On a small raft

When it became completely clear that all plans to spend a vacation in the bike in the Alps, and after and in Russia, avalanche of the general pandemic was covered, the question arose – and what to do something on vacation. Then I remembered about the long-time children’s dream to wake up on the river on the raft. The river is right under the side, proceeds through the native district, it’s just – to build a raft and swim towards the adventure in full, so to speak, self-insulation.

So, here you need to get acquainted with our water dear. The Chuna River (in the upper farms) originates in the glaciers of Eastern Sayan, then flows to the north-west of the Irkutsk region and in the Krasnoyarsk Territory merges with the other River Biryusoy, forming the river called Taseyev, which then flows into the hangar and then in Yenisei. This is one of those rivers, which are exactly a few years ago a lot of troubles in the Irkutsk region, flooding whole villages. This lifting water level does not remember even old-timers. Where so much water came from, it is still not entirely clear.

Chuna is a rather large river, width on different sites of our route was about 40 to 200 meters. We decided to melt from the railway bridge in.October Chunsky district, and then how it will turn out. Found on the Internet an approximate flow rate of 3-5 km / h, based on this, calculated how many kilometers a day we can swim and how many days we can sail at all given the time on the way home so as not to be late. It turned out that for our journey we can overcome from 400 to 550 kilometers on the river. Hmm, it’s how to swam on a raft through Austria, for example.

All calculations, as it turned out later, turned out to be true. Further on the map raised approximate points of the end of the route, these are settlements offered from which there is an opportunity to go home where there are roads, railway. There are no pleasure places, no shipping on this river, there are no organized groups of tourists, too, settlements a little, in some of them there are no roads, for example, in the villages where the Old Believers live, communication on the part of the route is also not. But mosquitoes, midges and other bloodsowing for every taste and color are available in large quantities, as well as bears. Well, somewhere else there is a zone on the way, in the sense of a correctional colony. All of the above will scare from such a journey any, but not us. It’s better than sitting holiday vacation.

So, raft. The goal is set, it remains to buy construction materials and collect everything you need. At your journeys, we are always going equally: in advance we make a list, then you remember something and add to the list and to the beginning of the gory remains only to collect. The way one hundred percent, have never forgotten anything. Bought Used Kozzov Camera 9 pieces (8 on the raft and one spare), regimenting boards, many meters of different ropes, anchor, rescue vests lent in familiar. Vests are needed in case you meet the GIMS, it is forbidden to be on the water without vests. Vests we dressed when the thresholds passed, all the rest of the time they lay on the raft. Also, we bought the cheapest brazier, strengthened it with self-draws, cut iron sheet under it, I also purchased a solar panel for charging phones. For the toilet just made two boards longer than everyone else. And still made furniture: table and chairs. And I also sewed the flag, how did the ship without flag. Cash spending on this ended. This is a very budget option for holidays, but on impressions, new sensations and post-chapter is not at all inferior to costly foreign journey. Well. Almost no inferior.

On the appointed day asked friends to help, early in the morning loaded a truck and drove ashore. Total turned 18 kilometers. Still never close from home on vacation I did not go.

For the construction of the fleet, about 5 hours went, brilliant engineering ideas were born right in the course of the construction. Waterflag "Jolly Roger" and at 13.30 despair from the shore finally. The weather is excellent, well, we went in general, or more precisely on maritime terminology, went. Ship crew 4 people: I, my husband Andrei, my daughter Nastya and her husband Ivan. In the way, we learn how to manage huge three-meter oars, in parallel we will divorce the fire in the mangale and begin to prepare lunch, during the construction, everything is pretty hidden. The sky began to frown, and the day promised to test us at once with all possible ways, check the fortress of the spirit and to determine the conceived. Put a tent so that in case of rain it was where to hide things. The strong wind flew off and dragged us along the coast against the current, for some time we tried to fight the wind and waves, then we decided that it was easier to wait for a storm by the shore. It turned out all quickly, again the sun looked out, and we swam further.

Familiar places inspect this time from another angle. On these shores, we were in the summer by bike, in winter on forest skiing, but on the water for the first time.

It went to the evening, and we were convinced that stunning sunsets could not only be on the sea, but also on the river.

Many will probably have a question about fishing. The fact is that we are not at all fishermen, but some hooks and floats we still took with them. Under the fishing rod, Vanya decided to adapt one of the sticks that Andrew just in case did to repel from the bottom. These are such three-meter sticks of centimeters eight in diameter. In general, Siberian fishermen are so severe that fishermen. The fish did not hold down at all, although she constantly splashed around. In general, fishing with hooks on the raft is not a good idea, since the hook can tighten under the cameras and hello labor-intensive repair work. Under the rays of the setting sun, he was burned by the brazier and prepared a pickled chicken at home. Madded late in the evening for the village of Novobalturin. Time on the way on this day is 7 hours, 28 kilometers sailed. So, the estimated speed is 4 km / h confirmed. Nastya with Vanya put a tent on the shore, soulful so dinner on the raft and went to bed.

In the morning they made sure that the stunning dawns could be not only on the sea, but also on the river. Moved the camera, because yesterday they found out that they moved to one edge of the fleet, when the rafts were in the water. One camera lowered. It turned out that they struck the nail when the tent was put in the storm in the storm. Conclusion: any trifle is important, one nail per 1 mm is longer than you need, it can spoil everything. Although all nails andrew picked up with the thickness of the boards, nevertheless you always need to check. One slossed camera is not critical at all for our fleet, they decided to swim further, later change the camera to the spare, and this fuck this. Today we need to land Vanya with Nastya in the village of Takhtamai. They planned to ride only one day. Bright sun from the morning. Made awning so that there was at least some kind of shelter from the sun. Despair, scoffed to the middle and sworn slowly. River flow speed from 2 to 5 km / h. For breakfast oatmeal with banana and raisins and cooked on a fire. God, what kind of pleasure is to slowly squeeze my favorite coffee when the light breeze blows the face, the birds sing their morning serenades, the panorama in front of their eyes changes slowly, and you do not need anywhere with this wooden deck.

Particularly sought-after attraction, we have become a spare chamber, tied on the side of the rope. When it became finally clear that with fishing again in any way, the youth decided to explore and alternately rode on the camera. Such a way to be alone in the conditions of tightly populated. In calm weak weather, it is practically not necessary to row, only if there are few turns. With the wind of course more complicated, the raft carries in the wind, and this is not always there where we need. The tent works like a sail, so it needs to fully open all the inputs to minimize sailboat. When they did a wooden frame for a canopy, they thought, first of all, about protection from the sun and rain, but it turned out that it was very convenient to tie the tent slings to this frame.

Furniture Andrei made himself from the priest materials with the expectation that then it will have to throw it with a raft. It turned out very beautifully and in one style with our swimming age. Tree, screws, slices of old tarpaulin, all very brutal, no aluminum chairs from Ikea. But the kitchen table made from a piece of old parquet. Rather, the parquet is absolutely new, it was not used in direct appointment, but I lay 20 years in the attic and waited for my turn, went to a big swimming, not every parquet falls, you know whether you know. In general, expensive-rich.

This table later discovered a small drawback – the surface of the table is too smooth (a qualitative earlier parquet) and light plastic dishes at the slightest blowing the breeze squals overboard. Thus, the table on the way was recycled with a tablecloth of girlfriend. Well, about the table: it would be nice to foresee the drawer to fold the dishes, spoons, forks, knives, and not to look for them constantly in numerous packages. Well, it’s so for the future. Toilet, by the way, in addition to the reason for numerous jokes, has also become a great soul location.

Before the takhtaya got to the dinner, I landed with Vanya with Nastya, they arrived there for them by car. Replaced the dutched chamber on the spare. Went to the village, the inhabitants asked to dial drinking water from the well. For cooking food, tea, coffee We use water from the river. For drinking piled five-liter containers in the village. Despair, then we only sail only together and this is the minimally necessary crew on the raft, as one person to row two oars on the raft can not. Row on this day I had little, replacing the camera and moving the rest of the chambers, the weight evenly distributed on the surface of our swimming agent and the raft somehow learned to swim in the middle of the river. Funny, but sometimes it turned out to control the raft just moving along the deck. Heat, on the way fought. Through the toilet it turned out to be very convenient to descend into the water and climb back. In general, a very multifunctional thing – a toilet on a raft, as a washing machine can also be used.

Makaroshki cooked with stewed meat and a glass of balzamchika admired another breathtaking sunset. In general, the raft, it’s as if you took your apartment, reduced her, removed the disturbing walls and let the river. We had a bedroom, and a kitchen, a dining room, and a corridor and even a toilet, and a swimming pool around the clock and views that change every second. Gankino’s village sailed and a little further on the river’s radiation stood at the shore for the night. According to the forecast, a thunderstorm was expected, so everyone was caught on the deck, everyone hid, the awning removed that he was not broken by the wind. Awning we need as protection from the Sun, and from the rain tent so protected reliably. At night, the wind blew, a little shown and on it all.

In the morning I woke up about seven in the morning, immediately got away from the coast, grated the middle and float further. At home at the same time, make yourself hardly open your eyes and get ready to work. In nature, the process of early wakeing occurs somehow by itself and without any effort. Well, by this time the sun begins to warm the tent so that it is no longer possible to stay in sleeping bags.

Macaroni retreated, made muesli, welded coffee. There was no connection from yesterday, but the phone did not become useless piece of iron, from now on it was used exclusively as a camera, camcorder and to view offline cards, and also recorded a bird voice recorder. We also had a navigator, but some of the islands on the navigator were not viewed, but they were on the offline map. And see the islands is important, as it is necessary to understand in advance how to swim better, so that, for example, did not delay in the duct where there is no flow or stranded. In general, life without SMS, calls, endless messages in Soc.networks exists and she is cool. Get tired of being affordable and in touch 24/7.

The raft floats completely silently, and we have the opportunity to hear the world around the clock without outside the sounds of human civilization. Only the wind, the singing of birds, the endless cucks transmit to the relay to each other, just how many years of life we ​​bought that we will live forever. The cruises are constantly circling, sometimes they fold wings, dive to water, something snatch and fly away. Looks like they are more fortunate fishermen than we. And also saw how the crows loudly find out relationships with the roots right in the sky. These are fearless birds these crows. You become a passive observer, how this is now fashionable to say – catch Zen. All forest life happens around you as it is. For a long time there is no longer a number of roads, railways and airplanes also do not fly.

Cloudy, tent tenting not steel. I am writing a diary until the inspiration is, Andrei Cleet Camera. After lunch, the breeze and our struggle with it. We finish catching Zen and sit down for the oars. Rigor had a lot, well, well, a developed chest and a shoulder belt will not interfere. Bunked the village of Bunbui, then Nevanka. For hours to nine in the evening, they moided a little further than the borrowings on the right shore for the night and caught the delightful rays of the setting sun, gently illuminating the surrounding landscape. For dinner ear of searches and tea from forest herbs with honey and galley.

The camera, which we replaced the day before yesterday and have pumped hard, in the end it never punged. We make a decision to change it in the morning on the spare, which was glued yesterday. Thus, Andrei has a refreshing morning swimming. We sleep excellent. Before bedtime, the tent is focused by spirals from mosquitoes, no mosquito eventually woke us up.

In the morning I try to keep the raft in one place, Andrey changes the camera. Found out that the camera descends in the old patch area, we will glue. Morning solar and quiet. Speed ​​is significantly higher than in previous days, the navigator shows as much as 6 km.in hour. Today we have to pass the threshold of Tyumen. We think that we first moisten in front of him, if possible, we will pass along the shore and see what the beast is this Tyumen, who everyone scares, and then develop a strategy for overcoming. Fields on the shores ended, dense forests began, high cliffs.

Winter saw in the shore, moored. Never been in winter, it is very interesting to see the stern life of fishermen and hunters. Log hut, everything is open, there are necessary supplies, separately the gazebo and toilet. Leave a welcome note, candy and swim further.

On the way the rain began, somewhere far thundered thunder. Sleep another winter, this time inhabited, welcome a person and go on. Many sandbrapers and islets, straight river bounty beaches and completely empty. Soon heard and saw the threshold of Tyumets. All things removed into the tent, dried rescue vests. Decided not to go ashore, rated the situation in binoculars, the raft was sent in the center, removed the oars, so as not to lose and walked safely threshold.

Immediately after the threshold, we see an approaching motorway towards. On the boat drowned the motor and sent to us. It turned out to be a fishing, well, so they said. Pretchily inspected our raft, apparently for the presence of prohibited fishing gear, wished good luck and sailed on: they work, and we rest. After the threshold, it is not necessary to relax, a few more kilometers of the river Burlit, you have to work in oars, someone shook something more accurate than on Tyumen. In fact, these are also sills: Arakan 1st and Ashimor.

After all, you want roasted pancakes with condensed milk and coffee. River calmed down a bit, I spread fire in the grill and fry pancakes. Ready mixture for fritters from the category "Just add water" right away for a tourist. By the way, all the bulk products I have previously slept in plastic bottles, it is very convenient. The sky is gloomy, thunder still rattle somewhere far. We doped coffee when we heard the growing hum and, before you had time to figure out something, our raft imprinted in a rocky coast with a strong gust of the wind. Lucky that the stones are not sharp, and there were no sticking branches. Stroke the storm, configure the sticks of the raft with stones and sailing. On the course of the course the rocky shores begin, and we hear from afar, then we see a beautiful cycker waterfall.

Next, the river goes to a long calm straight and do not need nothing at all. Andrei managed to sleep, and I sat and just looked at the bolding past, overgrown with a dense forest and listened to the bird Homon, caught Zen in general. Sleep the village of Vydrino. There is no electricity and communication, there is no normal road, no work, there is nothing at all, but people live there. I hear the sound of the generator, we see cows and, oddly enough, satellite plates on some homes. At the same time, gasoline for the generator can be bought on a gas station, which, about 120 km., But to which there is no road.

For the night we get up for an extinguished on the sandy shore opposite the mouth of the river Mogyshev. Seen two herkels walking on sandy spit. Cold night, in 4.30 got out of the tent, everything around is covered with white dense cold fog, make a couple of photos and back to a warm sleeping bag.

In the morning, the bright sun, it looks like the day will be hot, the nearest village is 60 km. According to the river, after 50 km, the threshold of Chuliani, today we are hardly swimming, so today the day of relax and meditating. Not far from Vydrino met a couple of fishermen, and then no one. It’s so strange all day not to meet a single person, not a single sound of human civilization, today we are generally someone around the world.

Learned how to determine the flow rate simply on the behavior of the water on the surface. Constantly circling the cores, look out for their prey. And cuckoo, their draft marriage ku-ku is dealt with kilometers. Per day swim almost 50 km., and we decided to spend the night before the cascade of the thresholds to sail them in the morning. To avoid meetings with wild animals, they tried to stop over the night on the islands, but there is not a single island on the long stretch of the river in front of the thresholds, and the places are wild, on the shores of a thick coniferous forest. Perhaps the time has come to experience in action anchor, which we took just in this case. Meters 15 from the shore omit anchor, the raft is not immediately, but stops. Thus, the days are carried out without a departure to the shore. Bloodsowing on water significantly less than the shore. Dinner overlooking the sunset and sleep.

Today we have the most "thoughts" day to overcome 4 threshold. Breakfast, removed from the anchor and sail. Before the first threshold of 3 kilometers. All that can be removed into the tent, we close the tent, wear life jackets and begin to peer intensely. I am going first by the threshold of Chulian, then the threshold of Honyankin and the Threshold of Encurse. Swoop on the waves, even a little on the deck of water fell, but in general, nothing special.

Crossed the border of the native Chun district and found themselves in Thaushek. We approach the village inkuchche, or rather the former village. Now there is one person and a dog. In the enterprise there is a bridge and is a timber road, which can be reached by Taisheta. It’s in case of emergency departure from the route. But we are all right and we go on. In a kilometer below the enterprise, it is waiting for us, perhaps the most serious threshold of Raven. But we pass it without any complications. Next, the river calms down and carries its cool waters along the beautiful rocky coast, on which predatory birds nest. A couple of such birds managed to see binoculars. Sunny day, from the start of the start passed 220 km.

Today, the wind is for the first time passing, sometimes we swim even faster current. But you have to work with oars, as the raft nails the wind to one shore, then to another. The only community resident said that in 16 kilometers below the flow of a man lives. On the shore they saw the boat, the housing behind the trees is not visible, they did not go. Hot, ride on the spare chamber and bought.

Petropavlovka village disappeared from all maps of Petropavlovka. To see swim in a long narrow duct between the island and the shore. There are almost no currents, I had to push sticks. We take another attempt to go fishing. Unsuccessfully. I think during the trip no fish will not suffer. Village seemed at the very end. Went ashore, high grass, silence, two-year hips are gaping with empty windows. Beautiful place: extensive fields, overgrown by Byrian, the mountain, which was probably running for strawberries and mushrooms. Under the ruins of large collective farm buildings. Once there was life here. It seems that one or two houses are still residential, but not a single person met.

Time is already 20.30 and it’s time to start looking for a place to sleep. Something we choose from this duct and decide again to use anchor. Prepared dinner. I have never had to take advantage of the gas burner, which was taken to rain. Still use the trimming of boards, which remained after the construction of the fleet. By tradition, dinner overlooking the sunset and sleep. Today we met only one person.

In the morning sky in the clouds, passing breeze. Clouds are good. During the day when the sun shines and hot, you can swim away, and the awning gives a shadow. But in the evening, when the sun rolls to the sunset, the rays begin to reflect the surface of the water and beaten and from above, and below, the feeling that you are fried in the microwave.

Along the path of the bridge. Mooring to go out to see the bridge. Andrei on the shore found the flooded fishing tackle, which is called Korchag. Korchaga is such a homemade thing woven from aluminum wire, into which the fish can swim, and can not be saved. Korchaga here is clearly long ago, since half in the ground and in the grass. Well, the attempt of fishing number 5 shines. Andrey dug up to Korchada, and I made currants and Ivan tea for tea.

Detected a voluntary assistant that saves us from mosquitoes and midges: Spider Splla cobweb in the corner of the canopy. The raft slowly burns with another literality besides us, two-leg.

Overcast, low clouds, sometimes goes a small rain. In order not to be distracted during lunch on the oars, and we are just beginning to nourish to the shore, we decide to adjust to a beautiful extensive field with a lot of wildflowers, at the head of which big yellow lilies.

From afar saw tower lamp. Two lines go across the river, the wiring buzz is heard threateningly. It rains, swim under the Power Plant near the shore. Further along the way Kondratyevo village. First we see a cellular tower, turn on the search signal on the phone, but there is no connection. Did not get, tower tele2, and we have beeline. We swim to the village, two guys came to meet us, students, and summer and at the same time self-isolation spend at grandmothers in the village. Guys spend a tour. Starbers live in the village. Their good new large houses differ from old logs. There is an elementary school, before was even an airport. Starbers live their impressive farms: large gardens, greenhouses, all types of farm animals. And also hunt, fishing, collect and sell forest berries.

Bought bread and cream, in addition we were treated with cucumbers. Bread just huge sizes, dense and very tasty. Talked a little with the hostess. There was no way here and there was no roads, all the post was on the river on the boats. Now there are roads to Chunyar, Taishet, Kansk. Children after graduation from elementary schools in high school in the village of Polioch, which is located on another beach in 2 kilometers downstream. In winter, crossing the ice, in the summer on the boat, and the bus is waiting on the other shore, and in the spring and autumn, children in remote learning.

By the way, why in the Tayshet region so many geographical names with the end of "Chet". It will be necessary to figure it out. After visiting the village, the persistent feeling that the Old Believers breathed life into this, there was already a dying village. We despair from the village and get up for the night, without wielding up to the half. Put the pieces of bread in our new fishing tackle and omit into the water. Dinner, drink currant tea with bread with cream and go to bed.

Surprisingly, it is just a neighboring area, but as if Terra incognita, a real unknown land.

In the morning the day promised to be sunny, in the sky neither the cloud, dress in T-shirts and shorts, removed from the anchors, breakfast. But first of all I check our Korchag. Nothing, not a single fish. In general, we leave the tackle on the shore, let someone lucky more than we. Swamp pleint. In Polindhet there is mail, village council, telephone connection.

Clouds and came the head winds, not a trace left from the bright sun. I got cold so much that I had to dress the caps and downhole vests and start a rigid uncompromising struggle with the oncoming wind. In this place, so small and wind, as a result, we just stand still. Removed the awning, as it creates sail, then lowered the tent. Helped not strong. Had to work orally and straw at least somewhere in order to somehow move forward. In this mode looked 10 kilometers.

To the dinner, the wind is a little verse, and we got the opportunity to relax, eat and then sail with the usual speed of 4-5 km per hour. Clouds scattered, the sun looked out, so I think today it will be possible to swim. Weather today from the jacket to swimsuit. This is Siberia, Baby. As my neighbor said, the climate is checked and continental. Punched the village Cadarer. The non-existent village is very good. It can be seen on good homes, explicitly here also settled the annea. Seed cranes several times. There are dozens of various types of bird trills around every second.

On a small raft

The weather has completely improved, straight summer-summer. Bought water excellent.

Heard the branch cried on the shore, turned and saw in the bushes of two animals. During the branches, they saw only the redhead of the sides, and could not fully identify the animals.

During the swimming, we have invented many different expressions specific only for such an alloy on a raft, such as: "Poddroy Zadon", "Do not drink fore", "Better to shorten than overheat".))

They saw the trail on the shore, decided to swim, climb and see what’s there. Although what else maybe, of course, winter. No one, they were made in the forest of all sorts of leaves on tea and floated to become overnight. Traces of last year’s flooding along the shore can only be seen by the dried shreds of grass on trees high above the head. And the rest of such a powerful flood is on nature more and more positively: the shores were cleared of the fallen trees, the soil moistened, somewhere caused a fertile ral, everywhere a riveting greens. We were told that on the river there may be after the flood to be protruding logs, but most likely the river bed was also cleared and from logs including.

Heard the noise of the motor, the boat approached us, there are three fishermen in her, without fish, but with vodka. In such wild edges of drunk fishermen, I am afraid, perhaps more than bears. Although they were very friendly and peaceful, despite the fact that we politely refused to drink with them. Talked, for the farewell, they decided to show us their gun, which in sight of 100 years no less. Here it became really scary here, because if the stick, judging by the saying, sometimes shoots, then a rifle in the hands of a drunken man may accidentally shoot where it fell, and we have cameras, and we ourselves without body armor. In general, making the range of honors around us and shooting towards the coast, they retired by the horizon. I hope you will not return.

We looked at the map that there are no islands ahead, I knew anchor on the river and worried safely.

Morning promises excellent sunny day. AT 8.00 starred from anchor, on the way already had breakfast. Relieved yesterday buckwheat with stew, and I fucked chocolate pancakes. Notice signs of a small lifting of water: the river floats a lot of herbs and on the shore is not visible to the roots of coastal turf, but only the stalks. Water rose approximately by centimeters 10-15. It’s good because the current has become faster. Moderate water lift within the usual annual level we are not afraid. However, last year scared everyone, and we decide to call the Ministry of Emergency Situations to learn forecasts for water lifting in the Chuna River. Just a connection appeared, all the necessary phones are recorded with us, call first in Tayshet, then in Irkutsk, where we assure us that the lift is not expected. Well, fine, float further. On the shores began to come across a lot of vacationers. Today, Sunday, we have been sailing for a long time on the territory of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and ahead of the railway station, the village of Maleevo and the village Chunyar.

Twisted two fishermen on the boat, asked if we need fish on the ear. Of course you need, we already the second week on the river and never fishes. Put the fish to us, in return did not want to take anything, but we still gave them stew. They said that they are here on the settlement, and fish catch for bosses. Yes, we knew that there is a large zone here, more precisely, three correctional colonies are combined into one. Part left on the ear, part was satisfied. Put the bowler on the brazier to prepare, and went to swim. Today it’s very hot.

The ear turned out very tasty, sailed under the railway bridge, then under the car and saw the village Chunyar.

Chunyar Pleasant small village on the tall bank of the river. Here they are certainly no floods are scary.

I went to the store. A little rolled on the raft along the shore of local children. Further on the way near us stopped the engine boat. A man and woman became interested in our journey, also told about other sprayers on the rafts, which rarely, but swim about their settlement. Finally, they treated us with fresh Yelats. Right good people live in Chunyar and even sit in the zone.

Since our ear has already been today, this fish we decided to fry in a pan, having prevailing in a mixture for pancakes. It turned out very tasty. Swim from the raft in the middle of the river. Water is very pleasant. On the shore they saw a big good farm, a lot of cows. This is the first "live" farm that we met. Where is the milk, cheese, oil, honestly, riddle. Flowing from Chunyar 18 kilometers stand up for the night on the island.

Traditional early rise and forth. Cool and cloudy, the river quietly and calmly, the water for the night did not rise. On the shores of the forest, there are rocky rocks.

Today it is necessary to decide where we finish our journey, since today we will swim to the last village village Tacuket, yes again "Chet", from which there is a road and bus service with railway.Station Chunyar. Further, only 100 kilometers on the river will be the village of Priluki, where the ancient travelers live, but there is no road, then the confluence of Chuna with the Biryus River is going on and the Taseev River is formed. According to the previously found information, the flow rate in Taseyev is small and we will swim for a long time to some population, where can I get home from. And we are not so much time, we risk being late for work. Well, below the takuchta there are thresholds, about which no one has not told.

So, weighing everything "for" and "against" deciding to finish our journey in Takachete. On the way they swim another village of Aspen Cape. By the evening we moist in Takachete. Total passed on the river 400 kilometers.

Andrei goes to the village Find out about the bus and at the same time to solve the fate of the flesis. The raft of this type as we initially meant as a thing is disposable, as to disassemble and carry nine cameras and boards plus all the other things is absolutely impossible. Hiring the car will cost more than the value of the bad thing, but just to quit, which already did not want such a native raft either. Yes, and be sure to exclude the possibility of the fact that parts of the flesh, the cameras would lie somewhere on the shore as garbage. Do not leave after myself garbage – this is the basic principle of any trip. And the raft would like to pass in good hands so to speak.

It turned out that the bus walks every other day, and tomorrow he does not go. Who can know everything in the village? Of course the seller in the store. Asked the saleswoman how else you can get to the railway station and she immediately found us a taxi driver. And rafts agreed to transfer to people who came to visit us.

In the evening, chatted with locals. They told us about the old workers who live below in the village of Priluki. You can get there in winter on a snowmobile, in the summer by boat or helicopter. They are there, in addition to traditional for older trains, they also do the fact that the forest is fused on the river. Forest saws, fill it with tractors to the shore, they are tied up in huge rafts and melted to hangars, where they sell.

Where in the village of Tractor, if there are no roads? And here, of course, amazing the desire of these people to work. They buy tractors, and then sailing here in the tacuits, build a big raft, drive into it the tractor and fuse to the destination, and this is about 100 kilometers on the water, it is also necessary to swim several thresholds. In the same way, they buy fuel and lubricants, fuel trucks come directly to the shore, overflow fuel into the tank on the raft, which is then floating to the village. And recently, the Old Believers bought the cattle villages and also delivered animals on the raft.

Men all with beards, many children. In Priluki there is an elementary school. No cellular communication in the village, there is a diesel power station and a taxonophone. The benefits of civilization, such as washing machines, electric furnaces enjoy with pleasure. But they do not look at the TV, the Internet does not use, do not smoke, do not fade, strong alcohol do not drink, drink only an alcoholic drink from the berries that they themselves, and even watermelons and melons grow in the gardens. The village made a water supply from the wetted firing trunks, along which the purest water from the mountain stream flows on the wiring to each home, and no pumps and electricity. The truth works only in the summer. Young people entertained volleyball and water skiing. All have boats with a powerful motor and snowmobiles. We also have bees, bodies harvested, bumps. Naturally, everyone is skilled hunters and fishermen. Old Believers are very hospitable and kind people. State laws of honor and observe, in the elections participate, sons are mandatory sent to the army.

And such villages in the lower reaches of Chunov and Biryuses several. It seems to me these people, hardworking, responsible, with an entrepreneurial vest, this is like a canned gene pool of a Russian man, not spoiled, with the right mises, healthy body and soul. Starbers live in Siberia for three hundred years and made a great contribution to the development of our region.

The train is in the evening, go 70 kilometers, so in the morning we have no rush to packed all things. Taxi came for us right ashore. Before leaving, the guy came to whom we handed out our raft.

From Chunyar there is a railway in one wheelchair, train and train go every day. No electric line along the railway no, so the train rides on diesel. There was heat, and all the windows on the train were open, all 4 hours had to breathe pairs of diesel. I got to the Stem Station, from there the train goes to Krasnoyarsk, and in the opposite direction. Tayacheta 60 kilometers got on a taxi, and from Taishet, on the train. Driving a railway bridge in p.Oktyabrsky, where we started our journey, I thought, well, here and the circle closed.

Only one unfinished business remains: to find out why there are so many names in the Tayshetsky district with the end of the "Chet": Polyuchuch, Pekhuchche, Tacket, Tamtock, Honor, and so on. Yes, and Taishet, most likely also derived from "Chet". It turns out that cottages or kats lived on this territory – the nomadic Yenisei people, and "even" and "fuck" is translated from the Kottov "River", "Water". Taishet, for example, translated as "warm water". Kets – one of the most small peoples of Siberia. In 1959 they had about a thousand people. Now they have been dissolved without a trace.

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