Offenburg – a picturesque city in Germany, located in the middle of high, with snow-covered tops of mountains, grape plantations and forever green blooming gardens. Thanks to a warm, pleasant climate, the main occupation of local residents is agriculture. Fruits and grapes hiut throughout the year, so it is necessary to try local, refined varieties of wine.

Offenberg will offer long walks along the forests and mountain trails, after which the tourist will be invited to one cozy restaurants, and treat a cup of hot mulled wine in front of a fireplace open fire. The traveler will be able to combine cycling walks with hiking through the narrow city street, which proudly will demonstrate samples of architecture of past centuries.

Offenburg – just such a city that is in itself to this day the customs of their ancestors. Proximity in relation to France could not leave his mark. In Offenburg, some kind of mixture of German and French cultures reign.

Local population is always glad to be the guests of the city. Staying in a similar city can leave a pleasant impression and desire to return to the picturesque edges.

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What is interesting to see Offenburg?

Top sights Offenburg

Offenburg: excursions and events

First of all, going to this city, it is worth a sightseeing tour of the city, which is shot by various buildings belonging to different epochs. There are also baroque cathedrals, and neo-food buildings, and elegant Renaissance churches.

Do not forget about the surrounding areas, because on the one hand, the city will surprise the traveler with fragrant fruit and berry gardens, and on the other – huge grape plantations. By the way, here the tourist will be able to enjoy tasty varieties of wine.

Excursions to neighboring settlements are performed from Offenburg daily. For example, for half an hour, the tourist will be able to come to Strasbourg. We advise you to make such a journey, primarily connoisseurs of architectural styles.

Surprise you and the city castle, and the mansion of Kammerzell. There are not few covered bridges and transitions across the river. 50 kilometers from the city is another curious city titled «Colmar». And if in Offenburg there is practically no, medieval buildings, then in Colmar, they are presented in full.

The town of Karlsruhe is located at the same distance from Offenburg as Colmar. Here you should certainly visit the walls of the Gotesue Castle and visit the remains of the urban fortress located in the mountains.

History of Offenburg

Climate in Offenburg

The climate of the city is rightly considered successful and favorable for the development of agriculture, agricultural. Partly for this reason the neighborhood of the city is littered with vineyards, fruit trees. In the edge of winter are never harsh. The coldest month is recognized January. Although, the temperature during this period of the year confidently holds around 0 degrees. Snow falls extremely rarely. Is it just before Christmas city streets are covered with a thin white bedspread.

Offenburg, Germany Recreation, reviews, Hotels of Offenburg Travel Guide

The hottest time of year is July. The average annual summer temperatures are kept at 21- 24 degrees.

Offenburg: Entertainment and Active Rest

Often in the city and its surroundings are carried out a variety of sports competitions, one of the favorite competition on Mountibike. Such events are both local and international. It is believed that the tracks running in the mountains are the most difficult to entail, which entails athletes and lovers of all corners of the globe in this town.

Among other things, Offenburg was a central arena for the competition of national teams of our country on table tennis. Overall Sport – very popular among local residents. Almost every hotel tourist will detect its own gym or pools. You can also entertain yourself by campaigns on local restaurants.

The city is famous for numerous shops and souvenir shops in which wooden sculptures of local craftsmen can be purchased. In the mountains, which surrounded by oneenburg, pedestrian and cycling trails run. While traveling to the mountains, you can relax in the shade of branchy trees, arrange a picnic or just sit on a bench and admire the views of the surrounding area.

Transport features of Offenburg

The city is located the train station, on the railway, the most convenient to cross the border with neighboring France. Also trains run throughout the country. In general, the city presents all the main types of transport, the most popular of which is the bus. Routes affect major stopping points. Schedule can be viewed on special sites.

In general, the network of roads is very developed in Germany, so you can use the car rental as an alternative.

Offenburg, Germany Recreation, reviews, Hotels of Offenburg Travel Guide

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