Olesya ship and her beauty casket

By the age of 23 years I really managed to change three points of attraction, but more than confident that France is not the last point.
I remember since the age of 14 began to think about how it is possible – live all my life in one place, to deal with the same thing. Since then, a dream live in me and the desire to live in different points of the world, in every little bit, or how it wants / succeed.

Traveling, you feel "His places", Of which you do not want to leave, but will always come back. There are already a lot of such places: it is Russia, Latvia, Morocco, France. Listed those countries that love with his spouse together. On his account traveler countries much more than me. Because the field for joint research is huge.
And where they land – see, hear, feel.

Trip philosophy

Travel themselves are committed for traveling. Previously, to a meeting with Stephen, I diligently prepared with my research obligances "Program", and then as a careless rushed on museums, monuments and so on.

Everything changed seems to be in Morocco. We drove there "clean", without schedules and plans. Of course, I tried to make my structured lept, but then just rushed through the waves. So I continue, continue to do. Sometimes do not even take the card in hand, just go and "Leaving" in town.

Of course ours "Flights" impossible without photographs. Camera as a third eye. But the samples of the pictures are still not. It’s just part of us, which is triggered when that time. All on the wave of true inspiration.

Don’t think that we just hang around the zulkam-zakkulkam, no. Of course, there is a point of interest.
I always try to look into the Botanical Garden of the city. Someone will say that the exhibits are about the same, but for me it is always a huge clay pot of joy. I can spend hours there, looking at leaves and textures, colors and shapes. And some thank you for my satellite for sharing this love with me. (Look "Botanical" Photos of Olesya can be on her Soudiere-Olesia website.COM).

Fine art – another stratum. We do not miss the opportunity to watch and think about paintings, photos.

And the streets of the city are separate stories. Architecture of buildings and individuals, colors of walls of houses and eyes. In everything – peer, listen. The main thing is not to hurry, otherwise the main thing will not have time to feel.

The mountains

Love with the mountains happened exactly there, in Africa, on the highest grief in the northern part of it – a puff. But the history of our mountain and life climb began a little earlier.

In the fall of 2014, I came to swim to Stephana to France. Having studied and having loved the city of Metz, we went hiking – to the mountains of the Rise, which is in the northeast of the country.

Mountains there are low, but the point is not in meters. Talk about what beauty there is probably not needed (just show). The essence of the campaign was and in testing the strength of my spirit and body. I learned about the plan of Stephen only at the end of our two-day campaign, but about my dad, which took me 7 years in hiking along the rivers Bashkiria, he also learned after.

But it was all like this: without tourist and already laid trail, without campings and blanks, without the desired sun, but with foggy landscapes, with a yellowing forest, with a baked baked, with baked for the first time in the life of chestnuts, with cold noses, tired legs, but immensely happy from what was tested, tested together. Together, the truth is stronger.

And the second ascent was Mount Tupkal, Morocco.

What was the hardest?

I remember, we drove on the bus, outside the window – the Atlas Mountain chain, incredibly long, incredibly beautiful, unbearably high. And I sat down and thought: how I am, a small man weighing 43 kg, with constantly frozen limbs, climb there, in the most passage mountain?! Plus, we really wanted to conduct an experiment: spend one night in the mountains on the street – without tents, salars, in the sleeping bags and what is lucky. Stephen has already done it in the Alps (slept at -16 in pants and a t-shirt), but I did not have such a test. But it was a little afraid that the night from June 30 can be the coldest and most recent for me.

That’s what was the hardest – these thoughts about how it could be hard. But you see, we ourselves create them, these thoughts, and therefore, from themselves, it is hard for us.

For what to go to the mountains? In order to step by step, the hill behind the hill, the hand over the Frame – see more of the world, feel more in this world.

I will never forget this feeling of ringing, nothing like the beauty of the mountains, sky, crystal air. I will never forget the sensations when it’s hard when the legs will not move easy, and the breath does not always have enough, but when you do not stop, but you go, you go above, go on. When the heart spisits from the height, and I don’t want to go down, and you come to the stone already closer to the top, around any of the people, but on the one hand – the mountains, on the other – the ocean, and the sky is so close as it has never been. And then you see two descendants, which are valid Spaniards, as a request for water, ask "And maybe wine?", And after asking to make a photo with you. Return to life and reach the last 100 meters to the top, the last, but not the easiest, the latter – before climbing, in front of an incredible feeling of freedom and reunification with the world at the same time.

Why experience yourself, sleeping without tents under the sky at minus temperature? To understand what you can do. In order not to be afraid of cold, hunger, inconvenience, the lack of familiar comfortable conditions, to expand the concepts of how it is possible, just make yourself a bit stronger – body and mind.

I feel that doing all this, we make yourself flexible, allowing you to know the world under different angles without a set of human needs. When we are very "necessary", "necessary", we ourselves take away a piece of freedom, with which you see more.

Speaking all this, I still add: we spend all these experiments, but "fanatics" Do not become. We also love a warm and cozy home, we also love well-thought-out devices that make a journey comfortable. But the balance of the other, in my opinion, makes a person more prepared for different life situations, while giving the opportunity to enjoy the moment.

On foot in Latvia

History of Latvian travel with other sources.
I remember when it was just started to communicate with Stephen, he was several months old, as she finished his first trip in Latvia (in 2014 he crossed it from the West to the East). He sent me a link to my blog (the most interesting, I must say), so I drowned in his notes.

After it turned out that Latvia became our point of attraction: often crossed exactly there, together investigated the country, the love for her was now in the hearts of two.
I have kept the desire of a long walk in the heart for a long time, and in one of the evenings I cried out: "And cross Latvia from north to south!". "Well, of course!" – Suggested echo.

Why i wanted to do it? Because I wanted to leave deeper into the country, see her, what it is outside Riga, outside of small towns, I wanted to meet with people himself, consider culture. I wanted to blow the air, I wanted to look at the forest, I wanted to be on the hill. I wanted to leave in a measured and unhurried time, where every minute is filled.

Happened! And much more.
We plan to whether? Of course.

We believe that every year we will bypass one country by at least one country. Life although the long, but still not infinite, and countries – a lot. So you need to try.

The next journey already hovers in the air. We live not far from Luxembourg, we want to get around this little.

How to get ready for useful journey?

Preparation for walking journey begins with answers on, it would seem simple questions: what country to cross, cross it from north to south, from west to east or diametrically opposite, go to the winter or summer (and they make countries of different colors). Actually, responding to these questions, you can begin to prepare.

Locking the route – the business is voluntary, go there, where you want. Of course, it will be funny to go with zigzags, because it will have to go a little more. And in general – at points of interest.

If you go, hoping for human help, then count the route so that every day at least to some kind of village and get. And under human help I mean not apartments with breakfast, and a simple bottle of water. Water, as it turned out, not so easy to find between one and the second paragraph.

Distance between first and second. On the day we were part on 20 km. Someone will say that not so much, but with 25 kg on my back and about 35 on the back of Stephen, we have always been glad to the next bench at the bus stops, and at eight o’clock in the evening we as the fallen babes wrapped in a sleeping bag. It’s all to the fact that time and power is important to evaluate adequately.

Add a little about the route. In Latvia, we did so: half the way we marked the points where they wanted to meet someone, to see something, the second half – were just free birds, they began to say, so to speak, on the waves of life.

That on the back. On the back will always be a backpack. In a backpack of things. And these things must be selected on the principle: what will be used with a probability of 85% and with the same regular frequency. In a word, think about every thing, as about the really necessary, and how about the subject that you will lay your weigh on your shoulders every day in the backpack. In the very first post, Stefan showed that we took.

Olesya ship and her beauty casket

! Do not dial with me food on the very first day. On the way you always will always find something (and you will be pleased with this find-buy), or, as a last resort, a person without meals can live a week. Kidding, but still, do not pick up canned food and packs of macaroni with porridge – food for 2-3 days in stock is already more than enough. Take care in advance that salt in a small jar pour and oil in a small bottle to have. All as in a simple campaign.

I think about phones and other gadgets I will not speak. Everyone has their needs here. But a good phone with GPS is still better to have.It’s better to look at the route, say, in Google Earth, in order to know where the river flows, and where the forest is growing growing. We decided to cut a couple of times, but only instead of saving time spent it 2 times more. But impassable Latvian jungle and homemade bridges are an important part of the journey 🙂

And in general, go and enjoy every step, every meeting, every rising and sunset, each grocery, but after a dried tent, every morning porridge, every bread seashide, which was divided with their companion, every little, simple, but real miracle.

Life in France

I like to live in France. Also like it. I can say everywhere like.

I loved to me in Bashkiria, well in St. Petersburg, interesting in the Czech Republic (he studied half a year), now I love life in France.

I’ll tell you about how I see the French Republic with the eyes of an unpretentious, but lifeless Russian girl, without an attempt to compare and say that it is better, but what’s worse.

About people. The first thing I understood about them – they enjoy life. Every day and for the slightest occasion. Of course, it is impossible not to say that the conditions for the people really have.

Once, once, once again, the French make everything for their pleasure, I asked: "What do you do not like?". Stef laughed and answered: "Work!". And this is true, so. Here, excess people do not recycle, no one will make this make, as the protection and support from the state of the state. And I still get used to these special conditions.

For example, to the fact that it is forbidden to work on Sundays, that after seven hours of the day, it is unlikely to open something.
And to listen to music or watch a movie, you have one opportunity – buy a disc, disc with a license and an appropriate price.
That it is impossible to put garbage on the street on the street (even for a while) is a visual "pollution" Environment and T.D. and T.NS.
In short, people create conditions in order to live clean and order, and they themselves support them.

However, many French can be called "Victims" In that way, since they need to always be good, pure and beautiful. What, in my opinion, limits in the same journeys: ride in the same one, once a loved country, in a proven hotel, take a walk on the already loyal streets. Of course, this is not the absolute quality of the French, but it seemed to me that it could be called one of the frequently found. Because my spouse is still not the most "correct" Frenchman I am extremely glad.

I also noticed such a thing about people: they complain about much, however, complaining. Someone will say that with fat silence, demanding 100% of the service, the best conditions and benefits, but, comrades, if you are silent and agree, it is unlikely that something for the better change. They understood how this scheme works. And if they really disagree with something, as they were served, with the fact that the work schedule was established, with the law that they are going to accept – the strike will not wait for themselves.

And a little more about France. Previously, when I thought about France, I probably, as many, I thought Paris and lavender fields in Provence. Now I know much more, and live from it a little "more difficult", Because here so much! On the territory of this country an incredible amount of amazing places, which you do not know where to go. And these raisins – they are in every little village. For the French, they "Well, nothing", I can’t tear my eye.

So I live, not giving the eyes to climb and get used to what can be surprised endlessly.


For us, both occurred "Reboot". A few months ago I graduated from studying at the university, left an expensive heart Place of work as an assistant PR manager in St. Petersburg Vegetarian Cafe "Dill", for some time left the model deal. Stephen also decided to change the bed of his photographic case.

But she stays with us – photo.
Now I launch my food-photo, we develop a website, I update the portfolio, I set the contacts here.
And between the business of learning French, planting seedlings for its first horticultural experience, I study the art of ceramics.

In short, in all respects we combine pleasant with useful. Nothing in a hurry and enjoy the day.

Olesya ship and her beauty casket

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