On "Reserve" sea

It so happened that the sandy beaches of the Azov coast have always been a favorite holiday destination residents of Donetsk region. It was also explained in close proximity, and low prices. This summer has become a discovery. Maritime recreation lovers with families and large companies arrive at the Azov from Kiev, Lviv, as well as Moscow, St. Petersburg – up to Tyumen with Novosibirsk.

Local residents are not so spoiled

For the most part, this is a fairly wealthy public, accustomed to spending holidays on the southern coast of Crimea. However, now the skirt has received a resignation for various reasons. Alone alarmed political provocations, others have heard something about the upcoming difficulties with water supply on the sunny peninsula (after heavy rains allegedly broke the dams on strategic reservoirs). Another from the beachheads cut out the forecast for unstable weather in advance on the Black Sea, fraught with stirring of the heated coastal water with burning cold deep masses. One way or another, but in the end, many risked to experiment, changing the usual summer addresses.

On the Ukrainian Azov, told us a resident of Perm Anna Kravtsov, went "With closed eyes" – neither exhaustive information on living conditions, nor even ideas, which way to go to the sea from Perron Train Station in Donetsk, where Russian woman landed a week ago with his two children of school age. They live in one of the boarding houses of the seaside village of Melkino. "Here cheaper and residents less spoiled than Crimeans, but with infrastructure and entertainment Crimea Azov loses", – Disaggregated woman.

The best places for summer holidays on azovier – Sandy braids, leaving for tens of kilometers in the sea, curve, Belosaray, Berdyanskaya. Accordingly, the price there is 30-40% above average along the coast. But it is worth it.

The Sea of ​​Azov is considered small, therefore, even cool summer water warms up to quite acceptable temperatures. Where to stay? For people, richer – boarding house "Gull" In the village of Urzuf still functions "Gagarinsky" VIP-housing, built in Soviet times specifically for those returned from the flight of astronauts, in case Sochi or Crimean Yalta did not seduce the weather.

For middle class, on operational data, – a room in a well-maintained seaside hotel in Berdyansk or Primorsk with amenities, hot water and air conditioning, it will cost 200 UAH per day. And in this room can settle a family of three. In a renovated Soviet boarding house ("facilities" and souls at the end of the corridor, hot water in schedule) will get to settle and for 55 UAH per person. Even cheaper the private sector in Berdyansk – from 18 UAH "Koyka" per day. Kirilovka will be set in 15, and in small villages on the coast promise fantastic prices – from 10 hryvnia. By the way, removing the boarding house with food, ask, will deny high-quality water for the kitchen "with mainland". In local moisture water pipes, alas, brane.

Cheap cherry and dear "banana"

Purely beach entertainment in the Sea of ​​Azov Standard: "water bicycle" – from 20 UAH per hour of rolled, and also towed by a high-speed scooter parachute (60-75 UAH.), water bike – from 15 UAH minute, as well as riding on beloved people inflatable "Banana" – from 15 UAH.

Fabulously cheap on seaside markets seasonal fruits. Sugar cherry in peak falls below three hryvnia for kilo, strawberries – from 7 UAH. Promise and harvest apricot, which in the season cost 5 hryvnia for Kilo.

Separate graph – Famous Azov Fish. In the seaside markets, they are given the best rows. And on the beaches are constantly running vendor, hung by mating bulls that expire with a gentle fatty taranch. As they say today fishermen, the catches this summer are not bad, so in the bathing season Trank on the coast, it is unlikely to rise above 6-9 hryvnia per piece. Well, the famous local bull, indispensable for a glass of cold beer, above 80 copies. never quoted.

On the backup sea

"And when the sea is a pitching. "

Here S "Cultural events" on the Azov coast is not very valid. You can boast only one museum (in the homeland of Traveler George Sedova, in his name of his name). There are no fashionable water parks, nor hiking tourist routes. Therefore, if the sea suddenly covers, and you are invited to a bus tour to the landscaped nature reserve "Khomutovskaya steppe" either on unique stone graves (40-60 UAH.) or in the reserve "Askania-Nova", where 120 hryvnia are brought by 120.

But high-end restaurants on the coast have fewers. But numerous seasonal nightlife, deployed right in the open air on the seashore, are invited to the late "Sadders" noticeably cheaper than even peteed points in the surrounding industrial cities, entrance – from 15 UAH.

And where else, tell me, you will be offered a midnight male striptease in just twenty with a nose?

Prices for holidays on the Azov coast (place in a 2-bed room)

Hotel "Berdyansk" – $ 23
Pension "Slavutych" – $ 20-22
Sanatorium "Azure" – $ 27-29
Sanatorium "Azov" – $ 37-38
Sanatorium "Berdyansk" – $ 37-38
Recreation center "Trojda" – $ 25-27
Complex "Motor" – $ 29-30
Recreation center "Sunny" – $ 28-30

On the backup sea

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