how to use

Before returning the card, it is worth thinking – and whether it is necessary to do it at all? The fact is that there are no "action deadlines" nor at the card, no means for it exists, so if you are not the last time in Hong Kong – leave the card with you. In the next visit you will not have to do its acquisition, and if there is enough money on it, then the replenishment – right at the airport you can pay for a ticket for express or bus to the city, Without removing cash in an ATM and without exchanging the currency at the unfavorable airport course. Our own octopus has been many years old, they are always with us and reluctantly help us in our travels.

Buy or not octopus card in hong kong?

Is it convenient to use the octopus card? Highly! Of course, if you are in Hong Kong just one day, then you are most likely to bother with her purchase, but if you come for several days and are going to actively use public transport, it is simply indispensable. Octopus is not only easy and inexpensive, but also very convenient.

This article was stolen from http: // poznamka.Ru.

Personally, we conducted an experiment and for one day completely abandoned cash and bank cards to check whether we could live in Hong Kong only with the help of octopus. The result was struck even with us: we not only coped with ease, but never even remembered that we need cash. In general, all those who are going to Hong Kong, we strongly recommend to get on arrival by octopus, so as not to waste time in line and feel like a real Hong Kong.

Oktopus card in Hong Kong or electronic wallet 2016-04-04T08: 08: 58 + 03: 00 2017-09-07T20: 12: 07 + 03: 00 Natalya ‘Poznamka’

Was in Hong Kong. Bought cards for transport and husband – very convenient! On the back of the way – did not have time to pass, and near the gates at the airport was no longer there. At the airport, the subway can be passed, you will be returned to the deposit and unused money.
On these cards there are up to HK $ 20 on each, standard deposit for each HK $ 50. Card shelf life – permanent.
I ask only a deposit for two cards HK $ 100 (350 UAH. or 175gr. for one), because I don’t remember how much money for them. Ukraine

On the OCTOPUS website, also, there is information that the card can be reactivated even after 1000 days .What is the meaning then the statement that the map is relevant to these 1000 days?Would be brought to the action of the card indefinitely

I was told at the airport that a permanent

So it is, in fact,, simply after the incident of three years, it is blocked and unlocking makes service services, as it was in my case four years after the last visit to Hong Kong

The map operates 1000 days, in fact 3 years. This is to take it back or not.

Good day! ) Please tell me, I understand the cost of travel in transport, which is an octopus that in a one-time ticket is the same and any discounts does not provide, right? thanks!

on the map is cheaper, for example, the passage costs HK $ 7.2, and with a HK card $ 6.eight

Tell me, please, where the information is that the tourist pensioner will not be sold by Elder? At. The site in the FAQ section is written:
The Sold Tourist Octopus, AirPort Express Travel Pass and Standard on-Loan Octopus (Child, Adult, Elder) Are Available for Tourists.
Going to Hong Kong with mom, 66 years old, I would like to save a little 🙂
And, by the way, a similar question arises when buying combo tickets to the tram on the peak of Victoria and Madame Tussao Museum. Whether our foreign passport will be guided as a document for acquiring a cheaper ticket for pensioners? And if I buy a ticket in advance on the site, exactly the mother will be emptied with him?
Thank you in advance!

Irina, it seems only this year a Tourist Octopus card has appeared, which is sold to tourists and there are benefits there, before that there was a single octopus for all and the benefits for tourists did not apply. There are no information about the changes in the article because there is not enough time to rewrite it.

On tickets for tourist activity benefits should act

A tourist view of octopus cards appeared! Read about differences on the Oktopus website.

Octopus card in Hong Kong - where to buy how much it costs and how to use

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