Old tourist centers are praying to expel tourists away

Not only the historical and cultural center can disappear, and the settlement itself is entirely. Since the heyday of mass tourism in the 50s. Last century The population of the city of canals has decreased four times, and now less than 50 thousand people live here. They physically do not have time to repair, maintain and develop Venice, while the city has no so much money to attract labor migrants for these purposes.

How do Venetian old-timers remember, before they had a legitimate recreation period between tourist seasons. Time to clean the city, repair the gondolas, renovate the sights and competently spent earned. Now the tourists go through the Venice all year round, make millions of selfie, buy two souvenirs and a bottle of wine and leave the next morning. No one can make, all suffer from an overabundance of people, infrastructure on the verge of collapse, and instead of cordiality in the hearts of accumulated anger. Especially when the next cruise liner flies past the berth, sow panic and destruction, as it was last month.

The inhabitants of Rome, Amsterdam, Brugge, Paris and Santorini are fully solidarity with the Venetians, and how disappointed in Dubrovnik, which was allowed to use the vintage streets of the city for shooting «Game of Thrones»! Setting aside the emotions, the problem is that the previous model of global tourism has become obsolete so that instead of the benefits started to bear losses. It is based on a simple rule «The more tourists will come, the better», But the assessment of the situation only on economic indicators leads to a catastrophe. Social, environmental, cultural – Choose to your taste.

According to the UN, 1.4 billion tourists travels every year on the planet. And they absolutely do not appreciate what they get, and therefore they do not want to bear any responsibility. If a person of average means can easily afford the flight with low-cost airlines across the whole continent for $ 20-50, then for him it is not a dream trip, but just a way to spend a weekend. And such a tourist will definitely not be from the soul to spend money in the resort, respect the local traditions, follow the unsolicited rules. They and official laws are observed only under the fear of fine!

Old tourist centers are praying to expel tourists away

Among the problems that traditional tourist centers on the line of destruction, the dominant is frantic traffic. In Thailand, simply closed the beach from the movie of the same name with Leonardo di Caprio to give an ecosystem chance to recover. The Philippine Boracay Island is completely cleaning, closes the legendary «Red quarter» Amsterdam, Barcelona and that threatens to close the port for tourist liners. Let tourists come, let, but gradually, and not entire hordes!

In second place, the issue with a real estate rental, where modern online services entered the unklasy war with athers and the local population. For example, in Paris, 60 thousand apartments actually disappeared from the market, because only surrendered through AirBNB. In Amsterdam such – 19.6 thousand, in Barcelona – 18.3 thousand, in Venice – 8.5 thousand and this is only according to official data. On the one hand, guests saved, and local directly earn, but on the other there is a typical «Crimean syndrome». Demand and supply is there, and regulation – zero.

Imagine the city on the shore of the warm sea, where only 10-15% of the population are occupied in the tourist sphere, and the rest of the usual life. But it is worth starting the resort season, and now every camork, and the whole house, now they are passing exclusively in time and for non-day money. And do not care what those who want no particularly visible – thirst to disrupt kush eclipses mind. But we come to specialists or young people who need to work and live in the city, find accommodation for several years on reasonable conditions unreal. As a result, tourist cities lose their population after infrastructure and former charm. It would seem that the exit is obvious – do not feed the parasite, he will die. But Venice themselves, Barcelona, ​​Amsterdam to remake themselves so simply can no longer, so they ask for help from the outside.

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