On Road

"Dzindnn" … – The first alarm clock calls.
"Dzzin-Dzzyn!"- Seclud a second alarm clock.

eight.thirty. Hurray, we left!
eight.40. Nor fuck we did not leave. Insurance at home forgot.
nine.00. Again left.

Help: "M10 "Russia" (thanks to Wikipedia) – the main roadway of the federal significance, passes through the territory of Moscow, Tver, Novgorod and Leningrad regions, individual sections of Moscow and St. Petersburg »

Moscow – Vyborg, 807 km

Previously, it was like in a song:

"… and the trait and God
On one, see, account,
You, Russian road –
Seven bends on the mile.

No uhab, then there will be a pit,
Rytvina Law, Lee Chul.

Oh, the road, you tell us right:
"Do you go to that light?… "

. Where do these names come from? Holofolen. Executive. Exterpassed.

Remembered anecdote (or this is a real story?):
There are the concept of "knowledgeable" toponymics in linguistics.
Come corresponders in one village:
– How is your village called?
– Vrate ..
And the time later, the blizzard was offended, I want to sleep ..
– And Voi is the village on the hillock as it is called?
– TA? Ga-helly.
– Gady? So write ..

I will not tell about the border, everything is quite usually. If you go from Moscow, I personally love to do to Vyborg immediately, to come to the border early. And then – where the soul wishes. We have been sent for the polar circle, skiing to ride. But a steep way. Through Oulu and Kemi.

In the city of Oulu

The south of the country is much more cured than the north. Last year, in Lapland’s trips, the feeling was created that only moose and deer live here, and the roads were laid just from love for art. Somewhere instead of columns with reflectors every 20 meters were ordinary branches, stuck in the drifts.

Children on the third day listen to audio discharges of Nurdquist, penetrating the Scandinavian flavor. Not yet bothered.

Driving around the city of Oulu, aware that the studded tires are really necessary here – in traffic lights turn on the "trotten" ice rut.

Tietoma Exhibition Center
This is the very first scientific center in Finland. More than 150 exhibits are presented here on various scientific discoveries, natural phenomena and human capabilities. Visitors can "fly to the moon" or make electrical energy sufficient to work the light bulb or make sound visible.

On the panoramic elevator, you can climb into the viewing tower – here is terribly cold, but you can see the combat bay and shore of Sweden (well, I want to think that it was Sweden.)

Blue, heavier disk, broken at the same time with red, is increasingly lagging behind, t.To. he has more inertia (rolled back in the opposite direction first).

Visually free fall.
First, these geometrics "Forms" Slowly climb up, the automatic makes a wild growl. Then they fall down – the streamlined round – the faster of all, the triangular – nailed to the edge and crawling quietly, well, and the square crawls the slower all, shaking the sides in one way, then.

Modern children do not know what vinyl records are. In Tietoma, this omission corrected. "Plate" Minds terrible sounds.

And what was done before the movie, not everyone knows.

I do not know how about the uncle steppe, but so really was the highest person born on earth. His named Robert Wadlow, and his growth was 2 meters 73rd centimeters.

By the way, fighting in the subject, I learned that among the giants a lot of Asians, as well as, amazing, women.

In general, there is something to see.


I got to Levi. Saw a lot of snow.

Very different nature. Tell me.

Light day in January is short, the sun rises at 10, in 15 sitting, but in February the day is more night.

Slides for children suitable, everywhere mini-parks with carved figures, firefly, where you can warm up, yes, it can be cold, but very beautiful. And there is always snow.

On Road

OK. Flora Finland you have already seen. Let us turn to the fauna.:)

Having examined the card and all sorts of advertisers, decided to visit the safari park of kilometers at 10 from Levi. We are going and finally pointer, cheers!
Forward meters 100 in a narrow rut among the snowdrifts (interesting, and if someone went to meet us?) On the clearing Sledge all.

Near the cells with dogs. In the plague, you can warm up, on the deer skins.

Than not dog azazello?

Dogs scandalous, had two to change places. While changed, the third worked around the main rope.

Then we went to the deer farm. Beasts here are so beautiful.

Deer digs in the snow, Yagel is looking for. Is it really finding?

Interestingly, some animals have old horns did not fall off for winter, and new rose near. And wearing poor deer grudge on the head of such heaviness.

To visit Lapland and do not drive to Santa? Well, this is blasphemy!

Therefore, on the way back, we planned lunch in Rovaniemi.

By the morning suddenly heated sharply, snow threw. The graders cleaned the road very sophisticated: a snowdrift, sweeping on the side of the road, did a dead loop and saddown on the oncoming car – the impression of the indescribable. It’s good that Finns are customary to keep the distance, because visibility became zero and had to urgently stop until the wipers score the ambrusura.


Not to visit Santa we, of course, could not.

So, Santa.
40 minutes in the queue and here the grandfather on a rather legitimate Russian is interested in us, in the first time we are in Finland.
– No, – we answered the choir.
– For the first time in LaplandI am? – continues to insist grandpa
– No, we answered the choir.
– For the first time – Santa Claus? – with an indescribable hope, he questions
– No, – We tell the choir, – the second!

On Road

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