On the castles of the Czech Republic by car

The impression of the Czech Republic is the most fabulous! Starting from the quality of the roadway, through which we moved with my husband, and ending with a friendly appeal with tourists, amazingly delicious cuisine and magic nature around, where we do not look!

The purpose of our auto operating was as follows: to visit the Czech Republic, t.E. Visit the outstanding monuments of the architecture of the time that is enough. Among the many castles, we were especially intrigued: Rozhmbrek over Vltava, deep over Vltava, the castle of a zbirog and, of course, the cultural heritage of UNESCO Locker Castle and Prague Castle.

In each of these castles, except for the magnificent royal sophisticated architecture, there are secrets, exciting blood and up to now. So we risked (such brave and modern!) go through these places and to experience all the sharpness of ancient legends and legends.

We have planned a total time of the trip for 3 weeks, so that time, as we seemed to get roaring and ride we had enough. But we were mistaken! Already on the way home concluded that even if it were 2 times more – no longer enough! Very interesting this amazing country – Czech Republic!

What is necessary for a trip to the Czech Republic

Autotourism rules list in brief:

– Passport and Schengen visa are mandatory attributes for any trip to Europe;

– The driver’s license of the international sample + sufficient driving experience and excellent knowledge of traffic rules;

– Bank cards with a sufficient amount of money (no one will check the amount, but for your own calm it will take two from 1000 euros);

– Route list of auto-travelers with the designation of road branches, stop points, hotels, cafes, etc.

As you can see, it will not work out of the listed list, t.To. All this is very important for a comfortable, quiet and joyful tour of the Czech Republic.

What you need to know about this country?

Czech Republic – European country, but still in the nearby past – fraternal for the USSR. True, in those days, the Czech Republic was an integral part of Czechoslovakia, but the correction of the essence does not change: almost the entire population understands perfectly and speak Russian. Second Prevalence Foreign Language – English.

Monetary unit – Crown (now about 2.5 per 1 ruble). Exchange is performed in banks or exchange offices.

Find a hotel inexpensive, cafe, parking space for cars just through online services.

Autodists Police do not stop if you do not violate! The largest sanctions – to drunk driving. For exceeding the passage of the red light of the traffic light, the wrong overtaking, the conversation on the mobile and other errors – also fines, but smaller. Very many DVRs, so you will leave the violator of the MDD unnoticed will not work.

Road Features in Czech Republic

On the castles of the Czech Republic by car

The road to the Czech Republic from Russia runs along two neighboring states: Poland and Belorus. At a minimum, three customs post will have to go. If nowhere to delay in these states (except cafes and gas stations), then it is realistic to overcome the way to the Czech Republic for 1 day: to leave Smolensk in 6.00 am and approximately at the same time the next day you can cross the border with the Czech Republic, overcoming about 1,500 thousand. KM. Follow the full tank will have 4 times (depending on the flow rate).

If the plans to visit not only the Czech and its attractions, but also to visit the Minsk Castle and on the "island of tears", stroll through Warsaw (Vilyanowsky, Lazenkovsky, Myslevitsky Palaces), then the day may increase several times. Although the impressions of what they saw will also be infinite!

Impressions about the castles of the Czech Republic

So, our route began from the north of the Czech Republic – the castle Prague Castle. In the heart of Prague, the unique residence of the Czech kings and the current president is located. This masterpiece of architecture is dated to the IX century, and each his owner left here a part of himself, embodied in painting, sculpture, palace interiors, etc. Castle is open for tourists, many excursions are held.

Zbirog Castle is the most delicious destination of our excursion. It’s all about the history of this place: one of the oldest (12th century), mysterious and beautiful, but until today’s days there is a legend that it is here that the meetings of the elite of the Massonian Order are arranged in this castle. As far as incredible non-residents – no one can say. Beautiful indescribable, remoteness from the noise of civilization (as if on another planet).

The castle of deep over Vltava is located in the south of the Czech Republic at 140 km from Prague. The place is amazing, bypassing all 140 rooms we did not have enough strength. Yes, and just so visitors are not allowed here: we arrived at the beginning of the excursion and for 1 hour were able to visit only 40 rooms of the castle. But that, believe me, had enough! The story of the guide was about the history of the foundation of the castle, outstanding owners of this estate. In general, it was interesting.

Leaving for the territorial borders of the castle and turning to the West, we were at the foot of the most beautiful castle of the world in a few hours – Lednice Castle. Here delight covers the heart at every step. Gothic light spiers of the castle architecture, neat floral lawns and majestic age-old trees in the garden, spacious rooms with a gorgeous view from the windows, interesting exhibitions – after even a short stay in this place you start to perceive with royal majesty.

The final point of the trip was the castle of Rozhgrik over Vltava on the southern part of the Czech Republic. This is a residence of bringing a white lady, and we, of course, could not miss the chance to see this popular astral essence. Walk through several floors of the castle, the construction of which is marked by the end of the 13th century, to visit many unique expositions (furniture, porcelain, weapons), to visit the "Room of Torture" – for all about everything we needed almost 5 hours. We didn’t find a lady and did not find anywhere, but how the eyewitnesses say, she loves to visit other castles of the Czech Republic, for example, Czech Krumlov, Inprikhov Grades, Telche and Trebni. In the summer, on Saturdays and Sundays, at the initiative of the club hunters in the castle, night excursions are arranged. It is a pity that we did not get on such a fabulously adrenaline action.

The conclusion about our journey is obvious: we want to come to the Czech Republic! See here really have something to visit the most mysterious places. Here you can always find an inexpensive hotel and delicious to eat. Only the next time, I will probably go through the bus (by plane or even by train): I really want to try the beer of this Czech, and at the wheel (yes, and with such serious fines) I did not want to risk. Yes, we bought home, but if the atmosphere is not Czech, – then the beer tastes a little different. So, we are preparing for a new trip today!

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