Old Russian SMS

In 1951, the Novgorod Archaeological Expedition found when excavations the first birchy diploma and since then every year he brings all new discoveries. To date, in 11 cities of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus found more than a thousand pieces of barks with fragments of texts that open the curtain of the mystery over the daily life of the XI-XV centuries. The tree bark was a cheap material, so it was widely used in everyday life, and unnecessary notes simply tear up to ensure information security and threw up.

It must be assumed that someday lost mobile phones with SMS archives will give researchers no less than food for reflection, and also fit the name of the scattered son of your neighbors. This is what happened to the boy onfim, who lived in Novgorod more than seven centuries ago. The peer of modern first-graders sowed a whole stack of Berestov, on which he taught the ABC and a letter, and also scratched typical children’s drawings.

Next to the rider, the boy wrote his name – onfim.

And so it looked like a Russian alphabet of that time in his performance:

Until ONFIM has only comprehended asses of literacy, adults led an active correspondence. Judging by the content of some dimensions, you can assume the availability of a well-defined and fairly operational delivery of messages not only within one settlement, but also between sufficiently remote places.

"From Boris to Nastasya. How this gradder comes, came to me on a stallion, because I have a lot. Yes came the shirt – the shirt forgot ".

This diploma was found in Novgorod, where the author had parents to which he proposed to do the way longer than 1000 km to Kiev:

"Difference from Gurgia to Father and to Mother. Sold the courtyard, go here – in Smolensk or Kiev: cheap [here] bread. If you won’t go, then send me a wonder how you are alive and healthy ".

A caring neighbor sent a blister in Tver:

"From Ilitz to Ilya. Shuigon reels tags on oaks and removed honey from the hives. I take oaks by my mark. Let [even] he shit, it’s [all the same] My oak. Your apiece of the first. Go now yourself, approve [possession] with your bortstage ".

Potential Fraud Warning:

"Lithuanian from life to Mikule. You bought a slave in Pskov, and here it grabbed me for it [Streeting in the steal] Princess. And then a squad was instructed for me. So let’s go to her husband if he has a slave. And here I want, hiding horses and putting [on the horse] of the princely husband, [go] for full-time stakes. And you, if [more] did not take the money, do not take anything ".

A significant number of texts is dedicated to the settlement of debt disputes. And citizens were very legitraged, and the main threat to the defaulter was the prince’s court.

"From a shelter (or shelf) to . [After you (?)] took the girl from the houseslava, I took the houses with me 12 hryvnia. Came 12 hryvnia. If you do not send, then I will stand [with you to court] in front of the prince and the bishop; then to more accommodation ready ".

"From ignorance to Rurea. Are you going to pay 6 hryvnia? If you are not going, then go to the court] to the city ".

"From the govlyovoy [widow] to a gentle. Give sixty-kun Other (that is, behind Freight or on Freight). [So] said shit before death (literally: going to court), and Pop recorded. Give [their] Luke. If you do not give, then I will take the prince of the hotel and together [with him] I will come – it will be in the biggest amount ".

The water test ritual for the calling of God in the witnesses is not defined, but the sender is clearly in the desperate position:

". [You gave (?)] Nestysh four and a half risen, and [me] you gave two kuns. What do you say seem to me eight kun and hryvnia? Go to the city – I can call you to test with water ".

Old Russian SMS

Personal relationships and family problems also reflected on fragments of Beresta. Here and note by Lover:

"[I sent (?)] three times to you. What kind of evil you are against me you have that this week you did not come to me? And I treated you as a brother! Did I hurt you by sending [to you]? And you, I see, not any. If you were any, then you would come out from under the [Human] eyes and rushed . (Part is lost.) I even hurt you on my own inappropriate, if you start to mock me, it judges [you] God and I ".

And the complaint of the ex-wife:

"From the guests to Vasil. What a father gave me and Rami was given in addition, then behind him. And now, marrying on a new wife, he does not give me anything. Hitting the hands (that is, in the sign of the new engagement), he drove me, and I took another to my wife. Come, make mercy ".

And the rectilinear marriage offer:

"From Mikita to Anna. Go for me – I want you, and you me; And on that witness Ignat Moiseev ".

And the mother’s joyful letter to the Swax that the Son arranged a proposal:

"The bow of the Yankees to lodge Jarinje. Wants did your child (that is, what do you, what do you suggest). Occasion wants it. Please urgently be here. And I promised him my consent [to the fact that it was] like you said to him this morning: "Come – on the same day betrothed". And if you were not there povoynichka, then buy and came. Where is my bread, and there you ‘.

"Bow by Nastasia gentlemen my brothers. I Boris [read more] dead. How, gentlemen, take care of me and my children?".

"Bow from Fovronii Felix crying. Stepson beat me and kicked out of the yard. whether wilt thou that I go to town? Or himself, Come here. I have beaten ".

Old Russian SMS

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