On a car in Abkhazia ; Do I need passport and trips?

Solar Caucasus opens its doors for tourists from all over the world: everyone comes to Abkhazia for its purpose, the mission. Most often for the sake of resting on the sea.

However, overshadows such a journey paperwork or the late design, further entry fines.

We will try to consecrate some nuances of the organization travel to Abkhazia in more detail and answer popular questions.

Do I need to provide a passport to a citizen of the Russian Federation in Abkhazia?

Abkhazia is recognized as an independent state, and is considered ; abroad ;, but the registration of a visa to this country is not required, however, Stamp passport to present in case of claim you have to.

Passport to Abkhazia

Upon presentation of this document, it is stamped in it, indicating the intersection of the border of Abkhazia as an independent state.

For citizens of the Russian Federation, entry into Abkhazia is not associated with difficulties, it is provided within 30 minutes, but visiting the country, as well as its geopolitical situation and recognition of sovereignty by world states has some features.

Do I need to provide a military passport?

Definitely, the military, before crossing the Russian border, you need to get permission from your own guide to travel from the Russian Federation, take with you documents, including a passport, military ID, as well as a written permission for the intersection of the Russian-Abkhaz border.

Passport for juvenile

Juvenile attend Abkhazia only with the permission of parents and their replacement. This permission is necessary to obtain a passport.

The resolution is issued notarial. If it is impossible to provide permission from one of the parents, one should provide documents explaining this situation.

Passport for motorists

On vacation you went to cars?

Driver’s license, technical passport for vehicle ; This is all necessarily take with you to Abkhazia, if you move to cars.

In Abkhazia, the state duty is introduced to enter the country’s territory.

Depending on what type of car in your property, the cost of the duty will be varied.

Often on vacation in Abkhazia on the car come independent travelers. They themselves are looking for housing for accommodation.

In this case, you also need to pay customs duties for booking places to relax and overnight. This duty is 300 rubles.

Issue tourist medical insurance

In Abkhazia with a child: Features and nuances

Definitely, this question arises quite often, but in general, for all tourists who take a child with them on the road the order of intersection of the border of Abkhazia.

In order for your trip to be burdened ; paper fiber ;, Take with you all the necessary documents for a child, in particular, his birth certificate (if a child is up to 5 years old), And best let’s enter it into a passport, make a passport for a child.

In addition, for the period of staying in the boarding house and hotel, children under 3 years old are not provided in the room (if parents want to save), in this case, parents pay only for the child’s nutrition ; the price is acceptable and not high.

Rest in Abkhazia

Abkhazia offers tourists visiting this country a first-class vacation and recovery.

With many hotel complexes and sanatoriums, as well as local administration programs apply to Abkhazia.

Most of the guest houses and hotel complexes of Abkhazia were rebuilt in Soviet times, but at the same time there are and newly rebuilt buildings. Hotel complexes ; Pitsunda ; and ; palm ; And many others invite everyone to relax with comfort.

For tourists, comfortable and cozy rooms, as well as separate rooms in cottages located on the territory of the hotel complex.

Route to Abkhazia ; important information

In order to visit Abkhazia, you need to get to g. Adler, possible and optimally convenient for you.

This can be done through airport transport, railway and auto.

Next, overcome the distance in a dozen km ; And you have a river PSOU ; Borders of Abkhazia.

On the opposite side of the bridge there is a clause checkpoint and a checkpoint.

Now you need to go through the formal part ; Customs and Passport Control.

You have enough to present a passport, if necessary, customs officers will inspect you and your baggage.

Mandatory condition for entering the territory of Abkhazia is to issue an insurance policy in the amount of 30000 rubles., as a guarantee that nothing happens to you.

If you calculate the amount, it is equal to about 15 rubles. For 1 day stay in Abkhazia.

For children, age up to 6 years, the insurance policy in Abkhazia is not issued.

They are distributed by the insurance policy of one of the parents, and the amount of the insurance premium does not remain unchanged.

Tourist insuring services from accidents are within the competence of the company ; Abkhazgosstrakh ;. If you arrived in Abkhazia in the tourist group, then the design of the insurance policy is included in the amount of your trip.

There are some exceptions to the categories of citizens eligible for the service of the mandatory insurance policy. This applies to citizens working in the territory of Abkhazia for more than six months.

Very good, this collection is included in the price of the hotel’s room or as a cost of services of the travel agency.

Order cheap transfer ; Taxi in Abkhazia

Rules for entering the territory of Abkhazia tourists

Facilities to Adler from Moscow (the nearest airport to Abkhazia)

For the intersection of the borders of the tourists of Abkhazia established certain The rules that foreign citizens and the Russians crossing the boundaries of this country:

  1. We recommend to get to g. Adler. Can be placed. Hence the border with Abkhazia will not be so much.
  2. Border between Russia and Abkhazia passes through R.PSOU, overcoming it on a pedestrian or car bridge.
  3. On the car to Abkhazia; Do I need passport and trips
  4. Next, tourists are waiting for a customs post. Here it is necessary to present documents, in particular, passport, as well as, in case you move through the country for cars, the necessary documents for the vehicle.

All tourists are issued by the insurance policy, if you are part of the tourist group, the cost of the policy is included in your ticket and the cost of living.

Beautiful nature in Abkhazia

The cost of the policy depends on the number of days you will spend in this country.

If you are traveling with a child for 6 years, the insurance policy is not issued on it, the policy of one of the parents is distributed on children until 6 years of age.

Permission to enter Abkhazia from the Georgian side

In order to get permission to enter Abkhazia from the Georgian side, you should send an e-mail of the Mid of Abkhazia Some documents:

  1. filled entry card;
  2. Scanned photo on passport;
  3. Scanned passport with all filled pages.

Next, within 5 days, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia considers your statement, further, the permission to enter the entry, which you print and show on the checkpoint ; Inguri ;.

Upon arrival in Abkhazia, you have to get a mark in the Abkhaz Foreign Ministry and to take up a visa design for the time of stay.

Passport for residents of far abroad

With the inhabitants of the far abroad, the case in relation to entering the abkhazia is different, In order to get to the territory of Abkhazia, residents of far abroad need to get permission to enter Russia, And already with Russia upon presentation of a passport to obtain permission to cross the borders of Abkhazia.

You can go through the territory of Abkhazia through Georgia, but it is necessary to obtain permission from the Abkhaz Foreign Ministry.

In order to get a similar permission to an e-mail of the Abkhaz Foreign Ministry, you need to send a statement of the established sample, scanned image of a passport and several photos.

The permission to enter Abkhazia The Ministry of Foreign Affairs gives within 5 business days.

Rent a car in Abkhazia

Useful knowledge and recommendations

As you know, Abkhazia is visited by tourists to relax and with a business visit.

In order to visit this country and remember it with the best parties, without the emergence of unpleasant situations, some of its features should be known, in particular, that the relationship to the sovereignty of Abkhazia is different, Abkhazia as a country borders both Georgia and Russia.

In view of some circumstances, Russia recognized the sovereignty of Abkhazia, so its inhabitants are allowed to enter and visa-free crossing boundaries. However, the situation in the intersection of borders of Georgians is a bit different.

If you decide that you can enter the abkhazia, you can cross the borders of Georgia without formalities, then it is not.

Since you hit the territory of Abkhazia from Russia, the Georgian authorities you will be considered as violators, the Georgian Foreign Ministry will refuse you, and the Abkhaz customs at the time of crossing the border between Georgia and Abkhazia will arrest you.

Abkhazia and Georgia: Customs counterweight

When visiting Abkhazia, it should be said that the relationship between these countries is not very.

After a collision with Ossetia, Russia recognized the independence of the new state ; Abkhazia, Georgia still considers the territory of Abkhazia temporarily occupied, so all the ways to penetrate the territory of Georgia from Abkhazia will be stopped in bilateral manner, and such actions will not only be limited to the imposition of a fine, but will be an obstacle to obtaining visas in a number of European countries.

For Russians and stateless persons who, in passports, there are stamps on the intersection of Abkhazia and Russia, a ban on entry into Georgia has been introduced.

If you want to go to Georgia, you should seek permission to enter this country only through the CAT ; Inguri ;.

Official to achieve permission to enter Georgia through Abkhazia is impossible, it will entail a violation of the legislation of Georgia.

If you have something to supplement this article about a trip to Abkhazia or you have questions ; Please write a comment below.

On the car to Abkhazia; Do I need passport and trips

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