Old port of Marseille

The old port of Marseille is the most visited tourists part of the city. All those who come here are in a hurry to go from the old port on an excursion to the castle of IF. Gourmets do not miss the opportunity to taste the exquisite and famous world of sea delicacies in the court restaurants.

For fans of marine walks are offered sightseeing boats, yachts. Such a trip will open in front of you the beauty of the city from the sea.

Almost near the port are famous historical monuments of Marseille: the Town Hall, the Abbey Saint-Victor, the Cathedral of Notre Dame de la-Gard. From here you can continue journey through the Mediterranean.

Path to the heart of Marseille (how to get there)

To get to the old port, sit down on the subway. The station you need is referred to as Vieux-Port Hotel de Ville.

Taxi in France – the pleasure of expensive, but by convenience for tourists this way of movement is in the first place. Tell the Taxist word "port", he will definitely understand the destination.

If you decide to walk on the Marseille and your route included the old port, then keep the landmark on La Canbier Boulevard.

Almost free in a tourist place (prices)

Walking along the shipping embankment is completely free. In the fortress of Saint John, the entrance is free. Let me not frighten the guard at the entrance: he performs his work on checking incoming.

Tickets for pleasure boats will cost 10 to 16 euros. Lunch in the restaurant will take place on average at 35-40 euros. We will have to spend money, as we see, only on the passage, excursions, food and souvenirs.

From dawn to the first dawn (working hours)

The old port is a place that can be visited as in the morning and in the evening. At any time of the day you will find here a lesson for the soul. You are waiting for food with seafood, walking around the sea, picturesque cityscapes, excursions in the attractions of the city.

How much time will take the old port (time planning)

For voyage in Marseille will need at least two days. Castles, palaces, fortresses, sea walks under the sails (for fans of yacht sports), excursions to the islands, hiking along the embankment, dinners in cafes and restaurants – this is an incomplete list of pleasant moments waiting for you in Marseille.

In the old port, delay for several hours. After all, fish delicacies need to eat slowly, on the streets of the old city to go to the unprecedented step, so as not to miss sight of the most beautiful and old in the centuries-old city. Hikes themselves in the fortress and churches in the port area will take about half days. If you do not have much time, select a couple of the most famous and interesting historical monuments for a thorough review. Better less yes better.

Marseille’s centuries-old history

Sailors from Fokey for about 600 BC.NS. landed on the coast of the losidon bay. In the northern part of the harbor, they created a colony – Mass. New migrants from Fokesey increased the number of inhabitants of the colony.

In the 5th century in this region, the abbey of Saint-Victor is based. The eastern part of the bay to 10 centions is built up with warehouses and shipyards. Everyone who worked on them settled nearby. In the 13th century, the Knights of Hospitalists of the Order of St. John are settled near the harbor. They build a fortress, later the Fort Saint-Jean make it. By the end of the 13th century, Karl II gives an order to build a berth in the southwestern part of the harbor and shipyard for warships.

In 15-17 centuries, the port is built on the first marins. The harbor is becoming churches, mansions of rich, secular buildings: mansion De Kabare, diamond house (16th century), Town Hall and Church of Saint-Laurent (17th century).

Louis XIV makes a decision to increase the territory of Marseille. Strengthening that surrounded the port is demolished, two forts are erected in their place for defense: Saint-Nicolas and Saint-Jean.

Up to 19th century, the old port was the only marine "gate" in Marseille. Over time they change, improved, the court for which the port has become too small. The new port accepts vessels at the beginning of the 19th century. Imperial Street connects old and new port.

Currently, the old port is a center of yacht sports and a tourist attraction. Boats, yachts, excursion ships come to it. This is the center of the old part of the city, surrounded by historical monuments. Unfortunately, many buildings around the port are destroyed by the Nazis and American bombers in 1943-1944.

Recovery of the Old Quarter Supervised Architect Fernan Puyon. During reconstructions, a lot of unique finds were found, which became exhibits in the Roman dock museum.

Viewing platforms (Mayak Saint-Marie), Cape Faro give the opportunity to see wonderful views of Marseille.

Do not miss the most valuable (what to watch)

In addition to the beauties of the old harbor, expensive and modern yachts, seafood eats, in the old port there are still many unique places representing historical value. We will tell about them so that you do not miss interesting sights by traveling by Marseille.

Fortress of Saint John. The Status of the Monument of History She received in 1964. The entrance to the fortress is located by Avenue Vaudouer, pass through the bridge across the road. Here are a large number of benches, viewing sites. The fortress is located at the height, so the panorama of the city here is wonderful. Bonus becomes fresh sea air. With a fortress, the exhibition complex in a modern style (big black cube) – Mucem. Go to the complex you can in the open transition from the fortress.

Old port of Marseille

The name of the fortress is associated with the Order of the Maltese knights, which was previously called the Order of St. John Jerusalem. Members of this Order of about 13th century move into this area. The Old Port has preserved evidence of their presence here: The square tower of King Rene (1423), Lighthouse (1644).

Originally the fortress served as a military garrison, during the revolution, this place was a prison. Look and old communication chapel. John, built next to the fortress. Church of Saint-Laurent de Marseille. Built near the binding strength. John in 1249, served as the arrival of fishermen. Currently, the church also accepts visitors and their parishioners. Pay attention to the organ in the church: it shows the faces of the pipes on the people.

Fortress of St. Nicholas. It has a square shape. Through it passes a limestone mountain ridge from the port, through the abbey of St. Victor and Pharo. He built it in 1663 from the stones of a ruined wall of the fortress of Marseille during the assault troops of Louis XIV. Marseille did not like this building and tried to destroy it in 1790. But the National Assembly gives the order to preserve the fortress.

To date, its territory placed benches are equipped with viewing platforms to tourists and city residents can enjoy Marseille and the picturesque sea.

Some important points about the attractions (Travel Tips)

– On the Belgian promenade every morning starts working fish market. Here you can buy fresh fish catch different types of lavender, talismans for good luck from seashells.

– Fish restaurants are not uncommon. Be sure to go to one of them and enjoy the Provencal soup with seafood and vegetables – Bouillabaisse. To him special sauce served with croutons. Simply delicious, trust!

– In the souvenir shops you can buy Marseilles fragrant soaps: it is popular because the quality is different. Stay on the waterfront until the evening, in order to ride on the Ferris wheel. Near it is possible to get booklets with information about the city.

– From the port walk excursion train to the Basilica of Notre-Dame-de-la-Grand.

– It also sold tickets for pleasure boats in the Castle d’If, on the Friulian archipelago Estaka.

– The central part of the port is sometimes show original exhibits (one of them exhibited great women’s shoes).

– Most of the cafes and restaurants close to 19-20 hours, the place is unsafe (especially at night).

– Pickpockets here feel Razdolnaya as onlookers on vacation missing. Be careful and vigilant.

Of course, the noise and bustle of the city may not appeal to travelers, but the Gulf of Lion, a promenade along the beach, culinary delights compensate for all of these side effects of the port city.

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