Official holidays in Thailand 2020. The most interesting festivals and events.

Thailand – a small country in southeast of Asia. In the old days, called Siam. Now this place is considered one of the best for rest.

Residents of Thailand &# 8211; Friendly and cheerful people. Probably so they love the holidays so. They are in Thailand a great set, among them a lot of official. All events are characterized by scale, cohesion, national spirit and cheerful mood.

Official holidays 2020

  • Thais can boast that the new year they have three times in different dates: in the Gregorian and Chinese calendars, according to Buddhist traditions. Our new year is widely celebrated in tourist areas, for Thais, it is rather a convention, a day off and a reason to miss a glass.
  • January 13 celebrate children’s day. In Thailand, children are the meaning of life, because the future of the country depends on them. All organizations are trying to entertain little perpetrators of the celebration. Forcing the child to laugh, a person provides a family charm for the whole year.
  • Buddhist New Year or Songkran in 2020 is celebrated from April 13 to 15. Warning: Thai New Year is taken to pour water, and then sprinkle Talc. Need to have this in mind going to the street. It is believed that the water washes off dirt from the soul and illness from the body.
  • May 1, as well as in Russia, Thais celebrate Labor Day. In government agencies – day off. This is the day when the whole family people go to Zoo, Aquarium, Museum.
  • Queen’s birthday Crying celebrates the whole country. Streets adorn blue flags and portraits of the queen. In the squares pass mass walking. All women on the streets give the jasmine flowers, as the day of the mother is celebrated on the same day. In 2018, the holiday fell on Sunday on August 12, so on August 13, also announced.
  • December 10 – Constitution Day. All government agencies are closed. Thais celebrate the establishment of a constitutional monarchy in the country. In the streets pass mass walking, music sounds.
Official holidays in Thailand 2020. The most interesting festivals and events.

Informal holidays Thailanda

  • January 16 – Teacher’s Day. Teachers form in children the first knowledge of the world, so their work in such an hour. Baby mentors get flowers, gifts, thankful letters.
  • In mid-January, the lotus holiday is held. The rite passes near the water where the Buddha statue will be held on the boat. People standing on the shore, make a desire and throw lotus flower. If the flower falls into the boat, the desire will turn.
  • In February, Thais celebrate the Chinese New Year. His date changes every year: in 2020, the celebration will begin on February 5. In China, the celebration lasts two weeks, in Thailand such prolonged festivals are not provided.
  • The first Friday of February is assigned to the festival of colors. He takes place in Chiang Mai. The streets are performed by processions of incredible flower arrangements. The city is filled with flowers. Residents and guests of the city are waiting for fairs, carnivals, performances.
  • St. Patrick’s Day – Irish Holiday. But by Thai, he fell like. March 17, the Irish community in Pattaya suits the green demonstration. The symbol of the holiday was the leaf of clover. All participants dress in green clothes and become parties to a colorful parade. Beer lovers will be delighted: the drink is poured by the river, and becoming a participant in the competition, you can drink beer for speed and install a record.
  • At the end of July, Khaa Phansa comes in Siam, Buddhist post. In 2018, this date took place on July 28, it depends on the lunar cycle. For three months, the monks do not leave temples. For a long time, the custom was born to bring drinks and candles these days. Today, this ritual got the name of the candle festival. Spectacle amazing! Residents create large candles from beeswax in the form of different shapes. In Ubhon Ratchathani with music and fireworks Candles are delivered by temples. IMPORTANT: along with the post comes and the rainy season, which lasts three months.
  • Loy Kraton in 2020 will be held in full moon on November 13. Thai is given the opportunity to cleanse from sins. They make boats, put candles on them, decorate with flowers and allowed water. The rite is late in the evening. Very beautiful and romantic sight.

The most interesting festivals and events in Thailand

Event Date in 2020 and place Description of the festival
Flower festival in Chiang Mai February 1-4

Going to rest in this sunny and the life of the country, pay attention to the holidays and timed the trip to one of them. Then, except for the tan, you will drive with you many bright photos and the sea of ​​impressions.

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