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Manor "Old Merika" is considered one of the oldest estates of East Ukraine. Once a large palace-park complex belonged to the famous Schidlovsky family, one of the largest landowners of Kharkiv region. Nowadays, the estate lost her wealth and greatness and represents a rather sad sight, but buses with tourists who wanted to see what remaining from the estate will be coming to the old measurement. In one of the warm autumn days, we also decided to visit this estate, but not with an organized excursion, but on our own.

How to get to the old measureer from Kharkov

Schidlovskoye manor is located just 30 km west of Kharkov, on the territory of the village of Old Merik. The most convenient way to get to the estate is your own car: from Kharkov on the highway M3 about 30 km, then turn right on the sign the old measureer. I reached the settlement, immediately after the bridge over the river, turn left. Use the church of all saints as a landmark, which is included in the palace and park complex. Here you can leave the car and go on a pedestrian walk through the territory of the former estate "Old Merika". If you are traveling by public transport, then the estate can be reached by bus or route taxi №1650 "Kharkov – Old Mechik", departing from the metro station "Cold Mountain".

Manor Old Merika

The Schidlovsky family occurred from Polish No. They mainly reside in the territory of Minsk and Vitebsk provinces of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The first mention of this family on the territory of Ukraine belong to 1677 and are associated with the name of major general of the army of Peter I – Fedor Vladimirovich Shidlovskii. Later, the estate was inherited by his nephew – Lawrence I. Then the estate for a long time divided between the extended family, but as a result of the village of All Saints (the so-called Old Merchik before) was in the hands of Grigory Romanovich Shydlovsky. It was during his manor got the rise and has become a favorite spot for the nobility of the Kharkov.

In the years 1777-1778 Gregory Szydlowski built in Old Merchik huge two-storey house, the palace, as well as stone outbuilding which housed the kitchen, rooms for servants and even a guest house, but today from the former greatness of the famous manor little preserved. If we did not know that this is one of the attractions of the Kharkiv region, we decided that this is one of the abandoned, which is visited by lovers of these places, but not the excursion group.

And once the manor was the center of social life for all the surrounding estates. There were balls and dinners, met notable merchants and captains. Old photos of the palace in Merchik looks very personal appearance reminds castle in Łańcut.

The first global reconstruction of the palace occurred in the XIX century, when the estate owner was Vasily Orlov-Denisov, who either purchased it, or received as an inheritance by marrying the daughter Shydlovsky. He removed from the facade of family coat of arms Shidlovskaya and eliminate family cemetery.

Next restructuring came in Soviet times, when the walls of the manor Old Merchik located Veterinary College (School of Agriculture). During the years of living in the walls of the palace of the institution has been lost, both internal and external decoration of the building. Since 1997, the castle Shidlovskaya empty and gradually turning into ruins in the old Merchik.

Inside the palace and outbuildings situation even more sad.

Simultaneously with the construction of the palace in the old Merchik, work was carried out on the improvement of the park zone. The palace and park complex is located on the slopes of the deep beam, which flows into the river a wet meter with a big pond in its foundation. A special road for riding was packed in the park, garden buildings were placed here: cellar, grotto, rotunda well and numerous arbors.

Old Merper - Shidlovsky Manor

Nowadays, almost nothing left from the park. The only testimony of the former grandeur of the estate park is an old measureer that we managed to find, these are the ruins of a grotto. By legend, he helps those who touched it to him find their love. But judging by how it is rapidly disassembled on bricks, it is just a beautiful legend.

The only building that remains operating in the estate – the temple of all saints. In 1680, a wooden church was built on this place, and a hundred years later, in 1778, she was replaced by stone. In Soviet times the church was doomed, like so many others – the church was closed for the congregation, and it is first located the warehouse and then a gymnasium for the students of the veterinary college.

In 1994, the church of all saints returned believers and services resumed in it. Unfortunately, in recent years, only repairs have been held here, but no restoration, since the original appearance of the temple was lost.

In the Kharkiv region, there are a lot of interesting places, among them several estates that need to be seen until they finally disappeared. If you live in Kharkov, then the visit to the old measureer will be an excellent option to travel the weekend.

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Also, it can be combined with a trip to Sharovsky Castle and Manor Nataliavka. If the generic estates of noble families are not yours, then you can go to Krasnokutsky Dendropark or Abandoned city of Nuclearies Near the Wood Bills.

Old Merper - Shidlovsky Manor

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