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Old city (or old place) – This is a place where modern Prague began its history. In the old days, the old town limited the semicircular moat and the wall that closed on Vltav on both sides. Today on the site of the RVA there are streets of revolving and people who stretch from north to southwest. To this day, they are considered the official border of Prague historical.

After expanding the city in the 14th century and the wall was dismantled, and the construction of a new city began by order of Karl IV.

The main attractions of the Old Town are Old Town Square and Astronomical Watch. In addition, if you go to the Vltava River, you will find yourself in a small quarter – Mala country. These two parts of the old city connect the majestic Charles Bridge.

Stare space arose about the 9th century, at the place of settlements formed near the market on the banks of the Vltava River. According to the records dated 1100 year, it is known that on Saturdays the market organized a trade day, and military fees were held in the same place. Soon the Prague merchants Raders, after which King Vaclav first gave them the privileges of the city – it was founded Prague.

The chronicle says that in the old days in the city there were 13 gates, he was surrounded by a deep ditch filled with water that performed the function of protection against enemies.

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How to find the old town – there is nothing easier, reach from Wenceslas Square to the powder gate and turn somewhere deep into the direction of Vltava.

Next can be viewed – left, right, right. If you know what you want to see, then check with the card as often as possible (you will also get lost, but plus a minus for a while). If you do not know – you still see something. Ancient cathedral or author’s brewery, a small area where restaurants are adjacent "In three lions" and "In two cats", And on the street bazaarcik, the blacksmith works right on the street, to the joy of curious tourists, a statue of falcon over the gate or painting in the Art Deco style, street musicians or a tent with coffee and mulled wine. And slowly move, following the will of the streets, "where even experienced guides are wondering" (c), just trust this city – he knows what you show. Do not trust to the one who says that the old city can be bypassed in an hour – if you are the first time, you will not succeed. In the third, however, too.

True worth noting – you will not be alone here – and not alone. And than the broom to the weekend and in the evening – the more. On some days on these narrow streets, the most real traffic jams are simply there. From pedestrian. Hence another warning: just in case, take care of the wallets – alas, there are also such wizards of their case.

With the weather in Prague, I was not lucky – it rained all 5 days of rest, so everyone had to study, looking out of the umbrella. The old town is a pleasant place, wander here – the most it is, especially under the handle with some beautiful lady, but the weather personally spoiled me. And so – the paradise for impressionable photographers and artists – really, there is something to capture. Walk to the old place occupies about an hour, so do not be lazy, do not spend a lot of time, but time will spend with benefit. At least for eyes.

The place is unique, I already captured the spirit when I only entered the old town. Immediately in the head, the string of images was twisted – fabulous, images from old films and books. True Europe, the real spirit of an excellent past, everything has been preserved here in pristine. And the clock is so great that they even wanted to draw them, and not just to keep in the form of photos. By the way, very advice. Visit the pack place at least twice – in the morning and in the evening: get unforgettable and completely different impressions!

Old Town or Old Time Prague Tour Profit Guide

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