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Today, many European cities emphasize the cycling walks as one of the main tourist products. Paris, Copenhagen, Stockholm has long have a reputation for cities, «Friendly» To all fans of cycling, and Amsterdam is generally considered to be the bicycle capital of Europe. However, choosing a direction for the next foreign trip with a bicycle, few people still remember about Flanders – And in vain: Flanders (Northern Belgium) – the perfect region to travel on it by bike.

First, the relevant infrastructure is well developed here – Bicycle paths, parking, bicycle rental (at very affordable prices). The tourism office of Flanders and Brussels held a special certification of hotels, hostels and campings for their convenience for tourists with bicycles, and noted three hundred of them special logo. Secondly, there are many interesting thematic routes – architectural, historical, in places of battles of the First World War, «Beer» and T. D.; There are several excellent mobile applications designed specifically for tourists who want to explore Flanders, riding on it by bike. Thirdly, in Flanders, very picturesque nature, and the journey through the countryside can become no less pleasant and relaxing than bike trains by «cities of art» – Gennet, Antwerp or Brusnel.

In addition, Flanders in itself – very «bicycle»: many locals bike – The main means of movement, in Flanders, there are several large cycling of the pan-European scale, including the famous Tour of Flanders (Tour of Flands), passing through the Flemish Ardennes, and in Flemish language (Dialands) even there is a special word Flandrien, Denotent cyclist who has found a special strength of spirit and endurance on complex tracks Tour of Flanders. In Flanders, there is a bicycle history museum and a tourist information center, created for those who are interested in Racing Tour Flanders.

There is Flamands and a few paradoxical at first glance Beer and Biking – bike riding plus beer tasting. However, if you think about it, then nothing surprising is not here, because cycling, like beer, are things that Flemis just adore! In practice, this is expressed in how many cycling routes are built – for example, «Trappist», With a visit to a unique Trappist monastery, where a unique trappist beer is manufactured. One more example «symbiosis» beer and bicycles – a new beer brand Orvélo, the name of which comes from the French le vélo d’Or – «golden bike». She came up with three former student – biochemist, loves to ride bikes and drinking beer.

On Flanders on a bike travel guide

Admire the variety of styles of Flemish architecture, learn more about the rich history of this region and enjoy the spectacular rural landscape can be traveling on various cities and regions of Flanders. So, it is in Antwerp, worth a ride from the city center towards the Scheldt river to the port to see the new trendy area of ​​the city and see a unique building MAS museum, which has become, together with the statue of Brabo on the Market Square, the second most recognizable symbol of Antwerp.

V Brugge, especially in the summer, biking is best early in the morning, when the city is still waking up, and it has not yet flooded the crowds. Ride along the canals in the center of the city and enjoy its medieval beauty, you can get outside of Bruges and go along the River Lea towards Damme – a small but very picturesque village. Along the way, you can make a stop to taste the local cafes famous Belgian waffles, which are still baked according to old recipes.

Those who want to see something truly unique in the Brussels, should ride from Art Nouveau, which runs along the streets and neighborhoods with the most interesting and beautiful buildings created in this style. «epicenter» this route is Louise Avenue (Avenue Louise), one of the most famous and beautiful areas in the city center. However, building work of Victor Horta, Henry van de Velde and their followers can be found in various parts of the city, if you stock up on the corresponding guide or download the mobile app.

On Flanders on a bike travel guide

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