Ole-ole-ole! Pulkovo-2 will meet fans of the World Cup

Pulkovo-2 is back in business. The terminal will be opened after the frost in the 2014th, true-to-month – at the time of the World Cup.

Petersburg to adequately met and spent the fans in the spring of the airport launched a series of tests of the old terminal, which attracted nearly 1,000 volunteers. April 17 Pulkovo-2 demonstrated a commitment to the World Cup Petersburg media.

Employees Kupibileta were among them. On this day, we have gone this passenger who departs from St. Petersburg to Amsterdam, learned how to be organized passenger traffic as Pulkovo plans to cope with clashes of fans and that airport management is thinking about the future of the old terminal.

We tell how they almost flew into the Netherlands, they learned to undergo plenulation in 10 minutes and that they learned about the future Pulkovo-2.

July will be hot or why open closed

Pulkovo-2 will work exclusively with charter flights – both international and inner. In total, they are expected about 70: 65 from Egypt, 4 from Iran and a few more internal. Pulkovo’s first fans will take a couple of days before the first match, the latter will put on airplanes 3-4 days after the closure of the championship. The main flow of fans is expected on days when Egypt will play.

Open the old "air gates of the Northern Capital" the airport decided for two reasons.

  • Strengthen security. In July 2018, the flow of tourists will grow by about 10% compared with previous years. Such exemplary forecasts are given in Pulkovo. Petersburg already top-top tourist city (especially in summer) – I need an eye yes!
  • Unload the main terminal. According to preliminary Pulkovo calculations, Pulkovo-2 terminal will serve from 10 thousand to 20 thousand football fans. But the fans will arrive and fly out, not only on charters, but also on regular flights. It turns out, it is impossible to find out the exact number of guests, without connecting flights with tickets for matches.

How to take care of the comfort of fans

In order not to delay people hurrying to football, and do not create fuss in the terminal on the day of departure, Pulkovo simplified all regleys. Between the stadium and the airport will launch shuttles, and so that the fans do not crowded at the airport, on the street before the airport building is organized by a buffer zone. On the square will open cafes and souvenir benches, equip the recreation areas. In case, bad weather is spreading big tents.

On the start of registration, passengers will learn about the speakerphone – you can go to the airport only after the announcement.

CEO of Pulkovo Vladimir Yakushev explains: "The terminal will work on a reversing scheme: we will take the fans first on the arrival, and then to depart. The direction of movement will vary depending on the time of day. ".

And one more plus to comfort: if desired, you can go on football right from the ladder – between the stadium and the airport in both directions will run shutters.

Why such mechanics

– First of all, this is the FIFA Recommendation.

– And one more point: Before 2014, both terminals worked: Arrival and Departure, but at the time of the match Pulkovo will open and cosmetic will update only one of them – the one worked on the departure. Under these conditions, it is important to divide passenger traffic, not to create fuss.

And another such approach will help prevent fans of fans: after the match, the fans of two teams will be delivered on shuttlees in different parts of the square in front of the terminal, the registration will be invited to register.

The fans route in Pulkovo-2 will be as short as possible. Obtaining a landing during its absence, check-in for flight, pre-flight inspection, border control and registration before going to the gate will take no more than 10 minutes.

How we helped Pulkovo-2 to become better

For three weeks, Pulkovo spends six airport readiness tests for the championship. 1000 volunteers and 200 airport staff. COMPOTIVE TIME FROM THE MEDIA participated in the third wave.

Volunteers provided with instructions and dressed in vests with an OPERATIONAL DADINESS ASSESSMENT TEAM – a group of performance readiness).

The preparation team for the Pulkovo championship took three typical scenarios and described them in legends. Legends issued volunteraram.

According to the first legend, the fan loses the boarding pass, and he needs to restore it. For two other legends, with the landing, everything is fine, the difference in scenarios in the presence or absence of baggage.

If there is no landing, you need to approach the reception – it is located immediately at the entrance to the Pulkovo-2 building.

Further, the route to Gayte depends on whether the fan flies lightly or with a suitcase to be passed.

If there are no baggage, and there is a landing, the passenger can immediately pass on the pre-flight inspection – this is the greatest way to "Finish".

Viewing visual navigation will help.

According to the results of each wave, the test team pulkovo makes changes to the logic of passenger service, corrects the shortcomings, improves processes and orgm.

Ole-ole-ole! Pulkovo-2 will meet fans of the World Cup


For journalists, testing ended with a press approach. Questions asked the Director-General Vladimir Yakushev and the main operating director Oliver Wece.

Many of our colleagues worried the issue of security. What will happen if the fans of the opposing teams will meet at the airport? How safe will be at the airport in principle?

Vladimir Yakushev explained: "We know in advance what flights will be and from where – so they organize the service so that the fans are not going to in one place. We assume that it will be easy, since the main groups of fans follow from Egypt. If all of one place, everyone should be sick for some same teams, so we do not see big problems. But we will constantly watch the intersection. Safety measures: these are traditional security measures, plus aviation security will be strengthened. Police, FSB. actively with us cooperate. Transport security will be repeatedly checked ».

For example, after the Match Brazil – Costa Rica fans from Brazil will be in one part of the buffer zone, and from Costa Rica on the other. This will warn the clashes of fans not only before the airport building, but in it. To do this, the time of departures in Pulkovo "diluted" – with all the desire to face at the airport, fans will not be able to.

How in Pulkovo there is a preparation for the championship

Pulkovo-2 continues to recruit and train staff, repairing halls, purchases a new technique. Maximum expected permeability – 1000 people per hour, and passengers should not have discomfort.

A team that oversees the operational tests, took up the project about a month ago. Her work includes training – all planning to train 350 airport staff and government control bodies.

During the championship there will be a special headquarters, which will include employees of the airport, customs officers, representatives of government agencies, border control and airlines. Performing a role, each of them will coordinate the processes related to the airport and control the overall situation. It is important that the championship does not affect the regular traffic of the airport.

What’s from Pulkovo-2 today

Pulkovo-2 halls are not completely ready for the championship, we have become obvious to repair. Workers drilled with us.

Officially ready for the meeting of fans the airport will be May 17.

What else to open at the airport

– Rack Tax Free (probably one of the operators will be Russian);

– Parking on Pulkovsky highway. Right opposite the terminal you can leave the car for 3 hours. Parking will open in May.

But Duty Free is not planned, since the airport will work only during the championship.

What will happen to Pulkovo-2 after the World Cup 2018

In truth, that will be with the terminal after the match, it is difficult to say – the solution of the city and the "air gates of the Northern Capital" has not yet been accepted. Pulkovo continues to negotiate and consult with the administration of St. Petersburg on the possible conditions of the lease of the terminal. Including not a new story with speechosters – on this scenario Pulkovo-2 will be the airport for low cost flights. Not bad if everything works out.

Well, we were convinced that in Pulkovo, everything under control – for fans and citizens do not worry.

Ole-ole-ole! Pulkovo-2 will meet fans of the World Cup

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