Old-fashioned wizard from Rovaniemi

In Rovaniemi, the Finnish residence of Santa Claus, I drove without much interest. Age is not children. Yes, and who can believe it now? Children are now such that the militants have begun to show already in the hospital. In some genetically modified monster, they could believe in his residence would be driving with a real sense of fear. And kind, old-fashioned in all respects the wizard should probably cause distrust and longing as a school teacher. And, probably, just like a teacher, this unfortunate Santa Claus looked with tears from their "Advisibility".

That Rovaniemi. Rides, rides with live reindeer, post office Saint Claus, the whole village Finnish houses with expensive Christmas gifts. That’s Santa’s house. In a small, decorated by a forest hut reception – a massive wooden chair. This in turn allowed. First we enter, a group of journalists, then goes and sits majestically in his chair man in boots, his face almost completely hidden by lush white beard: Only intelligent eyes gleaming behind big glasses. The beginning reminds me of an audience with the Pope. Then the attack cynical adults on the one who hides under his beard in order to get him to say something unexpected, funny – in a word, to expose. Santa Claus holding and leafing through a book that is easy to guess, provides answers to common questions, in general, FAQ. Sometimes it helps to book, often not, but in general, he successfully keeps the defense defends reality tales. It’s boring. We already know that when the scheduled number of hours of receiving a single person can not play the role of Santa Claus. Some have even compared especially meticulous set of photos Santa’s available in booklets and found "ten differences". And the Finns, even those who are with us drank cranberry vodka, persistently stand firm: Santa – one. The one and only. Why such stubbornness? After all, everything is understood.

But that’s our audience comes to an end; a well-known TV journalist, fulfilling the promise given to his daughter, Santo tweaks to what he refers condescendingly. Now Santa to open access to the people. Allowed at a time.

The first approach is a Finnish mother with two daughters, one seven years old, the other about nine. Mom something suitable, but the girls – none. They stood on the edge of the platform in a happy terror, not daring to make a small step towards the miracle dreamed of for so long. Frozen and we are surprised looking at the scene. Do they believe – the Finnish children who really need to know, "how to make Santa Claus"? Santa Claus, throwing diplomatic shell, which he had put on for us, suited to girls hugging their. Now he is a true. Modest rural girls, not moving, thrilled with happiness and such remain "official photos", which makes a great Santa’s official photographer. Happy everything, including Santo. And we touched. Santa defeated us. Tale – a real.

All simple. Demand creates supply. And if the music bought by those who believe in the selfless goodness and wonders, the miracles happen. Whatever pragmatic people they did not organize. Children make us all believe in miracles.

How they do it, I saw at the post office of Santa Claus. The post office is in correspondence with hundreds of thousands of children around the world. From here you can send a child on behalf of Santa Card with the selected souvenir. Children write to and from those countries where there is no snow even on the TV due to the lack of TV. I asked them to show me a letter from Russia. And when all went to the souvenir shops, I sat down at the oak table at the post office and began to violate the secrecy of private correspondence. Forgive me, children and their parents: only justification I can be the admiration that I read these masterpieces.

The letters, which would like to quote, retain the original spelling and syntax. There is a subtle message in which children first try to evoke sympathy for themselves, hold small talk, and then we set out what gifts they would like to receive.

But there were many letters – real miracles of faith. For example, two brothers from Uyara well aware that the Santa Claus task – not to get ahead and do it. Therefore, greeted the wizard, they immediately take the bull by the horns: "Write your brothers Sergey and Alexander. We would like to imagine two PC "Pentium II-466. The computer is part of. ". Next two pages the following detailed description of the computer components, software and games that need to be installed. Then brothers farewell.

The eight-year-old Julia attached to a short letter on separate lists of gifts for themselves and for mom, as well as detailed instructions for laying gifts: "When you lean gifts under the Christmas tree, sign, whose gift is, and then we confuse".

Ira from Belarus wrote that she has two desires – a computer with a color printer for her and a washing machine for mom. Intended the end of the letter: "Santa, if these desires are too, perfectly, although one of two".

Old-fashioned wizard from Rovaniemi

Yes, it can be seen that the computer is the most common children’s dream. It is often not so much a toy, how much the opportunity to be no worse than others. "My parents get little money. I have a friend, they bought a computer. I thought he would allow me to play him. But he laughs at me, that I am poor and do not need such friends. ", – so explained his request Lyuba from Bryansk.

But many letters are quite disinterested in which children sincerely share their experiences, sympathize with Santa Claus that he has a lot of work. All they need from him – a letter. As a confirmation of what he is and remembers them. (This is exactly the only thing that the post office makes free, – sends postcards with standard warm answers.) Well, at most – such children may ask, "so that no one in the family never sick and that we all always be together". These are almost religious appeals. Maybe they reach not only until the post office, but also to St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, who is considered to be a prototype of Santa Claus.

Letter of Fifth grate Madina from Bashkortostan – masterpiece of literary creativity and deserves extensive citation.

"Dear Santa Claus. So nice to write a letter to such a wizard as you. To be honest, my girlfriends do not believe that Santa Claus exists or Santa Claus, but you will not be mistaken, I believe – this is the most important thing. That the child believes in good things in good people. But I believe, because I since childhood already say that there is such a person who flies with deer, and in the sleds there are many toys. And now I will tell about my habits. I love animals, like squirrels, hare and t.D. You like them too? They help you. Once a zoo arrived in our city. I bought a ticket, I looked once and left, because they have such sad eyes. Animals must run, play in such kilometers who did not even hear. Yes! Silent animals! And I certainly do not like to brag, but I study in three schools. In artistic, musical and in his school. I love to be friends honestly! Here I have a girlfriend, they have a sister or brothers. They quarrel with them. And I have an older sister and brother, but I am very friendly with them. They help me everywhere. O! Of course, my mommy, she has a strange name "Gelzian". I’m a girl traveling. I sometimes have such a thought. Why i don’t live in america? But thanks to God that I live at least in the apartment. I’m a girl of chalunya, I do not like to sit in one place, I will breathe it into the street, then the will, in general, not the idleness. I really like holidays, but especially the new year. Highly! Highly! Highly. I always wait for the moment when you come! Always make toys on the city tree! Always on the glasses from behind the patterns I see only you! You! You!".

You read such letters, and you want to become a wizard, create good wonders. The most touching letter was from Krasnodar. Mom wrote, asked a computer for a son who has a cerebral palsy and for which the computer is the only chance for mental development. Got a medical certificate and photos of the son. I showed a copy of this letter to one person in Moscow. Man who has never engaged in magic. A few days later the computer went to Krasnodar.

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