Oh, Madonna, my love!

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe somewhere there are options and better. But my heart belongs only to her, Madonna. All year I dream of a date with her. I think about how we will meet again and how sweet these days that we will spend together. Everyone will happen again as if for the first time.

Recognition of a flammable passion of the skier

Oh, Madonna! I’m jealous to everyone who comes on dates with you. And there are more and more.

In one guidebook, I read that Madonna di Campiglio is a resort for aristocrats. Well, such a remark is able to fumble pride. However, to detect the princesses in the slopes of the surrounding mountains, sheikhs or princes is quite difficult – if only because all these noble faces are dressed in ordinary sports costumes, their eyes (like yours) also close the big sunglasses and the surrounding public does not have absolutely no respect. So let’s believe the author of the guide to the word. However, not believe him we do not have the slightest foundations. The town of Madonna-di Campiglio lost in the Italian Dolomites – it’s really well, very high quality place. He has some kind of special charm. In any case, I know many people who come here from year to year, booking favorite hotels in advance and even favorite rooms in favorite hotels. I will try to explain why I love Madonna exactly I.

Oh, Madonna, my love!

. First, I’m cunning. I kill two hares at once with one trip. We arrive with my wife in Milan, throwing our belongings in a cheap hotel near the center and – shopping. This city is not in vain called one of the world fashion centers. One and a half – two days of groundwhile visits by already once with Herned shopping routes, and our wardrobe is fully updated. Now everything, more in Milan has nothing to do. Opeer I do not like, the famous Cathedral of Santa Maria Delle Grazie has long been inspected, no business, I have no contacts here, it means it’s time to move on. Into the mountains! To meet with your beloved. Transfer ordered and paid in Moscow, the car exactly at the appointed hour is waiting for the hotel, now it is necessary to gain patience, because the path from Milan to Madonna is not free, for 200 kilometers. First, we are rapidly rushing along the wide autobahn towards Verona, then we turn to the mountains to the mountains, the road becomes not so fast, but what kind of landscapes outside the window, what fabulous species! When I drove on this way for the first time, I was very nervous: I’m rushing, the second, the third, now in all the calculations will soon come, and the snow where? Mountains, gorges, meadows, cheerful towns and villages, green grass and – no snowflakes. Really deceased? I prepared for the worst, but here the highway became completely narrow and cool was screwed into the sky. 10 more – 15 kilometers of dizzying serpentine, and here it is a wonderful alpine winter. Snow is not just a lot, but everything literally slows down in blue snowdrifts.

. Secondly, I am very picky. I give a qualitatively prepared tracks – and that the relief is diverse, and to the lifts without clever, and so that the prices were acceptable. Apparently, Madonna is because they call the most elite ski resort of Italy, that there are all there. Ride on health – you want to "Black" slopes want to "blue" – Everywhere equally comfortable. This resort for family skating is especially good, since there are tracks and for beginners, and for experienced skiers. The high reputation of the Madonna in the ski environment is confirmed by the fact that the stages of the World Cup are regularly held here, for this, a highlighted route is specially built near the central street. I do not know how you, but I am pleased to ride on the same snow, on which the best masters of the world compete. Now about gear. Teaching my ski science instructor Gabriel somehow mentioned that his skis and shoes are more than a thousand dollars. "And this is not the best of what you can buy." I asked, and what he recommends buying me? "And how many days a year you ride?" – "Well, two – a maximum of three weeks". Gabriel Council discouraged me: "Then you do not need to buy anything. It is much wiser to use the rental. Skiing and equipment are exposed to some improvements every year, new items appear all the time. You do not care about them. And in the box office you can find everything you need." Since I do it. And no complexes on this occasion. On the contrary, it is much more pleasant to go from Moscow to the far road Lightly, and not burden yourself with heavy load.

. And thirdly, I hardly love more skating what happens after him. Apre Ski. Any trips to restaurants, discos, shops, souvenirs, carnivals. Madonna and in this sense will give odds to anyone. Annual dog sledding races, festivals of old motorcycles, colorful masquerarada balls in honor of the emperor Franz Joseph, fireworks and many other events attached to rest unique flavor. Yes, and the appearance of this toy town, located in a narrow gorge – with its cozy restaurants, roller, snow-covered Christmas trees and good-natured inhabitants – heats the soul. Well, tell me, to stay indifferent to the Charm Madonna? There is, by the way, I have another desire associated with this attractive special. In the summer in the surrounding mountains there is a grand harvest of white mushrooms. Gourmet comes from all over Europe. In August and I’m going to fly to Milan with my loud.

Oh, Madonna, my love!

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