Old Town of Limassol

Old, the most ancient area has every city. It is from him that the "birth" of the city begins. Years later, centuries This part of any policy is becoming new buildings, reflecting the history of the city, the whole country. Has such an old part and Limassol.

The city occupies a fairly convenient location in southern Cyprus. The neighbors of the Lemesos district (so Limassol called Cypriots) are: from the eastern part of the Larnaca area, from the west side of Paphos, from the north – the capital of Nicosia. The area takes 34, 87 kV. km Square.

The boundaries of the old city are conditionally limited from the West of the Old Pierce, from the North – Gladstonos Street, from the East – Archiepiskopou Makariou III Avenue and the Embankment of the city. Here are ancient quarters with churches and mosques, Greek and Turkish buildings, which are stored not one century the past time and the history of their city.

What transport follow to the city (how to get there)

From Paphos, Ayia Napa, Nicosia, Larnaca to Limassol walks "Intercity Buses" (they are easy to learn in green).

Buses from Larnaca leave from the Fiikidez embankment and walk on schedule (specify the movement of routes on the company’s company’s website): on weekdays from 06:00 to 20:30; on weekends and on holidays from 07:30 to 19:00 with periodicity – 2-3 times per hour. On the way you will be around one and a half hours.

Buses of Paphos – Limassol route go from Monday to Friday from 06:00 to 20:00; On weekends and holidays – from 08:00, until 18:30 (about 2-3 flights every 2 hours). On the way – about 1 hour 15 minutes.

Buses from Nicosia to Limassol make the first flight at 06:00, the last – at 21:00; On weekends and holidays they go from 07:00 to 19:30 with periodicity – 3 flights in 2 hours.

From the new port of Limassol (7 km from the city center) Sit down to bus number 30, traveling daily three times an hour, first departure at 6:25, last flight at 19:00, and in winter – at 18:00.

Traveling on the yacht – from the harbor of. Raphael (12 km from the city center) get on bus number 30 or number 6 (first departure at 7:05, last at 19:00, in winter – at 17:25).

Time to follow these routes in the city Specify on the company’s website or at bus stops on information stands.

In Limassol, buy a ticket Daily Ticket for 3 euros, and ride on any bus unlimited trips. Sitty boldly by bus number 30: He will deliver you to the old port, from where you start your walking route around the sights of the Old Town.

Ticket price in Limassol

The price of tickets from Larnaca and Paphos to Limassol 4 euros, (one trip), travel – 7 euros, students pay 2 euros, passengers up to 6 years ride for free.

The cost of tickets from Nicosia: a passage – 9 euros, one trip – 5 euros, a student ticket costs 2.5 euros, passengers up to 6 years ride for free.

If you prefer a taxi trip, then from Paphos Airport Travel is from 50 euros, from Larnaca Airport – from 60 euros.

The cost of entry into museums, temples and other attractions are described by us in articles posted on our website.

Pages of the centuries-old history of the ancient area

Limassol is located between Curon and Amatus. Ancient authors did not leave documents telling about the creation of the city. Only on some documents, historical facts, the finds of archaeologists can be drawn up a picture of the foundation and development of the city. Here are some facts from Limassol history.

Found on the territory of the city of the grave date back to the second millennium BC.NS., 8 and 4 BB BC.NS. This suggests the existence of a small settlement in the area of ​​Limassol.

In the 10th century he was known as Nemestos. Konstantin VII Porphyrogenet, Byzantine Emperor, mentions the city with such name. In 1221, the earthquake of a huge force plunges the city under the ground. The old town of Limassol has repeatedly destroyed in the Middle Ages, however, you can distinguish several periods of its historical development.

The period of the Board of Byzantium (330-1191.NS.). At this time, the church of St. Catherine, located near the mosque Jami Kebir.

Luzignano-Venetian period (1192-1571). The castle is destroyed, which never rebuilt. The ruins of urban walls remained, which were built into the Latin Cathedral.

The period of the Ottoman Board (1571-1878). Closed balconies, public baths (Hamama), Ottoman cemeteries with decorated tombstones and stone "turbans" appear.

Colonial period (1878-1960). Neoclassical style can be traced in the architecture of government agencies, in residential mansions, in the city hall.

After the occupation of the Turks, Famagusta and Kyrenia, in 1974, the development of tourism in Limassol begins. The old part of the city became the place of "pilgrimage" of tourists who want to see the sort of facilities created many centuries ago, the preserved remnants of ancient settlements. It is this area that becomes one of the main sources of profits in the tourist business of Limassol.

The oldest of the oldest (sights of the Old Town)

Limassol Castle – the oldest heart of the city. Built in 1000 n.NS. Scientists assume that the castle is a fragment of a larger structure. According to legend, here, in the chapel, Richard Lion’s heart was married with Queen Bergaria. The castle was captured by the Turks in 1570, it became for their board a garrison and a prison. British had a police station here. At this time, the Museum of the Museum of Museum is posted in the castle.

You can see the ancient horn mill, warehouses. The mill was restored. "Settled" here the cultural center of Evagoras Lanitis and restaurants. It is located in the mill building and an exhibition of old equipment, which was used to grind the horn pods in flour. A number of old stores and arches, which were once the inner courtyard of one of the caravan Sarayev (Street Yard).

Going to the old port pier, do not miss the wall on the right. This is a fragment of the Ottoman dome-shaped market, and maybe it was a part of a medieval building or shelter knights Order of St. John.

At the crossroads of the streets of Genetley, Mittella, Jami and Zig Pipples, Jami Kebir – "Great Mosque". This is the most important religious monument of Limassol Times of Ottoman Board. Nearby is the oldest in the city of Cemetery. Government officials, Arabs and Turks who served at Omanov found their last shelter. Tombstones on graves are decorated with marble turbans, inscriptions from poems in Turkish or Persian languages.

After the street Zig Zag, turning to the right, you will find yourself on Lutron Street ("Ban Street"). There is Charsshi Hamam (bath on shopping area). On the marble plate above the entrance is an inscription pointing to the date of constructing Hammam and the name of the benefactor.

Among other memorable places of Limassol, it is necessary to meet the ancient city, visit the top attractions:

1. Museum of Middle Ages. The exhibits of the museum opened in 1987 are narrated by the history of Limassol from 400 to 1870.NS.: tools, paintings, wood carving 17 and 18th centuries, gravestone monuments, armor, metal products, terracotta, ceramics, glass and marble.

Old Town of Limassol

2.Catholic Church of Saint Catherine. It was created in the style of Baroque with mosaics on the vaults in the neovitantine style.

3.Ayia Napa Cathedral. This is a beautiful temple of Cyprus, keeping the icon of the Virgin Mary Napa.

4.Archaeological Museum. It was opened in 1948, it has ancient exhibits, archaeological artifacts found in the area of ​​Lemesos (Limassol).

5.Museum of folk art who was awarded the Europa Nostra award in 1989. Ancient house keeps a collection of folk arts of the last two centuries: national costumes, decorations, agricultural instruments and much more.

Tips "Hunters" for the antiquities and participants of the colorful festivals

See all the sights of the old city in a couple of hours will not be able. Even the day for this will be little. Choose a few seats interested and do not rush to get acquainted with them. And if you arrived in Cyprus for several days, we will tell you about those holidays that regularly pass in Limassol, popular among local residents and tourists and hopefully add to your list of bright moments about Limassol.

The Grand Carnival "Apokreo" in the city takes place at the end of winter 50 days before Easter. Ten days about 100 thousand. Man having fun: sing, dance, parades, carnival processions, bald masquerades. Limassol is drowning in ribbons and colors. Carnival is all waiting and loved.

Position in Limassol in May, you must certainly visit the festival of flowers "vel. Flower Parade, Plant Exhibition will demonstrate the entire beauty of the city’s flora.

In June, the Festival of World Flood "Cataklinzosos" is held in Limassol. Near the sea coast on Sunday Pentecost and on Monday, on the Day of the Holy Spirit, you are waiting for songs dance competitions, concerts of ensembles and groups.

In June, in the city pass and "Night Shakespeare". In the ancient Theater, Kurion, the charity Shakespeare Festival immerses in the ancient atmosphere of works of great playwright. Organizes Festival Society of Pulmonology.

In July, the whole month of the art festival passes. And from mid-July – the World Beer Festival, on which the famous rock bands are.

Here in July and in August, the festival of an ancient Greek drama is held.

In the first month of autumn in the city passes the festival of wine. Since Limassol is the center of winemaking in Cyprus, then it is in this city from all over the island that the best winemakers come to compete in their skills, and everyone else can only enjoy the taste of drink (tasting free) and admire the colorful action from 8 am and until 11 pm.

We advise you to stock by the forces, money, a good mood for walking in an ancient Limassol and to participate in its festivals. Walk through the old town can last a few hours, depending on how much of your strength and desire to see the old buildings or look at the next museum.

In the old town parallel to the sea goes street. Andrei. There are many souvenir shops on it, small cafes with tables right on the street. Without commemorative gifts do not take.

Do not forget about comfortable shoes, clothes, drinks for quenching thirst. We advise you to attend sights in the morning so that the sun does not become your "enemy" during a walk.

And let the antiquity of Limassol distract you from the urgent problems of the present.

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