Odessa beaches: hybrid of Soviet sanatorium, post-preyflower failed and beautiful girls

Odessa beaches are something: a fantastic hybrid of the shape of the Sovdeopovsky sanatorium, frozen in the time of cooperative-perestroikal fossils of the late 80s and. Dftolski beautiful girls without complexes. The first thought that visited me, barely I found myself on the shore, was like this: the time machine exists, and I returned to childhood! What I remember the Soviet resorts seems to Oy and Crimea, being there a child with mom and grandmother, so everything is left here. Although more than 20 years have passed – absolutely nothing has changed. I am running forward to emphasize that I myself am for all 4 days of living in a hotel on the beach Langeron never soaked. There is a couple of reasons: first, I arrived in Odessa to see friends and discourage the controversial Ukrainian-Moldovan border, secondly, I and without Odessa above the roof is spoiled by the sea and the sun (and now, sitting at 34 degree heat, dreaming of glacier period), benefit, from my house to the sea five minutes walk. And yet in this apparent mess and gentleness there is a charm. Here is not Antalya, here is a lousy service for big money, here the crooks cut money at every step, and yet.

First of all I want to warn that then it will be not about Odessa as such, but about the beaches of Odessa.

  • Girls without complexes
  • Beach sports
  • Odessa beaches clogged with resting

As you already understood from the first lines of this post – I am not a fan of the sea, because I myself live near the sea for many years. I understand perfectly on those who break off the sea once a year and dreams of it – there is another situation. Moreover, all sorts of different seas, the oceans and the lakes did an inconspicuous amount, so there is something to compare. And that’s what I say – you will not meet such a number of beautiful girls anywhere as on Odessa Beach. Such a concentration. As Georgian said, lived in my hotel: "We have the same sea in Batumi, but there are no Taauca girls". With him came to the conclusion that if we remove the female component of the landscape with the beaches, then there will be a mortal longing against the background of the lack of infrastructure, a rather fatal situation and a common urgency. True: it seems to be the second most important city of Ukraine, and in the area of ​​rest since the collapse of the USSR did not have a penny. For a while you can pull on the old resource, but then?

  • Sale of sunglasses
  • Resting on the beach
  • Non-fit

Looking at the following photos, you might think that the beaches of Odessa are clogged with vacationers. But it is not. The fact is that a different kind of Julier, the roofed militia, selected most of the beaches and introduced a fee for the entrance to "Located areas". But the prices have introduced so unsolapted that the people massively moved to those pieces of the shore, where the hand of ignorants did not reach.

Unwillingly pay for their right to swim in the sea, people are forced to descend into the water even here, in place absolutely for bathing is not fitted and even dangerous.

Bums are preparing for water procedures –

  • Prepare for water procedures
  • Beach cafe
  • Paid beach

And this is a paid beach, notice, people are tens of times less. It would seem that a person has a choice: you want – swim for free on the other beach, do not want – go for a paid, where sun beds and fewer people. That’s just almost all the beaches of paid, the coast is literally chopped by merchants like a pie.

Odessa beaches Hybrid Soviet sanatorium, postprokery failed and beautiful girls

The following photo is funny, dog and inscription on the right – hot dog.

  • Sun beds and umbrellas
  • Bar on the beach
  • Funny Hot Dog

Toilet type "sortier", Input 3 hryvnias, which is a lot with local earnings. Therefore, people tend to protect the need for the corners and in the bushes, from which the nearest green zone smells as if there is a cowber –

  • Toilet type "sortier"
  • Pointers to the toilet
  • Goat Tropicks

Pointers to the toilet literally everywhere, on every corner and in every bench. Reasons two: sellers are tired of meeting the rest to the question "where is the toilet", And secondly, on the beaches competition between toilets, and there is a barter "You send those who suffer into our sorter, and in return, we allow you to visit our sorter for free".

The shortest way from the beach in the city lies on such goat paths. A typical example of a paid beach – it is almost empty.

20-30 hryvnia are assembled for the entrance, depends on the greed of commerces and the day of the week (it seems, on the weekend – more).

  • Practically empty beach
  • Paid services
  • Travel to the territory

Where Khokhol passed – there are nothing to do there with two Jews (c). Folk wisdom

Laughter-laughter, and money here Deurut for everything: Toilet, beach, parking, shower. If you come to the Odessa beach without cash, you will swim tightly shoulder to the shoulder with thousands of other unfortunate, write (sorry) behind a bush, trying not to step into biological bugs, lie on the sand with a predominance of cigarette and beer covers, and you will not accept the shower Nowhere – go home salty. You can’t even drive up to your hotel for free – Zhuliki will require 7 hryvnia for the right to land from the hotel. If you are going by taxi, then the taxi driver will ask you these same 7 hryvnia – and he is forced to pay them to take you to the beach.

Let’s consider how much bathing will cost you in a relatively clean place, where you can easily lie down, sunbathe and swim without tension and sweat:

1. Parking – 7 hryvnia,
2. Paid beach – 50-100 hryvnia,
3. Toilet 3-5 hryvnia,
4. Shower 3-5 hryvnia.

Let me remind you that for $ 1 8 hryvnia. Accordingly, you give for the right to lie on the shore 7 + 50 + 5 + 5 = 67 hryvnia ($ 8). With an average salary in the city of $ 200-250 and the middle pension less than $ 100 is a killer amount.

Add to this price conspiracy of all beach restaurants and cafes. You have not gone anywhere in less than 100 hryvnia ($ 13). Offers "Lunch business for 30 hryvnia", hanging closer to dinner, you should not perceive literally. As we were told in one cafe: "If you make a potato mashed potatoes with a sliced ​​tomato and a glass of mineral water – consider that they have lunch, it is a business lunch". As a comparison, in your favorite restaurant network "Puzzata Hat" You can really lunch for 30 hryvnia, you will be given not only soup, salad and rice / mashed rice, but even a cutlet. And for 100 hryvnia, we drose in "Puzzled Hat" together, including kvass and sweets.

By the way, I barely left Odessa, as the people took the law in their hands (more precisely, in the hands of the hero "Star Wars") and at least temporarily dried in infinite barriers, having tried money collectors, read more. Beauty, do not find? Darth Vader himself took the case (photos from the site dumskaya.NET) –

  • Protest
  • Shower in urban runoff
  • Storage Cells

People who do not want to pay their money with crooks are forced to take a shower in urban runoff. Looks like a real nightmare. Adults and children are soot. According to local, water there "Pure". To the question where they took that she was clean, there was an answer: "Well, does not stink".

Meanwhile. Beach empty –

  • Villa Otrada
  • Empty beach
  • Cafe on the bank

However, the empty beach did not mean that you can now swim out. I barely approached the water and threw the jeans (not even with the goal of swimming, and so, feet to melting), as the dark view arose, and stated that the beach was paid and I should 50 hryvnia. Being sent nafig, he suggested "at least 10. ". But sentiment join with them "Business" The relationship did not arise, I answered "Take me to court". He chuck "What kind of greedy" and left. Then the experts suggested me, they say, there is nothing to swear with the guard of the beach, go Woo-oh there, there a piece of beach is free. But it was lazy. Returned to the hotel. Tomorrow I say goodbye to Odessa and fly further, south.

  • We paid for input
  • Airpasual building
  • Inside the airport building

Departure from Odessa is no less stress for weakened "Rest" Souls than Jumping on her beaches. Lovely Saraike, rather reminding long-closed regional airfields like Kazakhstan Petropavlovsk, or barely breathing Russian Kurgan. Confess, from Odessa airport with his decent traffic I expected something more suitable.

If the criticism of the airport exterior is rather for the aesthetes, then the hell reigned inside – "Sharachul" For all the rest, who in the subtleties of engineering structures did not delve. With the complete absence of ventilation and terrible chaos, hundreds of swells of people are worth an hour and more in register registry. Alignment does not occur even when you get a cherished boarding card: further will be customs that is on the departure (!) suits the cooking and total shmons with trying to steal things right from the suitcase. I am not kidding. Having travel experience in Central Asia and knowing what cops must (who is interested – read the report "Asian borders"), I didn’t watch the Odessa customer who diligently retracting the contents of my tourist backpack.

He worked diligently, droplets of a zealous comrade roused drops – air conditioners did not work, really very stuffy and many people. At some point I asked him to work carefully, not to throw a bag with chargers from a non-tutor and a cell phone. He looked at me with full class hatred and said "And you declared a laptop for export?". What I answered briefly and just "Do not give money. The notive does not declare, these are personal things". Answered loud enough to hear the surrounding. You think the customs officer began to be outraged, they say, yes, how do you might think? Not at all. He replied "Do not be clever here". But from me behind, holding for some kind of aunt.

Odessa beaches Hybrid Soviet sanatorium, postprokery failed and beautiful girls

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