On rivers and canal.

The summer of 2020 was non-standard: insulation from coronavirus, problems at work, personal problems. It seemed that everything is bad perhaps, it happened. And to cut this "Gordian knot" Problems., I decided to go to the cruise. The decision was made and pretended to life in a week. If you consider that people in the year buy vouchers, then I got it rapidly.

Taploid "Alexander Nevskiy" rolled me on the rivers and the Volga – the Baltic Channel from St. Petersburg to Samara.

And the first evening showed that I was not in vain went into the cruise. Evening Neva gorgeous. On this river I went twenty years ago. Although on both shores traveled many times on the car. But from the river is a completely different look. Immediately, behind the guy bridge, St. Petersburg Kizhi – Church of the Intercession of the Most Holy Virgin in the manor of the theologian.

Reached the neva and here we caught a fantastic sunset, if we consider that we despair in the rain.

Then there were a lot of sunsets. But it was the first and brightest. Passed through the Neva to the very source. Yes, it is not a strict, urban river in granite, and a wide and powerful, living river living. on the shores of which cost cities, plants. Full working river.

Here manifested and the first trouble. It turns out I was recorded in the second shift in the restaurant. And I dined at nine o’clock. .And breakfast was at ten o’clock and lunch was late. Considering that I get up early, straight the real trouble was, and you can not get anywhere with "Submarine". Then she brought when he already bought her products, on a snack, before meal. But the first two days really hungry walked.

And at the outlet in the laugh is the fortress of nut.

At night I woke up, went to the deck. Dark, not visible not zgi!. I’m alone. Water nearby behind. And silence. We stand in Ladoga. All sorts of dark thoughts climbed into the head. Fearfully. And from the other side the other motor ship glows. Fleece.

Morning met already in another river – Svir. The same large north river. Right forest grows right on the shores. Save Northern Nature. The first stop was in the Lodeyno. Old Russian city.

Take us on a tour of the holy – Troitsky Alexandra Svirsky Men’s Monastery. No where to go from religion in this report. Many churches we have seen. Externally, they like me. Beautifully looking dome. Therefore, photos with temples will be many.

Then we returned to the ship. On the berth, I bought smoked fish piece from local sellers. Fleece. Lived to lunch.

Stroy passed the village of Mandrog.

And again, almost a day we walked without stopping. Nature around was harsh and beautiful. Forest grew straight out of the water. Human Spirit and did not smell. Here in those places I thought again, what is our big country.

We go on the rivers a year and a half and almost no one see. Although the boats were very rarely met. And even the rare tram sailed along the forest. Where did he come from here?

Morning met already in Lake Onega. And on the approach to Kizhim, they met here such travelers.

Oh and cold it was! But great!

Well, then parking in the towns. The main church was just renovated. And in a week it was officially opened. So I saw him in all its glory. Everything else is known about them. Therefore, on only photos.

Pleased reinforcement. Right as in the picture. Great invented.

Next was the transition to Petrozavodsk. Here even slightly shook. Interesting sensations. Many went from Petrozavodsk for an excursion to the waterfall Kivach. But I have already been there repeatedly, so I walked on an interesting petrozavodskaya embankment . There are many original sculptures worth. I especially like "Fishermen" and "Tree – Ear".

On rivers and canal.

And went to look "Karelian balsam". In the process of shopping, shops got under good rain. Stretch all. Immediately got cold. So in the rain and despair from Petrozavodsk.

In the morning woke up in Vytegro. Passed the first Gateway of Volga – the Baltic Channel.

And moored for a few hours in Vytegro. When the motor ship went to Petersburg. He stood for this pier for several hours. Not allowed in hega. Stormil. Therefore, most passengers even nose did not stick from the steamer. So she tired of them. And I gladly walk through the ancient Russian city Vytegraph.

And of course the most famous place of the city is a real submarine! In the forests of Vologda region!

From here we went south. Almost a month and a half went along the Volga – the Baltic Gateway System. And there was a harsh and beautiful Russian nature around.

Here I was covered with a cold. Result Walking in the rain in Petrozavodsk. The temperature rose and began to beat light chills. What is the worst, Coronovirus walks around. We all the time measured the temperature before leaving the ship. Yes, and when landing on board too. Therefore, to see a terribly. Fall out somewhere in quarantine for two weeks. But I had with me! Gram two hundred fifty still remained. So I slowly drank vodka and lying. To Cherepovets retped. and there reached the pharmacy. And by the evening there was a bodra and healthy.

And meanwhile the cruise continued. And on Sheksna, among the deaf and dark Vologda forests, they met such a brilliant handsome.

This liner belongs "Rosneft".

Dinner reached Cherepovets. In general, it is not clear why there was a stop for cruise boats. It’s just a working city. In it if you look, then the metallurgical plant. I was also repeated here too. Therefore, it reached the nearest pharmacy. Bought medicines, rested at the fountain.

Walked at the bridge, which is the first guy bridge built in 1979 in Russia, then in the RSFSR.

On rivers and canal.

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