Old and green

The trouble of many coming to London is that by giving each other legs in the Tate Gallery, Westminster and Big Ben, they imagine that they have already seen all the most interesting. This is a massive delusion – happiness for the town of Greenwich: how many thousands of stupid tourists managed to avoid this way. About London is not obvious, provincial and gently beloved Alya Kharchenko says.

Jack Pitmen, Julian Barnes Roman Character "England, England", which donated to gather on a separately taken island all material symbols of the United Kingdom, was extremely ambitious and active. Whether these qualities of the character of Sir Jack are not so developed, he, perhaps, before the incarnation of his idea, would remember the Greenwich – an area where everything is compact and in perfect harmony there is already all the Nayglia, – and the second time it would be too lazy.

The charm of this place (town is so tiny, which is more honest to call it just a London suburb) is that none of the local attractions are sucked from the finger and is not alone in the imagination of local residents. Almost everything that is engaged in Greenwich, is included in the list of full-time English Places Worth Seeing, listed in solid guidebooks. Such any vills in advance before their first trip to the UK. As a rule, the business does not go further – too fast in the body is produced by persistent reluctance to obey someone’s teams and walk in places that "Cannot visit". So, even the naly of the sociality and obligations Greenwich is completely completely. Word "necessary" Forgotten with the first impulse of the local wind. If the wind is also spring and blows from the old park, the mass of other, even useful information, usually disadvantages. Given this circumstance, in front of the next trip to London, mentally spent on the favorite Greenwich places quite unishly.

127 thousand pounds under the Thame

Get in Greenwich Banal – from the city of London. But diversify this route is quite in human forces. Options are offered several. For rival travelers from Station, Chering Cross is sent direct train. Romance can get to the destination for half an hour on a ship, departing from Westminster or Tower. If fate has already thrown you to the London suburb of Lewisham, you can get to Greenwich for ten minutes at all by bus. By itself, red and two-story.

Finally, if you are not an esthete in kind, but extremal, there is the last, the most exotic way to get to Greenwich – on the pedestrian tunnel under the Thame. Designed by Sir Alexander Binnie, he was opened in August 1902. 127 thousand pounds were spent with a noble goal to enable workers from the southern part of London to get to docks on the opposite bank of the river. Evaluate the power of the Victorian engineering thought easily and now. Keep in mind that elevators on the descent and rise work from seven in the morning to seven in the evening. However, this cannot prevent the seekers of the thrill: at night the tunnel is not closed, and one and a half kilometers under the Thames can be overcome at least three o’clock in the morning, using the stairs.

And imagine: protesting some hundred stages up, you rise from the bottom of the river and see the most beautiful woman in his life. Her name is Katty Sark, and it is dedicated to her sculpture adorns the nose of a ship with a similar name. Formally, the exhibit of the Royal Maritime Museum (and in fact – a fabulous beauty of art) Cutty Sark clipper was built in 1869 with a rather prosaic purpose – to provide the British first-class Chinese tea. The trouble was that the distance from China to the UK court was overcome over long months; Gem load during this time lured taste, aroma and right right to refer to tea. In such a situation, the time was not only money, but also prestige. Especially gambling captains even organized real "Tea racing", Competing, who from the Chinese port will bring the tea of ​​the new crop to the creepy Englishwomen.

Cutty Sark has repeatedly participated in these competitions, and unsuccessfully. But the real glory came to the ship in connection with NOT with Chinese tea, but with Australian wool. From Sydney to London, the clipper traveled for a record 77 days (the previous record was three months). By the way, your name, which is translated from the Scottish dialect as "short shirt", The ship has received thanks to one insidious heroine of the poem Robert Burns. Obviously, lubricating his victims, Witch Nanny flashed in such seductive clothes. The destructive impact of female beauty on a male psyche can be estimated, looking at the symbolizing Catty Sark figure on the nose of the clipper, – Features of cutting shirts and shapes Nanny Sculptor conveyed quite a variety.

Greenwich for girls and boys

Develop the maritime theme is certainly in the Royal Sea Museum. The most wonderful thing in it is the lack of a wolf of looking old women and constantly all the most interesting idiotic velvet cakes. Unfulfilled children’s dreams to touch, climb, reproach, look at all holes, shoot from guns, look into the sleeves of a diving costume come true. In general, if you have boys aged 8 to 80 years old, it is better to leave them in the depths of the museum of an hour for two.

Old and green

And go to some place for normal girls. For example, to the local highly chemless art gallery with Vermeer or the local fan museum with an exposure of thousands and one lure.

For girls in whom, from school years, an interest in physics or astronomy, in Greenwich, there is a separate pleasure – built in 1675. Observatory. Through her courtyard and the building passes the line of zero meridian, in fact, and the glorified town for the whole world. The observatory employees are informed of the observatory: in fact, this most famous zero meridian is almost mile from the declared place. Error in calculations of colleagues discovered modern mathematicians.

Forgive the British Retreat from the formal truth in one amazing collection of watches stored in the Observatory. Unlike the jeweler attached, the social difference sign of modern hours, their task is not to be clogged by the fact that they are clocks, and it is no longer trite to show time. The existence of each of these hour veterans is the elegant proof of the sophistication of the human mind, which in an attempt to create a perfectly working mechanism fought with sea ridge, temperature, humidity and other natural packets. After you listen to the stories about the inventor of the first sea chronometer John Harrison, visits to the Greenwich Observatory of Peter I and Widrow Wheels of the telescopes, forces – I guarantee – will remain a bit. But get to Greenwich Park and collapse in the grass enough.

You can lie on an impeccable English lawn with open eyes, admiring those visible away by the silhouettes of the skyscrapers. If the weekend and good weather, in the depths of the park there is a chance to meet something unforgettable – for example, a wedding, passing in one of the buildings of the Royal Naval School. And you can not look anywhere at all, I don’t think about anything, and just lazily enjoy the whole evening, which unexpectedly turned out to be at your disposal.

You can pass the time to dinner, feeding the spiritual food. Greenwich – An ideal place for fans of buckinistic stores. Located literally at every step, they are putting customers with the same messages: "All for 1 pound". Own greed need to succumb to no hesitation. Inside, among the instrument of used or completely new, but for obscure reasons for the discounted books come across the milestone. As, however, and on Greenwich conducted in Greenwich, an antiques fair. When the search for rarities will turn out completely, throw rummaged in the wrestling rhocheli, go to the closest to the corner store, where some zabak will be discovered almost certainly. The main thing is to find there free spaces. And there is and drinking a drink with a completely light heart: bad kabaks did not meet the author of these lines in Greenwich.

Old and green

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