On search signals and quality assessment

In the last article, we talked about the attitude of Russians to free services, and now we will continue this idea.

In no case, I do not want to argue that Internet sites or television programs must become paid. Of course not. Most of the "media" should remain free of charge and earn on advertising.

The problem is completely different. As soon as the product becomes free, he begins to lose its quality. Just look at the first page of issuing search engines on the Internet. 10 pages, and almost all – rewritten Wikipedia.

Think yourself how much time each of us loses on reading this useless information. Many users come simply – read only Wikipedia. The quality of the material is not taken into account by searching.

For example, you can bring our site. I think the article "Money in China" I think almost the most shameful on the site, and the article "Money in Nepal" one of the best. Can you make sure. And both are beautiful in the top10 search engines. Where is the concern for the user?

Do not scold for this Yandex and Google, they are to blame the least. Here are most likely the users who do not give any signals about what they liked, and what not.

Theoretically for such alarm has a mass of tools. At least the "LIKE" buttons that can now be found almost on any site. There are buttons, only by them few people use.

What is worth clicking on "Like" if the page really liked?

Nothing is worth it.

Why almost no one does it?

As a result of the webmaster, these likes simply buy on specialized stock exchanges, instead of worthy of really received them rightfully.

There are other factors by which search engines are trying to estimate the quality. The first is the amount of time that the user spent on the page. Alogical factor. If you spend a lot of time somewhere, then it is absolutely optional, then you do it with benefit.

Look at least on the faces of people in the queues in the store, they are happy? They give the joy to waste time in standing to the checkout? Of course not. In the factor of the volume spent on the time page there is its rational grain. The correlation between the quality of the material and statistical indicators exists, but this is not a solution to the problem.

Another factor is the number of pages that the user viewed during a session with the site. This factor is even less effective. We have such an interesting page "Metro in Dubai", where we skillfully used this technology. However, at the time of writing, we still did not know about it, just a map of the Dubai Metro did not fit into the usual page of the site, and it had to be taken to a special page. But it works, on this topic we are in the first places, that in Yandex, that in Google.

In fact, this is a wrong approach. You can not force users to walk on different pages, you can not steal people. We also had special gallery galleries with photos, but then refused to practice this practice. It is better to place everything interesting on one village, as it was done in the article about Italy about the "excavations of the city of Pompeii".

As a result, we get a depressing picture. No signals that would allow to distinguish high-quality content from poor quality.

On search signals and quality assessment

But on the other hand, let’s think about what to consider a high-quality page, and what not. Here just "pops up" another interesting topic for conversation – what people are interested in?

Russians are not interested in the topics in their overwhelming mass, they are only interested in small local problems. Nai remember about one extremely occupied case.

Once, watching lists of keywords for which users went to the site, I came across one key request – "We are bone in Egypt"! That is, the user for some reason only to the led reasons decided that the search engine yandex knows who he knows who is such a Kostyan and knows how to recognize them by photographs!

He was completely not worried that Kosyanov from Russia several million, and Yandex had no idea what exactly Kosyna he means. About his identity yandex can guess if he has his own account on social networks.

Naturally, after reviewing about 10 pages of the site and spending about 20 minutes from us, he did not find pictures of himself and Kolyn. Still would! Where can they be from us.

Russians have no system approach. This is the first problem. Russians have no desire to study the problematics completely. This is the problem of the second. Russians believe that everything is simple in the world, and every question is an answer from 2-3 words. And this is the biggest problem.

As a result, the Russian knows a little about everything, but I do not understand. From here and record low labor productivity in our country. From here the fact that in Russia nothing can build or produce qualitatively. Just no one does not understand what is deeply understood.

Of course, we have many professionals in all areas. They were even more, but many immigrated there, where professionalism and competent approach is appreciated. Where professional and competent people pay more than mediocre. And they are not returning, they are good there. While I have not seen in my life anyone who returned with permanent residence in Israel, Germany and the United States, who would say "there is bad, in Russia better".

Perhaps today I will finish, and I continue to tell something interesting in the next record of my blog.

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