Service Dogs: Criminalists

Next to us there is another parallel world. He is practically hidden from modern people, but once a long time ago, we were not bad oriented in it. This world suggested a primitive person where to find prey, which can be there, and what is deadly in which side of the house. Thanks to him, humanity survived, but then lost connection with him. Now, look into this amazing country, we can only with the help of high-precision super-sensitive devices and . our faithful friends – dogs. This is the world of smells.

What is the smell and is it possible to hide it?

To find out this, we arrived in the Expert Crime Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. Specialists of this institution help in the disclosure of the most confusing crimes. Studying traces left by the criminal and victim, criminologists recreate the picture of the atrocities. They collect and analyze everything that is related to the crime, including the smell.

In Olpactor (from Latin Olfactorius – olfactory) Laboratories with the help of the sense of detectors of dogs (namely, the four-legged employees are called here). Like fingerprints, each of us has its own unique smell of sweat and blood. What is the smell? The smell is a feeling. The olfactory image we draw in the brain. At the same time, we and our smaller brothers perceive odors in different ways. What can seem to be a sweet aroma, for the dog will be a terrible zone – and vice versa.

In the usual environment, the smell can be saved for several days. In the laboratory he learned him to store years.

Olfactor examination is carried out by comparing samples taken at the crime scene and those received from the case-inspected. The dog is given to sniff the smell of a person discovered at the scene. The dog must compare it with the smells of other people: if he finds the coincidence, designate them. In this case, the dog sits next to. To confirm the guesses of the investigator, the desired smell must designate three dogs to refute – two.

In our country, the method of olfactory examination of criminologists began to develop in the 70s of the last century. With the help of dogs detectors, many particularly serious crimes were revealed. Some of them were committed, you just imagine more than ten years ago!

Can you feel the smell through water?

In Germany, there is a canine division for water searches. To get acquainted with his work, we went to Wilhelmshafen – Quiet, calm city on the coast of the North Sea.

How can I find a drowned person? It is believed that water hides the smell. But dogs operating in this group can feel the smell in water. Check!

According to the legend of the exercises, a person disappeared, and you need to detect him or his body. Rescuer is engaged in the bookmark device. The dog will have to find it by smell.

For the bookmark, the blood of a person is used, its rescuers take in the local hospital at the point of transfusion. Such a realism in the work is forced – the blood of a person and animal smells in different ways. At the same time, the decomposing blood has a strong smell – the rescuers assure that the dog will feel even through the thickness of the water.

In order to make a bookmark, we go to the middle of the bay. We wrapped the stone with a piece of matter impregnated with blood. This is our bookmark. The place where the stone is left, marked on the GPS card. Then we wait a little to spread the smell, and go in search. It is difficult to believe that the dog will find the smell that is at a depth of 7 m. And as a filmologist and the dog will understand each other? The cynologist does not know where the bookmark.

And how the dog found a place where there was a bookmark? To answer this question, we need to understand how dog smelling works. Microscopic particles of sweat or blood dissolve in the air or, as in this case, in water. Catching these particles, the bark of the dog’s brain forms a certain image, very similar to the picture you see now. All items here are painted in different colors, as they have their own smell. But the smell particles do not stand still, they are volatile. Due to this, the so-called spacing field is formed, which catches the dog.

Need another dog to make sure the result is correct. In the department of the search service of the city of Wilhelmshafen, in addition to this beautiful Bern Shepherdka, Labrador, Rottweiler, and already familiar to us Australian shepherd dog named Leia. Each four crawler in this team has its own manner, his handwriting.

All Deturodes Detachment – Volunteers. These people, not receiving salary, in their free from the main work time are engaged with dogs and participate in rescue operations. In Germany, the search for people missing on the water, rescuers are engaged since 1986. Returning to Moscow, I found out that not so long ago and our EMERCOM system appeared such a service.

Office dogs criminalists

History of the dog Tref

St. Petersburg Gubernia. Gatchina. June 21, 1909

On this day, public trials of the first release of police trainers and their pupils took place. The judicial board unanimously recognized the Best Student of the Owning Outlook of the Moscow Police of Vladimir Dmitriev and his 11-month Doberman Pincher Nick Tref. Over the next eight years, they will reveal more than 1,200 crimes. This result remains unsurpassed until now.

Moscow Gubernia. Bronnitsky county. Village Kuznetsovo. November 28, 1909

The older village of Vasily Grishaev killed in his own house. In the help of the county police from Moscow, Dmitriev’s oily wardrift was called. Despite the fact that many days have passed since the commission of the crime, the dog confidently took the mark. Pursuit lasted two days. In total, the group has passed 115 miles. In the Bogorodsk district, with the help of a police dog, detectives detained suspects who later admitted in perfect crime.

Russia. 1911

Dmitrieva and Trefa attracted not only criminal offenses, but also those that were driving a security department. In Moscow and Orel, a group of terrorists was neutralized with the help of a service dog. In Bryansk, TRF found a cache in which several bombs were hidden. After that, portraits of a filmologist and his dogs were not printed not only in Russian publications, but also overseas. Glory Trefa grew so much that his nickname even became synonymous with insight.

Moscow. Autumn 1918

The Outlines of Dmitriev is shot by the Survivor. About how the fate of the Trefa was formerly unknown. It is unlikely that he managed to survive the years of the Civil War. But, according to the information of the kinologists engaged in official dog breeding, after Trefa left numerous offspring. The first official Doberman-Pinchers of the Soviet militia were his straight descendants.

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