Olegallas came out universal amnesty

Approximately 500.000 foreigners who are illegally working in Greece received a sensational opportunity to legalize their status. This happened due to the decisions of Greece President from the beginning of 1998 "On the provision of a temporary residence permit certificate" and "Grounds and procedures for the legal stay and work of foreign citizens who are not citizens of the European Union member states".

These decrees are essentially universal amnesty for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, which, despite all the efforts of the authorities, in recent years literally flooded the country.

Why did the Greek guide go to this step? It would seem that in such a country as Greece, where their unemployed is enough, it is necessary, on the contrary, to tighten the legislation, to catch and mercilessly to send illegal. And employers who are illegally hiring foreigners to work strictly. But the fact of the matter is that the Greek authorities understand: all illegal immigrants still do not catch and their significant part will continue to remain in the country and illegally work without paying no taxes or insurance premiums. Therefore, the authorities preferred, as they say, the Brawberry in his hands in the sky and decided to replenish the state budget and insurance funds at the expense of additional income from taxes and contributions of legalized guest workers.

The provisions of the decrees apply to each foreigner, which, without complying with the conditions established by Greek legislation, staying and working activities was in Greece on the day of publishing decrees as a working or wishing to work on an employment agreement. This category of foreigners is obliged within five months, starting from January 1, 1998, to appear in the nearest branch of the employment organization and apply for the legalization of their stay and work in Greece, that is, ask for a certificate of a temporary residence permit ("Green card"). Those who do not have time to collect the required references until May 31 of this year, the additional opportunity is available in advance to do it until July 31. All who will give a petition about "Green map", will first get the so-called "White map" In order to be able to collect the necessary references. Filed "White map" can no longer be expelled from Greece.

Employers, who have so far provided the job of illegal, will not be subjected to any sentences. Moreover, judicial deeds and administrative sanctions impositions are stopped against them. But they all are obliged to declare the foreign workers used and legalize them.

Together with the petition about "Green card" A foreigner is obliged to submit, firstly, a statement with full information about his personality, citizenship, a place of residence, profession, education, the previous place of work, the period of stay in Greece, the age, married position, and, secondly, naturally, a passport or other identity. And besides, a certificate of health from a local state medical institution certifying that a foreigner is not a carrier of an infectious disease, a certificate of reliability (the presence or absence of a criminal record), which is issued by local prosecutors, and the reference of the Ministry of Public Procedure on the absence of a foreign citizen name in the list People who are denied entry to Greece. If the illegal is employed – then also information about the employer and the nature of the work, and the instance of the employment contract (if it is).

Olegallas came out universal amnesty

After receiving "Green card" Foreign worker is equal in the rights and obligations with Greek workers. Foreigner posing "Green card", has the right to temporarily leave from the territory of Greece for a period of no more than two months with the right of return. The members of his family use the same right. Certificate will act from one to three years and can then be extended once or more for the next two years. A foreigner, which at the time of filing the application is in Greece at least five years and has the necessary means to cover the costs of accommodation and food, can get "Green map" at once for five years. It may require allowing entry and accommodation in Greece members of his family.

At the same time, the Minister of Public Order has the right to establish for a specific foreigner restrictions on the choice of its place of residence, the implementation of their professional activities and obliges to appear on the first request to the police station. According to the joint decision of the Minister of Labor and Insurance and Minister of Public Procedure "Green card" may be rejected or delayed, and also withdrawn. "Green map" will not be provided to foreigners convicted in Greece, wanted Interpole or other states with which Greece has signed bilateral agreements on the extradition of criminals. By the way, Greece has an agreement with Russia on providing assistance in civil and criminal cases and similar agreements with a number of other former republics of the USSR. Hence, "green map" will not be a salvation from justice for persons convicted of serious offenses in the CIS countries and fled to Greece. It will not be issued and those who are sitting in Greek prisons – after serving, they will be deported.

The provisions of the Decree do not apply to the citizens of the EU member states, as well as to citizens of the Member States of the European Economic Space (EEA), which are not part of the EU, and to members of their families. After all, citizens of the EU countries and the EEA have the right to live and work in any EU country and SES on the same reasons as local residents. The decree also does not concern foreign sailors working on ships under the Greek flag.

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