On foot Alpam – Tour de Mont Blanc

Tour de Mont Blanc is a hiking trip along the Alps around the Mont Blanc array in three countries – France, Italy, Switzerland. You need to go through 170 km with lifts a total of 10,000 m. The average duration of 10 days, but in an experienced way, found out that if you go every day at 9-10 hours, then the route can be passed in 8 days. I will note that we came across iron Europeans who ran this circle for 4 days. Well, the most iron participates in the annual marathon and run a little less than 48 hours without sleep and rest.

The season begins on June 15 and continues until mid-September. Of course, if you wish, you can go before, and later, but you need to be prepared for the fact that almost all the mountain shelters will be closed, and the weather will often be presented to surprises. We went to the route just at the very beginning of the season – June 18. The most positive impressions. Landscapes Amazing, People Friendly, Emerald Grass, Snow Whole Mountains!

Our route from CHAMONIX began, but it is worth noting that the classic start is the town of Les Houches. You can go as clockwise and against. Again the classic option – against. We had seven days, so the section CHAMONIX – Les Contamines we drove by bus, shining kilometers twenty. Next went on foot every day and returned in CHAMONIX seven days.

Went to the trekking together. Studied the details on the Internet, did not book anything in advance. A tent was brought with you to, as they say, as much as much as possible to nature. Brew trekking sticks. They fell very, by the way, unload the legs percent for 30. On the route it is difficult to get lost – everywhere pointers, ribbons, marks.

Periodically come across people, the presence of which speaks about the right path. On the route all people – Great Commune. When meeting, "Bonzhur" say, smile. Evenings in the shelters all communicate with each other. For seven days we met almost the same people and already at the end of the route greet, as old familiar.

Of the six nights four spent the night in a tent, somewhere for free, and somewhere we had to pay 12-13 euros per person. Yes Yes! Drag the tent from Russia, and also pay for each person in it.

Put a tent not far from the shelters, so the soul issues, charging gadgets, was solved civilized. The staff of the shelters mostly speaks English (only once in the campsite grandfather did not speak English at the reception), and in Swiss La Peule, the girls officers from Latvia spoke to us in Russian. Basically, travelers spend the night in shelters, but we were not the only one who slept in a tent. I especially met a lot in the campsite in Switzerland. There we met the only Russian Vitaly. He walked one with a backpack 25 kg. Autonomously, with food, premus and even Dynamo Radio!

It looks like a dormitory in the shelter

The route itself is amazingly beautiful and diverse. These are mountains, and fields, and forests, and waterfalls, and lakes, and villages. The route is arranged so that there are practically no smooth roads. Need to go either up or down. Moreover, the lifts and descents are impressive – for example, 1000 m should be climbed to 2665 (maximum route height) with a backpack behind his back. Accounted for certain physical efforts. On the first day they felt all signs of mountain sickness, but then the body was used to, and the lifts were made much easier. Read on the Internet that the route is designed for children from 12 years. If these are children of terminators – yes, perhaps, so. Although there is an option to go a route without things, it is certainly easier. They will be brought to the shelters.

A similar type of rest is very well cleaned and ventilated. It is only necessary to think about going, listening to the singing of birds or a peak of the Marmuts. They come across the mountain range. And evenings run away on the trails. Not afraid of anything. Alpine goats and rams came across a couple of times. More often – cows and other cattle.

Despite the popularity of the route, it is the impression that you are in the wild.

Day mode during tracking – rise at 6 am, especially in shelters. At seven in the morning, most of the route run. Is also connected with the fact that in the morning the weather has always been good, and in the evening spoiled, sometimes it was raining. We walked until 18-19 in the evening, with stops and pauses during the day. In shelters at ten pm, almost everyone slept, pre-smeared gels from pain in the joints, muscles, etc. Taking into account such a regime there are shelters. Neighboring shelters are mainly located at a significant distance from each other.

Places are very picturesque! In the Caucasus, of course, the mountains are no worse. But the specificity of TMB is safety. Very calmly we spent the nights in the tent, without internal anxiety and voltage. Not worried when not a single person met for a whole day. Such a mix of the campaign and European civilization. Prices, of course, bite in places, especially in the Swiss part. We met mainly on the route, the Europeans prevail, but were representatives of Austria, Norway, Italy, Switzerland.

We really liked the mountains, landscapes, feeling carelessness and peace. Ringing silence – when you stand among the mountains and do not hear any sound. Birds singing in the morning. Ringing cow bells, waterfalls, mountain streams, from which you can drink. Friendly communication and national food in shelters. All and not list. If you are lovers of mountains and hiking – pay attention to this format of recreation / travel.

Practical information. How we walked where slept / ate.

The first day

Tent next to the shelter in an equipped location. Is free. Shower 2 euros per person
Food, for example, 9 euros – omelet, 12 euros – pasta.

On foot Alpam - Tour de Mont Blanc

Second day
Refuge de Bonhomme – Refuge ELISABETTA SOLDINI
Night in Dormitory with dinner and breakfast 44 euros per person. If only to sleep, then pay 20 euros. There is wi-fi. Shower – 3 euros per person. There are places for the tent at the foot of the shelter in the ruins of abandoned buildings.

Third day
Put the tent is prohibited. Put a tent in the forest next to the shelter. Food – Currefour purchased in Courmayeur.

Day four
Tent in the shelter on the OPILE. 12 Euro per person. Shower for free. Dinner / breakfast – dishes from the menu.

Fifth day
Camping immediately outside the city on the road. Tent – 13 euros per person, shower for free, there is Wi-Fi. Food – Bought in Champex Store.

Day of the Six
Champex – Le Tour
Refuge Chalet Tour. 40 euros with dinner and breakfast. Rooms 4 seats, bunk beds. There is wi-fi. Very comfortable shelter.

Seventh day
Le Tour – Chamanonix

What resources used when preparing

Official site TMB. Here is a complete info of the shelters, route: http: // www.AUTOURDUMONTBLANC.COM / EN /.
There is a book about TMB (http: // www.cicerone.co.UK / Product / Detail.CFM / Book / 597 / Title / Mont-Blanc-Walks #.U7gm5pr_sx4), ordered it in March, but before the start of the campaign (June) the book did not come. Maybe you are lucky.

Cards. Route map and map of lifts. The phone loaded the map of the MapswithMe application.

On foot Alpam - Tour de Mont Blanc

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