Fifth day: Above skyscrapers

At the peak of Victoria, we were probably already 10 times, and anyway, every time I arriving in Hong Kong, we cannot deny yourself the pleasure to climb the highest point of the island to look at the city. In general, we did not have plans to visit the peak on this trip, but so always happen to us, it seems to go with the child in Hong Kong Zoo, And then, as in the fog and you are upstairs – you look at the skyscrapers. As usual, at 10 in the morning we are ready for new walks and feats, and today there were plans to go to the Hong Kong Zoological Park, and then stroll around the Central district to make a couple of photos of historical monuments and look at the famous Peak Tram from the outside. But, despite the passion for planning, sometimes all plans fly to the nearest garbage, because a new idea came. So happened today.

Natasha and Maxim are still sleepy, but ready for new adventure

To the zoo, we decided to go from the station Admiralty, because on the way there are some successful places, from where you can take a picture of Peak Tram from the side. From the subway to the lower station tram a little less than a kilometer, but because of numerous junctions, this distance will take you 15-20 minutes, but today it is not there, we need a pedestrian route of Central Green Trail, which leads straight on peak.

Lower station tram

But today we will not go with a carriage on peak today, our goal is one of the intermediate stations tram. Nowadays, there is no landing and disembarkation of passengers, so most of them are closed. But we were lucky – the technical worker allowed us to see how the tram will pass. In general, we did not find information that it is prohibited, but in the reviews of some tourists there is information that public access to such stops is closed for security. We did not have any problems – we were allowed, provided that the child will be all the time on his hands.

This, of course, is not very convenient – taking pictures and keep a child in your arms, but what you can’t do for readers. After we have fallen in love with the tram, we decided to go further, because the first part of our today’s plan was successfully implemented, it’s time to go to the zoo and enjoy the society of people and animals. But not everything is so simple. When we passed by the tram stop and stopped to take a picture of the cash regulations, the employee ran out to us and reported that it was impossible to the tram with a carriage. We actually were not going to what he was told, well, they reported and went on their affairs, no one touch.

We left, we left, but when you are not allowed somewhere, I want to get there, so instead of the zoo we went to take the assault of Peak Tram, I see the goal – I do not see obstacles. But everything turned out to be very simple, you can safely go on a tram with a stroller, the worker tried to inform us that the storage chamber was not working, whether his English was not very good, whether we did not understand. So no one forbids you to go with the child on the peak of Victoria, you just ask you to fold the stroller when landing into the car. We bought a ticket one way (children up to 3 years drive for free) and went to stand in line, which moved pretty quickly. So, unexpectedly, we were on Peak Victoria, Although they did not plan.

And here we are going to peak, though only in standing places

Maxim travel since the early childhood, And usually he is only glad to walk on museums, watch monasteries and visit the parks, the main thing is not to just look, and also told something interesting. But sometimes unexpected psychos occurs when the child rests and does not want anything, and mom drives out. This time he wanted to sit on the platform and watch the train, so we all with us just like in ordinary families – sometimes kid whispering.

The next half an hour Maxim and Natasha sat on the platform on the floor and discussed the tram device

Whims usually happen suddenly and also suddenly end. After listening to the lecture on the history of the Hong Kong tram-funicular, Maxim got up and said that I was ready to look further. The top station Peak Tram is located right next to Peak Tower, and arriving at the tram, you actually fall into the mall. In principle, the majority of tourists do not even leave: go to cafes or restaurants, Madame Madame Tussaco Museum in Hong Kong or rise to the Sky Terrace viewing area, here is a huge number of souvenir shops and other entertainment.

Tickets for Madame Tussy Museum in Hong Kong

But our way lies on the street. Each time trying to get out of Peak Tower, we cut several circles in the shopping center to find output. This time the guard was stopped on the fifth circle and showed the right road. Ticket to the tram one way we bought is not just like that, since I decided to go down from the peak.

Such routes are quite a lot: one of the most popular leads to The most long escalator in the world MID-LEVEL ELEVATOR, one more descends to the Hong Kong State University, but we chose the one that was supposed to bring us in Wantha district. But on the way, of course, they could not not look at the free viewing platform with a stunning view of Hong Kong.

The most beautiful view of Hong Kong

One of three cases when we used a selfie stick on its direct purpose

To descend to the street escalator, we needed from the observation deck to reach Barker Road and turn left, where to walk to Old Peak Road, after which it is not to turn anywhere. But we need to be in Vanha, and it is completely different. Therefore, on the same Barker Road, it was necessary to go right to the intersection with Peak Road. Calling with the card, we went on the road, photographing the paths of amazing views.

Perfect terrace overlooking Hong Kong

Peak Tower remained far above

Before Peak Road, we reached pretty quickly and comfortable, but then something happened to the inner GPS and instead of going to the Coombe Road to reach the Museum of the Police, and then descend on Wanchai Green Trail to our home area, we for some reason went to Magazine Gap Road.

Unfortunately, until the right place we did not reach – unexpectedly the sidewalks, according to which we walked, ended, and to go with a carriage along the roadway was terrible. As a result, we took a taxi and after 5 minutes were the metro station Wan Chai, t.E. on foot we have not reached just a few kilometers. Nothing – the next time we repeat.

The sidewalks in Hong Kong are usually very narrow

On the way from the subway to the hotel, we looked into one of the cafes for the local to buy yourself lunch. English menu in such places, as a rule, no, so you have to poke your finger in the sky, or rather the finger in the menu – it’s good that it is usually with pictures.

One of the cafe of Hong Kong

In gradenth, we got to our hotel, attempted and went to rest. For the first half of the day we overcame almost 18 kilometers on foot. But, if you think that we are tired, then mistaken – on vacation usually opens some second breathing and unprecedented forces that allow for long walking trips.

On foot on peak Victoria

For the evening, we were scheduled for a raid on Hong Kong markets, More precisely, we planned to visit Night Market Temple Street, in the women’s market, on the jade market, sneakers, and look at Electronics Market in Mongkok.

Our tour of the night markets starts at the Metro Yau Ma TEI

Residential buildings on Nathan Road

The shop of the Temple Street is just beginning to gather, the street is still almost empty

After a visit to the jade market and Night Market Temple Street was decided to go to dinner, but the child decided to ignore this meal and fell asleep. So mom and dad could arrange almost a romantic evening.

Small cafe in Kowulun

Dinner will be tasty

After dinner, market research continued. On Ladies Market, as usual, crowds people, so you have to clear your way, but there is almost no one in the sneakers market – apparently, he is not so popular with tourists.

Women’s Market in Hong Kong

All the planned today managed to implement, only instead of the zoo happened to walk around the peak of Victoria, but we were satisfied.

This article was stolen from http: // poznamka.Ru.

It rarely happens that there are no haze over the city, and, in truth, we saw such a Hong Kong for the first time: the blue sky and skyscrapers. Of course, this is the best view of the city. Tomorrow we are waiting for new adventures, do not switch!

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