Old Zoo in Poznan (Stare Zoo W Poznaniu)

The following item is found European route 2013 became the city of Poznan. Despite the fact that this is one of the oldest cities in Poland, there are no particular tourists here, such as in Krakow or Wroclaw. Poznan – a unique city, because it was here that the Polyana lived, who gave the name to the Polish state. He has a rich story and, believe me, there is something to see. Now this is the fifth in the population of the country and one of the first in terms of economic growth. You can get to Poznan on the plane or train from any large town of Poland. For example, from Krakow, the train goes 7 hours, and from Wroclaw and Warsaw only about three. As in most other Polish cities, the main attractions of the city are the market square and town hall. We will go there in the evening and visit the famous Poznan Fair, and now – in the zoo! In the knowledge of their whole two: old and new. Agree, not many cities can boast of this. We started familiarizing with Poznań from the old Zoo.

Old Zoo in Poznan – the third in a number of the oldest Zoos Poland (after Wroclaw and Toruni). It was founded in 1871 with very unusual circumstances. Friends of one Poznan Restaurant presented him on the 50th anniversary of all animals, which they met and picked up on the streets of the city for three days. As a result, a whole zoo of a goat, several pigs, rashes, cats, squirrels, rabbits, ducks, a goose, peacock, and even a bear were formed in the restaurant! Animals quickly became one of the sights of the city, especially, the animals liked the children. The content of animals required considerable investments, so in May 1875, a joint-stock company "Zoological Garden in Poznan" appeared. In the 50s of the last century it became clear that the zoo was nowhere to expand, and the occupied area is not enough. The construction of the second zoo began, which opened in 1974 and received the name of the new. Most animals moved to new enclosures, and in the old zoo, only areas of tropical and pets are preserved in the old zoo.

During our visit in June 2013, the entrance to the zoo was free or we did not look so bad that we decided not to take money, now on the site of the zoo, unfortunately there are no information about the work of an old zoo. The old zoo is located at Zwierzyniecka 19, 60-814 and works without days off and holidays from 9 am to 16 o’clock in winter and until 19 o’clock in summer. In the tent at the entrance you can purchase a brochure about the history of the zoo and various souvenirs, balloons and toys.

In the diagram, the area of ​​the zoo looks very impressive, but in fact half of the heliers empty, so you will cost him a maximum in one hour.

We were the first time in my life in a zoo, in which there were not a single visitor. Only when we left, some Polish grandmother appeared with granddaughter. A completely empty park – only strange sculptures of cuffing animals.

Indonesian Dragons Comodo and Tropical Animals is in a special aviary. In order to get there, you need to buy a ticket. We did not buy a ticket at the ticket office at the entrance of the zoo, and then it was just too lazy to go back and the dragons did not see how we look.

The main territory of the zoo is occupied by customers with pets – almost all of them can be touched and feeded if you purchase special feed. List all animals does not make any sense, so just pictures.

After most animals moved to a new zoo, Woliers wild beasts are empty and destroyed.

To be honest, then the picture is very depressing – the feeling that the zoo is abandoned.

Oasis among this ruin looks garden.

Old Zoo in Poznan - Stare Zoo W Poznaniu

Well, what kind of zoo without attractions?! In the old Zoo of Poznan, they also have, but there are no children on them. &# 128578;

Pond with ducks and swans looks like a big green puddle with an appropriate smell.

Well, finally, if someone from the visitors is bad karma, then he can buy karma fish. &# 128578;

This article was stolen from http: // poznamka.Ru.

Allow the zoo confirms its name: it is really very old and in places abandoned, it requires serious repair and care. But, nevertheless, it’s good to come here with young children to show them pets and just walk away from noise and bustle. And the silence and peace in the old zoo, we decided to visit the new – about him and will be discussed In the following report, Do not switch! &# 128578;

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