On someone else’s holiday

It often happens that the poor, or lazy, or ineptly controlled countries lend money, and even products, in the row of humanitarian assistance among countries of rich, frisky, workers and those who enjoy the benefits of democratic development. Most often, frivolous dragonflies go to a bow for hardworking, seriously belonging to the US Ant. And ant, unlike wallovsky, never refuses to seeks. He gives a frequency, a good, generous hand and from a pure heart. Right like a horns of abundance. Such a Hitch of Humanity – USA. World loan cash desk, often giving without percent or without refund. And behind the desk – not a Roshovist, but the polenate and professor – American democracy. I do not know what Mankind Bea would do this chopsticks.

But there is in America, except for loans, meat, grains, universities and colleges for capable children, one more thing, which every civilized Russian, I would like to deal with. These are American holidays, color, fragrant garland of joy, quiet sadness, traditions, legitimate pride of CA their radiant, victorious history and a warm sense of solidarity of free individualists who unites a common luxurious home under the starry sky and there are no futile care about the welfare of this house and about the freedom of each and All.

National US communities, this is a well-served assorted, giving each of his little cozy piece in the total blooming garden, have their joyful and sad dates, their carefully stored cherished memories.

They are the property of America, shades of her national rainbow.

In each confessant, from Protestants to Buddhists, also their grand minutes and their altars.

But there is something close and expensive to every American, whether it is ethnic Irishman, the Swede, the feet of Africa, India, Italy, Mexico or Russia. These are holidays for all America, nationwide celebrations for the country – a necklace, annated AA two centuries (XVII – XIX) on the thread of freedom, dignity and desire for happiness. Multicolored and polyphonic America are one, and national holidays – as a seal on a scroll of its solemn, common to all constitution.

And it is at this that he looks at the secret envy of the Russian, since 1917, deprived of the common temple of traditions, covenants and hopes, since 1917 he knows that the country is split and that the holidays are the tragedy or challenge for others. Is that a new year who did not take away and we.

But everything begins in the USA, as it should be, from Christmas, from birth of the restless hope of mankind. "In Cod We Trust" – it’s not empty words. America relies on God and believes in him without recessing him with superfluous complaints and claims. Americans know that they will cope with themselves, and God grows them on the finish line. Therefore, Santa Claus, relying on the solid authority and the eternal glory of the Baby of Christ, feels somehow more confident of our Falstart for 7 days before the Christmas of Santa Claus, who has a Nekrasov’s poem behind his back. In the US, Christmas trees shine in unison with all Westerns, and the new year comes, authenticated by Divine joy and smile of crumbs of Jesus. And we must wait in the unfaithful darkness for another week, the retaliation, as usual, from all over the world, in the deaf isolation, in the ghetto of their sleeves, because the Eternal Desire for the Orthodox Church emphasizes its peculiarity and imaginary advantages, even the price of refusal from the Universal Holiday Other, as the next improper of the teachings of the Juche.

Although turkey – the nail of the program for Thanksgiving Day, Americans eat it and for Christmas. And for the new year they drink champagne from televisions aimed at the most elegant corner of New York, at the intersection of Times Square, where Broadway is converged, the 7th Avenue and the 42nd street (as an eyewitness, I can say that there and on weekdays blind from shine). Slowly lowers down a glass bowl on the building of the insurance company. At midnight, he flashes brightly. It is a New Year. Luxurious Christmas and a modest new year is in America, a Christian country, which is supermodern equipment and informatics, skyscrapers and silicone valley did not deprive the old good basis – Fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfather. From the century to the century, from the generation to the generation, people beyond the ocean at the ocean at home, went to church on Sundays, prayed before bedtime – even such teventants, like that Sawyer and Geckelbury Finn. How not to envy this strength, this correct and eternal order of things that we were deprived of 87 years ago. So we need to urgently adapt to the general Christmas of the end of December and keep up with all. In the meantime, we have a parade new year, deprived of the highest meaning, and therefore a little sad, when they say goodbye to the Christmas tree, as with life, right on Bulat Chalvovich: "But again, the bustle begins, time is trying in his own way, and in the bustle you were removed from the cross, and Sunday will not be". And our christmas is small, modest and crumpled.

Then there is a series of holidays, which we are completely deprived. Columbus Day, which posted the beginning of a brilliant political, economic and human career of a new world, Washington’s Day, a great commander, Virgin aristocrat, one of the founding fathers, the first wise president of the United States. So impeccable, modern and great personality in our Russian everyday life. In a mockery above common sense, many continue to celebrate Lenin’s birthday – Monster who destroyed the country.

On someone else's holiday

Madroducing Day (the last Monday of May) – the day of memory of all soldiers of America, who fell in the battles of AA independence against the Anglean, in the battles of the North against the South, during World War II, in which the United States was destined to save humanity from the German fascism and Japanese expansion. On this day, the South-Northern, General of Grant and General Lee, commemorate the same day; For conflict 1861-1865. already allowed, and no hatred, but only the story and bright sadness.

There is also veterans day. And all this is not poisoned by the bitterness of military glory, which became a pedestal for an evil tyrant, as we have, when the people who did not conquer Hitler, conquered their homely Führer – Stalin and all his wounds and laurels folded to his feet to continue to die from his hands On the domestic totalitarian front.

There is a day of labor, not overshadowed by red villain flags.

And there is finally the Independence Day, which resurrecting in the memory of minitmen with hoes and muskets, pamphlets and essays of Thomas Paine, the salty bowl of Boston tea drinking, Victory Washington and Bronze Litavras of the Constitution. 4th of July. Flower of summer, flourishing of life. LCM countries. What we have in return? Our Independence Day does not recognize half the country, although it was not easier to get rid of the USSR than from the British. In our calendar, as non-working and festive, the days of our death – November 7 and 8.

But the most American one of all holidays is, of course, Thanksgiving. Fourth Thursday November, harvest is assembled, and people give a tribute to the earth for her generosity. "There is one day in a year who belongs to us. The day when we all we, who did not grow out on the street, return to their father’s house, traveled by soda cookies and divide the old well much closer to the porch than it seemed to us. May this day will be blessed! The Great City, located east of the crushing swamps, erected thanksgiving the national tradition, the only purely American day". (O.Henry) of this day would not be without Indians, without their poetic vein, no unity with the Earth, without the legends about Gayavate in the statement of Longfello. "You who love nature – dusk forest, whisper of leaves, in shine of sunny valleys, stormy rain, and blizzards. and in the mountains rolled thunder, that as the flap of the eagle grave wings are distributed. "

Yes, I want to consider someone else’s festive table, pressed my nose to someone else’s window. Although why to someone else’s? America – Showcase of mankind. Our resume, our first chapter. Therefore, America will not get angry if we are tied up with the edge. Happy Thanksgiving, America!

On someone else's holiday

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