On Solovki with a tent

Solovetsky archipelago ; This is a reserve. Set Tent It is prohibited here everywhere (details below), except for specially designated places. Next to the village Solovetsky there camping , He same camping. Everyone who comes On Solovki with a tent.

V tent camp Need to register. An employee who is responsible for the camp is usually not in the workplace, so We immediately go to camping Choose yourself. Put a tent, and then we go to catch this man. He records your surname, the city, from where you arrived and gives the room to hang onto a tent. Allegedly, in the mornings, he makes a crowding of the camp and checks whether everyone paid for accommodation. However, in three days we have never seen it in the camp, and if you do not need firewood and electricity, you can especially and not seem to look with him.

Camping in Solovki It is not difficult to find – there are signs and people will prompt. Local camping expensive, usually in campsites there are all conditions: electricity, shower, water, and most importantly they cost cheap. A Solovki This is a forest in which you allow you to put a tent for 200 rubles per person. Not S Tent, And with man! Want to shower, pay 150 rubles and wash in the street on the street. Charge the phone – 50 rubles. There is no drinking water there at all, there is a stream, but he snags slightly. On the Internet you probably read that firewood is provided in the campsite. It’s not quite firewood. I understand that there is hard on the island, but then I would not write. Firewood is a construction trash: plywood sheets, three-meter logs, beams. It is possible to cut them only by chainsaw, well, or at least a two-handed. The ax will be hard.

Telephone camp: + 7-921-482-02-92

In the shower can be asked in one of the hotels. The closest to the tent camp is called solo. There, even in the room you can wash. For money is about the same as in a tent camp. You can also charge the phone.

Tent camp on the map

Camping The map shows a green rectangle. The main moorings, the hospitality center and the nearest store are also indicated.

Drinking water Sale in the store near camping. Five-liter bottle costs about 200 rubles, for a while about 70 p. Water is in the stream, which flows from the west side of the camping, but I personally didn’t like it. Water clean, but lightly smells and there is an unpleasant taste. But in general, boil and it will be fine.

What is desirable to take to the tent camp at Solovki

  • If you drive to a tent camp, take a saw. Better two-handed, and even better chainsaw. How to skip her backpack, I think everyone knows.
  • The ax does not hurt either.
  • On Solovki with a tent
  • Necessarily shift set.
  • Campfire and hunting matches. There is a chance that everything will be raw and the fire with a plan will not light up. If there is no experience of breeding a fire in the cheese forest, then see. The item is as follows:
  • Gas burner and cylinder. Check out at home that everything works and gas in your cylinder does not end. On Solovki new not to buy.
  • Tent with no wing awning. Cheap tents that they sell in supermarkets for 900 rubles, do not suit.
  • Not bad to have rubber boots. At least not high.

Again, on the website of the tourist information center, it is written that there are axes and saws in the price of living, but firstly, the person who watches the camp is constantly absent and it must be called by telephone, and secondly, even when I asked him how to cut such a log, he offered me not a drink and ax, but advised to look for small firewood in this pile.

V tent camp noisy – audible diesel generator, which supplies the village with electricity. In fact, he is heard from everywhere. In the evening, when the village is empty, the noise of diesel gives some special atmosphere to the village. Perhaps thanks to him some and feel a specific aura on the island: night, huge gray walls of the monastery with backlight, on the street Neither soul and heavy pressure bass generator spread across the entire district.

In short, you want to live comfortably in a tent in Solovki (and not only at Solovki), get ready for a campaign ; do not count on local infrastructure and services.

Is it possible to spend the night in a tent outside the camping?

It is forbidden! Solovetsky archipelago This is a reserve, and in accordance with the legislation, the rules for his visit establishes the administration of this reserve. And the administration prohibits. Nature in Solovki is really unique and beautiful, it is not necessary to spoil it.

However, there are many reports and forums, where it is written that someone there spent the night somewhere in the forest and everything was fine. In fact, not all the territory of the island is a protected. How to determine where the reserve, and where no one knows. There are no cards and descriptions on the Internet. It is possible that they are not at all. If you know something about this ; Write. Around the village is full of places with dyeing, picnics is or tourists ; Do not know.

If you decide to go On Solovki with a tent and spend the night outside the tent camps, go away and not glow ; I think that there will be no problems. Choose places where there are already traces of fire. Do not get up on the shores of the lake-channel island ; She is a monument. On the islands and near remote beds, you can ask for blessings (permits) of the local clergy ; It is possible that you will not refuse. Bonfires do not burn better ; Use the burner.

This question is actually slippery. Here except legislation also a business that brings no little money. Yes, and I saw what mountains garbage people left after themselves. Therefore, if you decide to establish Tent at Solovki In the forest, then in the way you are not here. Leaving, leave behind the forest as it was before your arrival.

Good luck to you. Travel yourself, share your impressions.

On Solovki with a tent

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