Ohrid. Vintage city of Macedonia

Ohrid – This is the old town of Macedonia, located close to her capital. It is located on the shore of the amazing Ohrid Lake, named after the city. Ohrid is the most visited place in the Balkan Peninsula. It is famous for its beautiful buildings and numerous historical monuments. UNESCO For more than thirty years ago, Lake and the City of World Heritage List.

The first mentions about Ohrid belong to the second century BC.NS. It was founded by the Greeks. Later he was captured by the Romans. The strong earthquake did not leave any buildings, only marble poles survived. The city had to rebuild. During the reign of Romans Ohrid becomes a major trading center, the famous Egnatian road passed through it. Historians have proven that the city has accepted Christianity early.

In 867, Ohrid began to treat Bulgaria and soon received the modern name. Active educational activities conducted in the city of Holy Clement Ohrid – Pupil Kirill and Methodius. With it, the city gets fame as a book school center. According to some scientists, it is here that Cyrillic appears.

During the reign of Tsar Samuel Ohrid was the capital of Bulgaria. Since then, the fortress ruins have reached us. Later the city was conquered by Byzantia. During this period, a large number of churches were built. In the XIII century, Ohrid again entered the Bulgarian kingdom.

At the beginning of the XIV century, he passes Serbam, at the end of the XIV century, the Ottoman Empire conquers him, under the rule of which the city was in until the XIX century. These were the most difficult times for him, Ohrid gradually descended. After the completion of the Balkan War, the city began to belong again to the Serbs, during World War II, he went to Bulgaria, then was included in Yugoslavia. From September 8, 1991 Ohrid began to belong to the Republic of Macedonia.

Main landmark of this city – His beautiful lake. It is one of the deepest lakes on the Balkan Peninsula, its depth of places reaches 300 meters. Ohrid lake very much reminds the sea. Water sports, fishing, excursions along the pictorial coast, no one no one left indifferent.

But tourists in Ohrid ride not only to swim in the lake. They are attracted by architectural monuments of the city, churches, cathedrals, monasteries, museums and annual holidays. After all, Ohrid is also called «Slavic Jerusalem». Basically, all attractions are concentrated in the old town.
In Ohrid, the ancient theater was well preserved, which was designed for five thousand visitors. Open-air spectators watched the gladiator fights. The influential inhabitants had their personal places on the stands, as evidenced by the inscriptions who came out to the stones. Every year festivals pass in the Antique Theater.

Another interesting building Ohrid is a fortress built during the reign of the Bulgarian Tsar Samuel. Powerful walls and watchtowers guarded the city from enemy attacks. Unfortunately, the fortress was destroyed. But now it was restored, diligently transmitting historical details.

Ohrid. Vintage city of Macedonia

The patron of the city is considered the Holy Clement. He preached among the inhabitants of Christianity and taught them to Slavic writing. Under his leadership, the church and the monastery of St. Panteleimon. The power of the Holy Clement is still stored here. For a long time in the monastery he trained theologian Slavic University.

In Ohrid a lot of churches and temples. The Church of Saint Sophia was quite a major in all archbishop. Year of her foundation historians unknown. In the time of Turkish yoke, the church was converted into a mosque, the frescoes were smeared, from the iconostasis built a staircase. The church returned its original species only in the 20th century after a serious restoration. Fresco managed to save.

The Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary built in the XIII century, painted her famous artists from Greece Evtichius and Mikhail. Their creations are considered the vertex of the art of Byzantium. Not far from this church is a temple built in the XV century in honor of St. Constantine and St. Helena. It can admire the frescoes. There is also a tiny church of St. Dmitry, erected in the XIV century.

Ohrid – This is a tourism center to get acquainted with his history and all the attractions do not have enough one day. You can stay here in hotels, hotels, hostels, apartments. Selection is great. Numerous cafes, bars, night clubs are also always happy to visitors. Fish restaurants are particularly popular, in which you can enjoy trout prepared by ancient recipes. Hospitable sellers of local shops will not allow you to go home without gifts and souvenirs.

Ohrid. Vintage city of Macedonia

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