On phuket for octopus and drum

And you know that squid is better catching in the Indonesian island of Bali? A very thick fish Garupa – on the Malaysian Penang Island? About the sea eel everything is clear: only in Philippine Mindanao.

But in January-February, the most good Klevel – on the Thai Island Phuket, which is in the Andaman Sea.

In general, the countries of Southeast Asia provide tourist-fisherbolov a huge selection.

Here, let’s say, in the same phuket, the flour of choice is distributed even on the method of fishing itself. Each marina on kata beaches, Karon and Patong is abounding by boats and boats, whose team is ready to take a fisherman in the sea and provide it with any tackle. If the tourist just wants salty splashes in the face, fresh wind, beautiful views on palm trees and lime hills of Phuket, and the fish for him is so, – additional fun, then any flooded. Better large, beautiful and bar on board. Almost every hotel on the coast of the island owns comfortable high-speed catamarans, and even a three-volume sailboat (owned by the hotel Sheraton), which is sent to the evening walk daily at the supermodic beach of Bang Tao.00. Fishing such a walk, however, you can only be called conditionally – passengers are mainly interested in the bar, and not rods.

If the tourist is tuned seriously and thirsty, he is better to ignore the fussy binding of small deltsi on noisy beaches and contact fishermen professionals. In this case, he will definitely return home with a photo on which will be depicted with marine trophy.

In the foyer of any coastal hotel, you can order a real "Fish tour". It will no longer, but everything will be organized on the highest class. Hotels, as a rule, offer to their guests catching large fish, such as macrollie or one of the types of tuna – dorada. All owned by hotels of ships are equipped with modern navigation equipment and echo sounds. A lot of time from the fisherman’s released at the hotel’s boat.

The boat with fishermen departs from the shore of a miles of five and, muffling the engine, starts drifting downstream. Usually, passengers are offered either a coin with a dozen hooks and lead bottom shipping, or a plastic solid rod, similar to ordinary spinning, but thicker. The hooks are attached to the hooks: tiny fish or pieces of finely chopped bird. Fisherman should throw lead weights as far as possible. If it succeeds, then you just need to slowly pull the fishing line and wait.

Fish pecks already in the second minute – the Andaman Sea is rich in marine love, and the captain of the boat will try to find a place better, so that tourists were more pleasant to fish. Further all depends on the fisherman himself. He can pull the fishing line in time and keep prey – good. No – alas. Large mackerel skillfully uses fisherman errors and, having imagined the moment, breaks off from the hook. Noticing that his fish had two or three times in a row, the tourist may well ask for help to the team. Then the sailors drove the sailors themselves. Sailing fish – they also. Ineptly fisherman will only remain pulling the forest, cling to the hollow by the bug and pull it on board.

On phuket for octopus and drum

In addition to catching Macrelles, the hotels are organized and hunting for octopus. It is satisfied near three tiny islets. Octopus fishing is different from mackeli catching the fact that instead of rods are used long hand harpins and chucks with a large cell. On catching octologists inhabiting on the shallows, the hotel boats depart about 8 am when the water in shallow water has not yet warmed. The boat is anchored by some boulder sticking out of the water, the team of the film from the bait. Tourists get sticks with hooks and on the team of sailors are puzzled by the goded octopuses. If the view of the waters extracted from the water from the water, slipping animals shocking individual passengers, they can refuse hunting and transfer to an inflatable boat to just swim over the habitat of octopuses. From the boat you can feed the creatures and take a picture.

The cost of fishing changes depending on the hotel and even the day of the week (on weekends – cheaper). On average, the exit to the sea on catching tuna and mackerel stands (along with renting rods and lunch on board) about $ 85 per person. This is provided that no less than five people will take part fishing. Octopus hunting is just more expensive – about $ 110 and includes a dense breakfast on the island Lone.

Best fishing tours are organized with Cape Panwa hotels, Phuket Yacht Club and Phuket Island Resort. Last hotel even has in private ownership of a small island bon. There from the hotel regularly walks free (for hotel guests) boat. There are quiet coves, where, throwing an ordinary fishing rod with a float, you manage to catch a squid, a worm or eel. Fishing rod can be rented right on the island. And the bait serves anything – if only it smelled in food.

If suddenly, giving money for fishing, the tourist missed or simply forgot about fishing, having loved the landscapes – not the trouble. At the very beginning of the beach Patong stands a photo studio under a striped awning. There, anyone who wants, paying $ 8, can take a picture of the stuffed giant fish-saw, a half of the middle human growth. On the plate attached to the side of the marine monster, the owner of the photo gallery will write chalk initials of the client and the country where he arrived from.

Snapshots where the fisherman is captured with extraordinary catch, will be ready in an hour. So the trophy can be presented anyway. True, the waiters from the adjacent bar with a photoolane claim that the scarecrow the fish saws and not stuffed at all. This fish, according to them, glued down from papier-mache and painted. But the tourist is what! After all, in the photo it is unnoticed.

On phuket for octopus and drum

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