On forns on cruise liners: logical, not very understandable, and very strange

Phrase «Marine order» — it’s not just a speech figure. A certain set of rules of behavior in the sea, these rules act for cruise liners for the centuries-old seafling story.

Some of these rules and prohibitions are quite logical and understood even «Land» the guest of the sea vessel, others look strange, and some may seem absurd at all. But be that as it may, they are dictated by concern for the safety, health and comfort of tourists and crew members, and from the moment you find yourself aboard the liner, you will have to obey them.

So far understandable…

Some prohibitions simply duplicate similar, existing in ordinary hotels. For example, a ban to take «in memory» From cabins Towels and other items that are provided for a cruise. Or make recordings and pictures on the walls (in the sea «Bigbeds») Camp. Lovers to break such prohibitions will always be on land and on the sea, but in general they are understandable to most tourists. Like a ban on smoking during a flight everywhere, except for specially reserved places. True, some cruise companies allow smoking on the balconies of the cabin (but in no case in the cabins themselves!).

The fire on the vessel in the open sea is much more dangerous than on the shore, so it follows with understanding to treat the fact that the rules of fire safety on liners are very rigid. You will not be allowed to iron linen in the cabin, or use the hairdryer in the bathroom (there most often and there are no sockets). And on Carnival cruise liners, you can take a hair dryer in general until the end of the trip. It is hard, but logical: the power supply on the vessel is autonomous, the power plant is relatively low, with the simultaneous inclusion of many electrical appliances, a short circuit may occur.

… Next is not so

Dress codes of various cruise companies, including a lot of noise in the network ban on carrying jeans, explain some objective necessity difficult. However, such a ban acts on the cruise liners Azamara Club Cruises and some other companies. In the dining area and restaurants, tourists are forbidden to appear in jeans, as well as in shorts, slags (and barefoot), T-shirts, beach hats and baseball caps. Dress code prescribes tourists before applying food trousers, shirts and closing feet dresses. About ties, tuxedo and frikas are not about…

Concerned about the threats of terrorism, drug trafficking, as well as the spread of infectious diseases, cruise companies are striving to maximize personal contacts between passengers and service personnel of liners. Such contacts should not go beyond purely official relations. The company Crystal Cruises has advanced in this direction, which forbidden even handshaking between passengers and crew members.

On forns on cruise liners of logical, not very clear, and very strange

From the same discharge not very clear — Prohibition by Passengers Disney Cruise Line take on board certain video game systems. That is, the game gadgets themselves take on a journey it is possible, the ban is imposed only on connecting them to the TV…

When logic powerless

And finally, the ban, which does not have a logical explanation at all, even in the form of a hypothesis. On cruise liners Windstar Cruises is forbidden to be for children up to eight years, and each passenger under the age of 21 should accompany an adult, not younger than 25 years. Thus, the travel prohibition applies to people who already themselves can have children, serve in the army and vote.

All these prohibitions, not even with a logical explanation, on the cruise ship have the status of the law. They can be outraged, you can laugh on them, but it is more reasonable at the stage of travel planning to enter the cruise company website and familiarize yourself with its policies. It is possible that other surprises are prepared for you there, it is better to know about them in advance.

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