On the benefits of sites and relations readers

December 1 – the first day of winter. Winter is the time of year, which is right thanks to sit at home and share its thoughts, ideas and experience. Probably, it was for this reason that the decision to open the author’s blog came to me that this day in 2014.

In this set of articles, I will try to share my experience, tell something interesting about articles, the process of writing them and much more. I will try to the blog not useless, and I could bring a specific benefit to the reader.

On the benefits of sites and relations readers

Very interesting topic, as the readers of sites belong to the visited pages. What they are waiting for? That they are ready to give in return? How much the work of the author is generally rewarded?

When we talk about sites with direct monetization, when this resource sells specific goods or services, then in this case everything is simple. Visitor came, read about goods, bought goods. But more interesting is the case when the author writes without selling anything.

Immediately recall a very interesting story that happened to our site. Once, one of the readers saw an online consultant when he read an article about the subway to Dubai. She was not clear to her about the price of a ticket, or rather, she could not understand what a ticket in her case would be more profitable.

She appealed to the consultant for the selection of tours to do it. The consultant politely replied that it does not comment on information articles and suggested contacting the editor of the site by e-mail (that is, to me), what I heard a very interesting phrase: "And what do you do here then?"

We were shocked. The user went to the page with the article, received the necessary information and as a result it is still indignant that it does not provide for free to calculate the cost of travel. And in a very rough form!

The consultant is only picking up tours, I do not see any sense to train advise employees about the information part. Of course, they need to know much about the sights of countries in which they will go, but thoroughly know the price of tickets and the rules of the passage in Dubai Metropolitan they should not.

The attitude of people to paid and free services

This case leads us to another question. How do people relate to free services or are they distinguished from paid? Unfortunately, you have to state that most people do not see the difference.

The point here, as it seems to me, in the upbringing and general culture. Many people in our country simply believe that they must. I understand that now it will be not very nice to read some visitors to some site visitors. From the point of view of ordinary Russian life looks like a solid freebie.

Why life seems free?

Since childhood, we have been fed free, for free, for free in school, many of them have been trained in the higher educational institution for free. It seems that doctors work for free, because we do not give them money. It seems that the police work free. At the same time, most people do not think that all these people are police officers, doctors, teachers pay salary and buy equipment. So, some mechanism for transferring money from us to them?

And these mechanisms a lot. Executions into the funds of mandatory health insurance, social insurance and pension that employers pay. Taxes: income and VAT (value added tax), which we wrote in detail in the article about bringing from the UAE. Taxes pay enterprises on which we work, and much more than individual individuals deduct.

On the benefits of sites and relations readers

But the inhabitants of Russia do not see this all or do not want to notice. In the representation of the majority of us – all for free. The most important error, of course, is VAT. Probably 90% of Russians believe that this tax is swinging only organizations. Not. VAT – tax on consumption, and all of them are paid, who buys any goods and services. And deductions to the funds pay employers and does not seem to be that it does not concern.

For example, in the US, a completely different system. The worker gets on his arms along with the salary calculation, where all the deductions are recorded, including deductions and taxes. That’s where you start thinking that everything in the world is paid! Maybe such a system would be useful and we?

How people relate to free services

There are really free services that are designed to promote a person to buy a product or service. In the tourist business – these are a variety of web selection systems, manual selection of tourist vouchers in the agency and information articles. All these services motivate to buy, but do not oblige to it.

We ourselves use such services, such as Sletat tours selection system.Ru. By the way, a very good system, I recommend. But we treat this service with understanding. If it does not work, or does not work as I would like, we will not call this organization, and we do not require rude and in an ultimative form to do something or pay us a penalty.

For example, tastings in stores. I never occurred to say that the proposed product is bad. Usually, if I don’t like it, then I say "This is clearly not my product" or "for me is unusual". Just "language does not turn" to say something bad about what they give you free.

No wonder the Russian folk wisdom says: "You do not look at a gift horse in my teeth".

Today, everything, and this story I will continue in the next record of my blog.

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