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Every time when traveling in Stockholm ferry from Turku and back prevents sleep beauty.
Describe the beauty of this trip is not possible, it is necessary to make.
Somehow I wandered across the frozen surface of the Gulf of Finland, and I met a man. Looking at what I’m holding the camera, he suddenly said:
– The real beauty of you will be able to remove from the board the ferry on the way from Finland to Sweden. It is neither an incomparable spectacle, as the great liner sails past the numerous islands in the setting sun. That’s where the real beauty!
To his surprise, I agreed with him, as had already made one journey by ferry from Finland to Sweden.

Who among us has not wanted to travel around the world on a large cruise ship?! From childhood dream and I.
I served for three years on a submarine cryptographer and the floating base of the Northern Fleet. Unfortunately, except for the northern seas do not see anything. But I can not forget how one night went up to the cockpit to the deck officer … Lonely submarine surfaced on the surface of the White Sea in the white night … watch officer smokes in the cabin … at the bottom of the cook bakes buns … and no one around in the sparkling white polar summer night ..

Ferry company Silja line and Viking line ply from Turku and Helsinki to Stockholm, Copenhagen, go to Norway.
Inside the ferry is a city with many shops, restaurants, saunas, playgrounds, cinemas and much more than just not enumerate. There are slot machines and casinos. Transparent cabin bodices scurrying up and down, carrying many tourists.

For example, in the largest ferry «Silvia Europe" 13 decks, it can carry 3013 passengers and 340 cars; ferry length 202 m, width of 32 meters. On it you can wander all day, and all you will not manage.

This ferry is not just transport, but also a place of nightlife. There all night dancing, orchestras, performing artists, sound karaoke. Many Finns choose this steam as a holiday destination, where you can revel.
Somehow one day to my surprise I saw that the whole ballroom full of old men and women who danced cheerfully Finnish polka. I went to sleep, and they walked all night.
Sleep only our visitors and Finns all night fun.

The ferry is attractive by the fact that there is a tax-free shops that sell at lower prices than on the mainland. This is used by numerous Finnish and Swedish tourists, without limitation exporting cheaper alcoholic beverages and tobacco products.

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There is a ferry and swimming pools for adults and children, whirlpool and other water attractions. In the men’s sauna, where I steamed himself, the kind of opens directly onto the sea.
On the ferry a lot of variety for all tastes cafes, restaurants, bars.

I advise you to make a fascinating journey, which cost round trip can not exceed 100 euros!

Many times with the Gulf shore, I watched with envy as the big cruise ships and ferries float away in the distance beckoning. I dreamed of becoming a gull to fly after a glittering ship in mysterious infinity.

At sunset, I’m going crazy
Soul taketh ************
Horizon in pastel pink has disappeared
Violet Bay rooted part of heaven
The sun is reflected in the **************
At this moment, perhaps, someone became a father
Well, I became a seagull and a dream come true
The wings become fallen soul
And the star forward, forgetting all fears,
I treat lightly, give his life for a moment
Serenade to the moon lit my way
Because I was floating, that people love
Faith in their strength does not allow to fall
Not find the graves of inspiration passion
The charm of the night does not give sleep
A Moon for travelers paves the way
Silver gray velvet dusk
Dearer to me than money, because happiness is not in them
It seems a dream to death, because I do not sleep
And I scream the sky that his love!"
(From my novel-profit "Wanderer"(Mystery) on site New Russian Literature

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