Okinawa is the island, live on it easily and just

Foreign colleague, who explained to his audience, what is Okinawa, brought comparison with America and Hawaiian Islands: On the one hand, Hawaii are the same US, and on the other – a completely special country. Approximately cases are at Okinawa with Japan.

Sketching from Okinawa

Pride of Okinawa

Japanese, sitting on the next chair, politely interested in whether I’m flying to Okinawan? It is understandable, and then who we, foreigners know? The Japanese generally often turn to tourists as with children. So we say goodbye to us. We are often not with evil, but on ignorance of nonsense commit or badly behave.

Having calmed the caring fellow traveler, and learning that he himself returns to his homeland, I wonder:
– Than Okinawers are especially proud?
– Every winter baseball teams of Japan move every winter!
Okinawan shine from pride.
– O! – respectfully pulled I, not understanding the rules of this wonderful game and not knowing the names of any team. But for some reason asked a clarifying question:
– What for?
– We can train all year round.
Cute. It is unlikely that in Russia someone is watching the Japanese baseball, but the meaning is understandable. Cardsets of the Soviet Union loved school "I would know the bite, I would live in Sochi". It turns out that Okinawa performs a similar function – a warm place by the sea.

A few days later it turned out that there is another category of the Japanese, regularly arriving with "Big land" On the islands of the archipelago Ryuku at work. And you are familiar with the results of this work itself. You probably saw advertising posters and calendars with Japanese models in swimsuits posing on the background of sandy beaches and palm trees. All this was filmed and removed on Okinawa.

Chits – defenders Okinawa

Luggage ribbon at the airport guard two shaggy stuffed. These are coves (or SISIs) – paired creatures, most similar to Chinese Lviv. They are considered the main symbols of Okinawa and the whole archipelago Ryuku. Why pair? Because the sessions are always "Work" together. At the same time, one beast is open to the mouth (this is a female), the other is closed (easy to guess that it is the male). Ceramic figures of grivasty animals protect housing and office buildings. Even at Monorail stations in the city of Naha, the capital of Okinawa, you can see a couple of chis.

Chits – defenders Okinawa

Beautiful legend says that once Sisce saved the local king from the evil dragon. Suddenly seeing an unknown beast, Lizard published surprised Soon. From a loud sound, a piece of rock, which fell, and pressed the dragon. The lizard died, turning into a stone himself, and the sessions were broken by all Okinawa to protect good people from the unintended dragons and all sorts of demons.

Sobasholva are especially interesting because the islanders believe in the magical properties of these figures. Not seriously, of course, but just in case. You can, taking the camera, go through some village where normal tourists do not look up to make sure: ceramic animals are guarded literally every residential building on the island! Sometimes they are sitting in front of the door, sometimes on the roof, and even on the fence. The one with the revealed mouth is usually standing on the right side and does not admire the evil, the one that closes his mouth, Karaulit Good, without releasing it from the house. Of course, the figures of the breeder – the best souvenir from Okinawa. You can buy them in any tourist shop.

Foreigners on Okinawa

In fact, the Japanese live long, even very. But even on this background, Okinawers are considered long-livers. But it was the most those who have passed over a hundred years old, and almost every islander lives to eighty in the right mind and sober memory. Agree to visit the Land of long-livers – a good additional incentive to visit the Southern Resort, especially for people interested in the subject of extension of life. Once the Okinawans will understand that it is active long-life – their main chip, and a millionaires at the age of Ryuku will stretch from all over the world. Now there are very few foreign tourists on Okinawa, and Russians are not at all.

Multi-storey hotel in Nah. We come up with a colleague to the reception and do not have time to get a passport, as a cute Japanese greeting in English, quite clearly pronounce difficult Russian surnames.
– This is service! – I admire I.
– Nothing special, – Hams skeptical comrade. We are alone here.
Indeed, the foyer is sitting exclusively the Japanese. On their background, two tourists from Russia are difficult to get lost. I still could not resist and asked the good girl stretching the keys:
– Really we are the only foreigners?
– What do you! In our hotel many foreign tourists. Now we live guests from five countries. And with your arrival – out of six.
– Understood?! – Victorious progress I am a friend. – Many foreigners. So, we were waiting for us. Because service!
But the friend did not want to give up and asked his question:
– And from which countries guests?
– Taiwan, South Korea, China, Thailand and Philippines, – Pesked Japanese.
True, so many different foreigners, which is extremely difficult among them to identify two Russians!

Winter cherry

Sakura – Main National Tree. Grows throughout Japan, including Okinawa. For understandable climatic reasons, here it flourishes much earlier than on "Big" Northern Islands. It happens already at the end of January. Thanks to this, all Japanese know that for the earliest Spring meeting you need to fly to Okinawa. As in other regions, flowering festivals are held here, and the local company Orion is first in the country launches a festive test series of beer.

You buy a jar decorated with pink flowers, you do a sip, waiting to feel a cherry taste … no! The taste is the same as in ordinary beer. Asking Japanese:
– Why is that? I thought that there would be a cherry beer, like in Belgium.
Japanese smiles understandingly:
– In Belgium, the cherry brings berries, and Japanese Sakura has no berries. Therefore there is no cherry taste!

American influence

Soviet media called Japan unspecified US aircraft carrier. In this context of Okinawa, the best of all illustrated this metaphor: American military bases occupy the fourth part of the island! Even if you do not want, you will definitely stumble on a barbed wire for a barrier with warning inscriptions in Japanese and English. It turns out a peculiar tourist attraction. Every day, you can see the take-off and chasing American military aircraft – Transportists, bombers, fighters, but the strongest impression produce huge two-screw helicopters. Like in the movie!

After the Second World Okinawa, many years were managed by the Americans. Then it seemed even logical: the USSR took himself eastern Prussia and southern chickens, and the United States – Okinawa. Okinawan passports were issued on the island and even walked their currency. Until 1958, square bills were printed, bi-yen. These banknotes can be found in the antique stores of the island and, of course, in museums. Only in 1972 the US authorities transferred the management of Okinawan Japanese, however, the military bases did not remove anywhere. It is clear that the locals, on the one hand, are not very fond of American military, regularly taking participation in rallies for the conclusion of the base. But on the other hand, military databases create jobs and support the economy of the island. An additional bonus for tourists is expressed in prevalence in Okinawa of English. In any cafe there is a menu on Latinia, and ads in public transport are repeated in English.

Okinawa hotels: Turtle and Japanese service

In urban hotels, Okinawa live travel. Vacationers stop in resort areas on the coast, in hotels, resorts. However, Okinawa Island itself is not very large – almost to each of the resorts can be reached from the airport maximum per hour and a half.

Outside Japan, the meditations of the emperor earned a reputation as exemplary tourists – they are disciplined, moved by organized groups, listen and listen to the guide, and they also buy souvenirs. Just a dream for a host company! But this is the outer side known to all. From the inside the picture looks more interesting: the Japanese are patologically clean, they are quite demanding, sometimes to capriciousness, and they also love to complain if the slightest reason arises. The Japanese give an overlooking only to foreigners, but the hotel’s management will be very picky.

Hotel on Okinawa

In a practical sense, this means that the resort hotel on Okinawa is correctly located, the beach will be very clean, and the service will not cause complaints. The neighbors-Japanese arriving on vacation – this is a more significant recommendation than any stars adorning the facade of the hotel. Sole minus Okinawan hotels – Japanese prices. Of course, options are possible, but on average, they are by a third higher than similar resorts more familiar to us the Mediterranean coast of Europe.

You can have a European resort hotel in Okinawa in Okinawa – with bacon, omelet, sausages, orange marmalade, buns and croissants, and can be in Japanese – with rice, fish, miso-soup, vegetables and sour Drug. It is significant that most Japanese on vacation prefers to have breakfast to the European manner, so any pig sausages are greater popularity than the freshest seafood!

The main part of the resorts is located on sandy beaches. Although there are pebble in Okinawa, from the point of view of the Japanese, the right sea rest implies sand. Beaches are free and, as a rule, perfectly equipped. Set of beach entertainment Standard for a developed resort – from kiting to diving, from renting a kayak and catamarans to walk to "Watching" boats with glass bottom. Here the Japanese do not come up with anything new, only carefully copying European and American samples. The difference lies in the fact that in the Asian tradition there is beautiful skin – it is white skin, so the Japanese do not like to sunbathe. Perhaps for this reason in the sunny day the number of sun beds on Okinawan beaches, as a rule, significantly exceeds the number of people who want to lie on them.

The Japanese loves walks, they enjoy natural species and are very valued intricate landscapes. Therefore, the best resorts are built overlooking not just at sea, but in order to stick the sea rock with shaggy vegetation. Good excursion The Japanese consider a trip to the natural throat or on the bay with a special view of the bridge. European will only lift shoulders: for what happened to waste time on this place?

Evenings in Okinawa Japanese with "Big land" Love to go to the thematic dinners of local cuisine with ideas. Cultural program, as a rule, represents several numbers of people’s amateur activities – folk dance, folk music and folk song. Once this spectacle is worth going, the second time you are unlikely to want: Sansine (or Sanshin) is the main musical instrument – the meter length of Balalaika, capable of extracting surprisingly coming sounds. But Sansine himself looks very elegant, as it is separated by snake skin, so his body is most reminiscent of a female boot or a handbag from the luxury series.

Returning to the hotel after the late walk. In the yard spilled thick and black tropical night. A kind of Japanese at the reception asks:
– Walked to look at the turtles?
– What turtles?
– We have sea turtles next to the hotel lay eggs. Now just season! – and moves the hotel booklet in English, exactly what lies in the room.
I look at the pictures of reptiles, decorating glossy pages. I am ashamed of course, but I did not read it, otherwise I would know that there are several types of sea turtles in the coastal waters, that the hotel is very proud of close to the place where the turtle hatch.
– So that’s why the hotel logo adorns a small turtle! – Finally comes to me … Trying to compensate for his inattention to printed products, stupidly stroke into the street, in the pitch darkness, apparently, hoping to see the turtles:
– How can they see them? Darky!
– Yes! – Joyfully confirms Japanese – We do not specifically highlight the beach at night, so as not to scare away the turtles from our shore!

Okinawa has international networks hotels, like Marriott, Intercontinental (working here in the Alliance with Ana Airlines) and the main American hotel Brendna in Japan – Hilton. However, it is worth paying attention to Japanese national networks, like Nikko – "older brother" Business hotels Jalhotel. Okinawan Resort Hotel Nikko Alivila looks very touching. This hotel has its own chapel in the European style, where wedding ceremonies are held on weekends. Japanese with the means it is customary to celebrate the wedding twice. Japanese once, the second is European. Pretty funny when to celebrate "European" Weddings Young family together with friends and relatives flying to Tropical Islands Ryuku. Of course, during the bride’s ceremony will be in a long white dress, and the groom – in Thrake or Tuxedo.

Almost all resorts Okinawa are designed in international stylistics, so externally resemble similar hotels somewhere on the Mediterranean Sea, but if you want something special – go to Hyakuna Garan. This is a luxury of Japanese, which has no analogues in the world. Usually Ryukans – traditional hotels in the national style on hot springs – do not differ in wealth. Against this background, Hyakuna Garan is rare even for Japan. Luxury Ryankan, wounded in a rock hanging over the sea, pacifies. The local terraces with baths and outdoor pools are romantically called "Slices of Zen monks". This hotel can be suggested by the most picky customer who seemed to have seen everything.

The main attractions of Okinawa

Oceanarium "Churahumi"

Grand Oceanarium "Churahumi" (Oki-churaumi.JP / EN /) refers to those attractions whose photos even saw those who have never been on Okinawa. All Wine a Grand Main Aquarium with Huge Whale Sharks. Here very well, beautiful panoramic pictures of people on the background of floating monsters. To enjoy the spectacle and dive into meditative state, there are spectator tribunes, and if you are lucky – it turns out to be a table in the oceanarium restaurant, standing right at fat glass.

Aquarium with sharks on Okinawa

– Do not want to order fish? – asks the waiter, and the huge scat saves past and, it seems, I look at the urbar.

V "Churahumi" You can touch marine cucumbers, mollusks and other oceanic reptiles living in the coastal waters of Okinawa. Like, here you are what, delicacies of local cuisine! Especially for close contact there are baths-pools, imitating shallow water. The signs are unusual "Please touch!". In the hall with antiquities, you can take pictures on the background of the jaws of a giant prehistoric shark. A middle-aged person would easily slip into this mouth, not even taped huge teeth.

"Laguna Dolphins"

To the oceanarium adjoins "Laguna Dolphins". This is a specialized zoo, in open avoires of which lives several types of marine mammals. Here several times a day in a special arena show a view with dolphins and killets. In a separate aquarium, charming Lamantins are living, which only add deresses with dolphinarium. In general, impressions and photos from visiting "Churahumi" There will be plenty.

Okinawa is the island, live on it easily and just

Theme park "Okinawsky Mir"

Okinawa World ( / OKINAWORLD / EN /) – so uncomplicated called the biggest theme park of the island. Its initial idea is simple and understandable: to acquaint tourists with old, "Doyponsky", Standing the life of Okinawsev. This is the truth to be interesting to make the work of artisans of various specialties: from potters and glass winds to weaves and artists, if you wish, taking part in the master class. Of course, everything happens in the houses of the traditional Okinawa style, and the artisans themselves are dressed in traditional clothes.

People’s Musician in Okinawa WORLD

It’s nice to walk along the picturesque village with a water mill and suddenly meet the procession of dancing drummers, then hut with a water buffalo to make selfie for memory, try the village moonshine, infused on useful roots or even more useful snake. By the way, snake tincture with a funny name "Habusu" – another one "chip" Okinawa.

Okinawa World – not only "Ethnic Village". An important part is a natural landmark – stalactitic cave. The most amazing thing is that at any other point of the world, this landmark would be an independent object of visiting, but the Japanese love to concentrate the most possibly quantity "Tourist content" On one territory. To this you need to be morally ready: Japanese sights can be extremely heterogeneous to fill. Therefore, it makes sense to carefully examine the proposed program.

Cave on Okinawa

In one case, the tourist has to see a lot of things, and this "all" It will be quite diverse, in the other it may turn out that the tour involves visiting one natural object with a beautiful view.

Okinawa residents – Sea People

Indigenous Okinawers from an ethnic point of view – not the Japanese. For centuries, the story of Ryuku was associated with the Middle Empire. First, in Okinawa there were several states who were hostile. Although it would seem where they were turned around here? Then there was an association to the kingdom of Ryuku. However, the local king became the vassal of the Chinese emperor. In the XVII century, the islands are moving under the patronage of the Emperor of Japan, and in 1879 the Japanese joined Ryuku to their empire. For a guideline – In the same year, Joseph Jugashvili was born in the Georgian town. From a historical point of view, not as well as long ago, therefore, the islanders have good reasons to indicate their originality. Even outwardly, Okinairts differ from the Japanese. And the differences are noticeable not even to the most attentive Russian tourist, for which all Asians on one person. The older generation islanders speaks in his native language. I wonder what they themselves call themselves "Umin Chu" or "Sea people".

W "Sea people" Quite interesting traditional architecture. Now at home in the style of the archipelago, Ryuku are increasingly found in the rest of Japan, even in Tokyo – usually they are built specifically for the shops of Okinawan products and restaurants of Okinawan cuisine, which in recent years is gaining popularity. But this is a folk architecture, and see how Korole Ryuku lived in the Palace of Suri, located in Nah. This in the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, the entrance is simple mortal closed, and Okinawsky "Kremlin" Glad Guests. The main attractions are the Royal Throne and the Round Crown of the Kingdom. However, the palace himself together with the park is a great place to walk.

Features of Japanese cuisine on Okinawa

Okinawan cuisine is especially attractive in that it destroys all our ideas about proper nutrition. It would seem that long-livers should eat – rice and fish? No! No matter how paradoxically, but "Sea people" prefer meat, and most like fat pork. It is believed that in the warm waters of the archipelago Ryuku quite a few fishing fish. She, of course, is, and what is still beautiful, but from the point of view of industrial production it is much less than in the north.

Once upon a time the manager of the Chicago slaughter, praising the effectiveness of the work, said Comrade Mikoyan: "We use everything except pig squeal". Okinawans hardly heard this story, but pork love no less than the residents of Chicago. The islanders in the move also go all parts of pigs. Special delicacy is considered a pickled skin with a muzzle of a pig. If you have a desire to bring her home as a souvenir, in the central market of Okinawa capital Naha such a delicacy can be bought in vacuum packaging. One only look for this gift is able to cause strongest emotions from the recipient of the gift.

Rice does not grow very well on Ryuku, so the main noodle noodle – Okinavskaya – do from wheat. In appearance, this thick soba is most reminiscent of Soviet pasta. Serve it in a bowl with anguard broth and several sacrament of meat. This is usually the same pork, it is somewhat less often replaced by a chicken or lamb. Often here is added a piece of omelet. And tell me for mercy, do long liveliers should eat? But they supplies exactly that, breaking all the installations of nutritionists!

However, the diet of Okinawans includes many vegetables and healthy algae. Among the diverse marine greenery most eaten the Kombu – the local marine cauldron, and the main vegetable delicacy from the ocean is considered UMA bud. This alga is called sea grapes, and green caviar. Outwardly, Budo and the truth resembles microscopic borders of grapes, and it looks like a taste for caviar of some exotic fish. No wonder the Japanese, it is customary to bring the packaging Umi budo as a gift.

Okinawans love tofu. The most remarkable local grade – Cugaras Tofu. This soy cheese is not very difficult to distinguish with the small fish, with whom it is served. In fact, the classic tofu almost does not have his taste, but fishing (let’s call them spots) taste and give. Have you seen somewhere before? And here you will try. Unusually and even delicious! Traditional Okinawan desserts make a sweet potato – bathata. They are easy to recognize violet color. On Okinawa, you can try even lollipops and ice cream from the bat.

Agree, all this is somewhat different from our idea of ​​Japanese cuisine. Japanese S "Big land" Also think so. Even more interestingly that Okinawers drink Sake, but their rice moonshine – Avamori. His hundreds here: there is a weak, fortress of wine, and there is a strong, more than 40 degrees. But the most remarkable thing is that by the number of alcohol consumed per capita, Okinawa Prefecture is leading with a large margin, as in the number of long-livers. And what to do with it? The answer is obvious: to fly to Okinawa, try, and study yourself – how do they succeed?

How to get to Okinawa

Direct flights from Russia to Okinawa, Chief Island of Archipelago Ryuku, No. In the summer, truth, promise a charter in Naha from Khabarovsk. But usually the Russians get through Tokyo. From Moscow to the Japanese capital fly "Aeroflot" and jal. Advantage "Aeroflot" – Usually more free airport "Sheremetyevo" and system "Aeroflot Bonus". JAL advantage – new Boeing 787 Dreamliner airplanes with improved air circulation system and authentic Japanese cuisine on board. But the most attractive is a free ticket to the domestic flight on any route from Tokyo and back. Therefore, for a tourist, independently buying a ticket, the flight of the airline Jal will cost cheaper. In addition, there is a psychological aspect: the path with the national air carrier a little extends to stay in the country.

Airplanes from Moscow arrive at the airport of Narita, and Okinawa flights of both major Japanese companies – JAL and ANA – fly from Handa. The distance between the metropolitan airports is very decent, so most travelers do stop in Tokyo to translate the Spirit, inspect "Traditional" Attractions and tune in to a new time zone. The Handeda Airport can be reached on Monorail from the city center, making a change on the subway: it is very convenient, especially if you have only one suitcase.

Aviation traffic between Tokyo and Okinawa Solid: judging by the information board, airplanes fly out almost every half hour. Moreover, two-story "internal" Boeing on the capacity is noticeably superior "International" aircraft. Flight lasts three hours, so they do not feed on board. Almost all Japanese, and foreign passengers here are very small, there are Banto – plastic boxes with food. Similar boxes sell in all Japanese airports. As a rule, there is a dozen variation in the store, depending on taste preferences, the degrees of hungry and the thickness of the wallet.

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