On the river goes marquise.

Do you remember how it all started?

Everything was for the first time and again.

This story began a spring day on the Campus of the Feto, when two students were desperately dreamed "run away" from study and imagined this escape as swimming on a personally improper raft. "We need a vacation, the change of the environment and the lack of need to think," after the heroes of the "Three in the boat" said Serezha (in the narration – old).

Since both were without five minutes by challenged specialists on the construction of unique structures, the assembly of a floating house has no problem. But where to try it?

River Primorye Anton – He’s a captain in the future – as the Yakut patriot rejected and offered expanses of Lena. It remained to find the start point. On inspirational carons of the distance – 650 kilometers from Yakutsk – on the map Manil city of Olekminsk. There and appointed the beginning of the expedition.

The team came true: two "shutters", a girlfriend of Julia – Doc and Kok, Mom Captain (I) – Boatsman. The guys flew from Vladivostok, captured me and the dog Marta, on a ship with underwater wings, we got to the beginning of construction in 12 o’clock. The sailor – Misha – was already found in Olekminsk, he just had no money for the rocket to Yakutsk)

Part 1. Idiotic

(Boatman on Lensky Pillars)

According to plan, three days was assigned. Dates lengthened three times – I had to change the scheme on the go and every day half-day look for barrels, pipes, fasteners, and so on. Ten days left on the frame on the barrels, flooring, canopy, shelves-mezzanine, Galun, drawers in the deck, plump and oars. Gims for us obviously sick – checked the construction in the day, shook hands and gave a falsefaiter and a first-aid kit. Local came with gifts to the shore.

The most unpleasant day before the exit "Oscillations day" – When the officials of the district already with a practically ready-made pillet, the list of reasons for which we should not go out. The forecast for alloy from the administration looked like a checklist of perches: we can pour a wave of a motor ship "Yaroslavl", Bear fog, knock the rocket, tip over the storm.

George seized the newspaper and read us a message about accidents with boats and weather prediction, which reads: "Cold, rain, in places thunderstorms; East wind; Barometer falls".

(in collaborators take, of course, jerome)

We were offered to postpone exit for a year (!), coincide with Osyachu – New Year’s meeting in June, the July White nights, and now it is "Recklessness and stupidity". It seems to be banned – but also promised to the weak motor for infringement did not give.

Deciding not to be "Yazzhem" and do not climb until they ask, I graduated my teeth and did not give any tips. Only when the son is the captain of the fleet – the dumping from gloomy predictions and the feeling of responsibility for all of us, asked what I think about it, firmly replied: "We go! Even if we will turn us on the first wave. Otherwise why was it all?»Anton clearly flee.

In one, we were unanimous, namely, that, however, we will bring our company to the end. We decided to enjoy the river for two weeks and were intended to use these two weeks entirely. We are young and strong. In the end, we may have survive all this safely.

And exactly on the day of the geographer, under the flag of the Russian geographical society (a member of which I became this year, and which helped us as it could), with the speaker name of the vessel we were fragile from the shore. It seemed to us less idiocy than to spend a bunch of money on the road to Olekminsk, building materials and shoulder to return home. Perhaps our sixth crew member – the dog of March – this option would have arranged more, but no one has learned her foreboding)

That to the gloomy predictions to become a raft by our floating coffin – we decided to perceive them only as a checklist of adventure, which was required to close. Any trouble is perceived as a check mark in the list of one or another fatness. Storm? – And, for sure, it was. But the rocket goes – put a cross! By the end of the alloy for us "flew" Flock of lair tick.

There were no inspected adventures at all – what we sentenced "But this tick has not yet had. " – When we passed between two ships. Or dragged from the meli in the middle of the river threatened damage to the modules.

The process of thought on the raft has grown into the sphere of survival that "Smart" thoughts of the forces lacked. Rare conclusions of the captain, pulling on philosophical, caused delighted with its preserved mental process. We called their revelations from Anton. The first sounded like this: "Motors usually go through water". The second was even stronger: "Motorka has a motor." The third we did not wait))

Perhaps our overall state of "foolish" and caused our incessant fun – on dozens of photos we giggle, jump, laugh, and if you think about it – exactly without reason.

I will not quote the formal reasons for the explosions of fun – humor they seemed only in those circumstances, only to us, in love with the idea, in each other, on the journey and the world around. Although still we understood that "strangers do not go here" and in the future in such adventures need to take people with a certificate of light deviations, if such somewhere out.

Well, for example, you are ridiculous: "The Ministry of Emergency Situations warns: uncontrolled self-propelled vessel is expected on the river? And we rzhali – representing how desperately trying to see the captain of the next oncoming barge from us, receiving a message on the radio.

But still we found in the end our own – fisherman fisherman, and cudak eccentric sees oh how afar!

On the approach to Elanka, when we thoughtfully lying in contemplation of the cliffs, we suddenly trampled a powerful boat for 140 horses twice. To the 12th day of alloy we managed to become famous ("So we saw you on television!" – shouted to us from the shore) and slightly tired smile and wave. Well, think the boat and boat.

In the dark we moated under Felka. Immediately as a devil from tobackerki suddenly, the most owner of the boat appeared on the shore:

– Guys, I am Alexander, the owner of the turbase. Let’s go – I will show my farm.

Sasha with three brothers from Ulahan Ana. Built several houses for rent on Elanc, bought a boat, and . (loss from avatar) – came up with raising pontoon floating houses with solar batteries for vacationers. Seeing us on the river, he was because he cut two circles, which did not believe the eyes: – Kaak, they already exist?)

In the whole evening, we disadvantaged the lifting capacity, the restaurant on the water, the arrangement and convenience of the plastess, showed all the corners of our fleet. Choknut will always understand each other) there is such a word in Georgian – Shereleyby, it just means: Cranks, Nursing, city crazy, abnormal inventors. I love those!

The next morning, we beautifully left the trailer on Sasha’s boat on the middle of the river and spread up – until the next summer. Summer, when on Elanka, they stop on the waves of the cabins of Sasha Dreams with batteries for charging, rolls, chairs, cups of thin porcelain (although the stop, these are already dreaming of my inner sherelli))

So I want to hold in the hand of Tuesuck with the bypripah and pronounce a toast for Sherlebieby (or how there on Yakutsky), so that they were not translated into the Hangalassian ulus!

Part 2. Thanks

Only the course kept us from the manifestation of hot gratitude.

Before the alloy, we did not know that the rickests, like truckers, have their own society – only on the water. Earn is quite simple – go to the water!

We were given cylinders with gas, caught fish, pies with mushrooms, pulled out to the shore or vice versa thawed with shallow water. The community of coastal villages were included in the community, carrying the darities of the garden, meat, cream, the necessary glands. Maybe we would come to the point B (Yakutsk) without such a help – but clearly later and Ostervev from the struggle) and so we almost always were in the softened touched by kindness and with faith that miracles on this river always happen at the right minute!

Yes, we walked under the flag of RGO. But the structure itself helped us, and people who were simply real patriots (that is, they loved their native places and wanted to love them). Many of them were members of the RGO, many – just friends, but no longer saw us before it)

"Brave dementia" caused obvious sympathy.

Take at least Sanyajat. Walk on the first street ended in an invitation to Vasily Khlebnikov, a descendant "Summer Yamchikov", that the mail and passengers of two hundred years. While Serge dug a generously dedicated field of potatoes, I greedily studied the lists of Vasily’s ancestors from 1782. "Abel gave birth to Isaac – Innokentia had 10 children.."

Serega, gaining potatoes, already cut the spare blade of the oars from the road sign. From the good people of the village of the second blade was a piece of wing An-2. I was taken ashore on Rarijet – the last time I sat in such 45 years ago)

The mission of the expedition was and meeting in the spirit "Bonifaces and children" – informal communication on board the fleet with schoolchildren on the way, so the oncoming villages received some benefit from us.

The captain was so impregnated with this mission – when we flew past the right turn in the duct and broke the paddle, the conversation with the director of the school of the nearest village on the phone he began with the usual: "We are the Expedition of the RGO, would like to meet with your children. "We clap my mouths, laying from laughter on the floor, when Eleanor Petrovna at that end of the tube I asked irritably and wore, where she takes children on Saturday at 8 pm? – Boal-you, – We hide a hint, – ask the bolts! Do not need children!

Part 3. Gastronomical

(From geological song)

We all have been in campaigns and are familiar with their monotonous menu – combinations of stews with croups and pasta.

Therefore, we decided from the principle never to ride the food of the tourist – Peteitrop and prohibit the notorious pasta on the vessel with stew. The menu from Coca could claim some Michelin Tourism Star, it caused salivation already on the shore:

Harcho soup with meat

Pasta with ham and mushrooms

Baskets in oranges with mulled wine

Ragu with lingonberry and beef

Fish baked in foil with lemon juice

Looking at this menu from Youth Yulia, I regretted the children, which looked with me looked at the primitive versions.

Any forest on the shores caused a seizure of a collective fever at Coca:

– Oh, let’s get up, there mushrooms probably!

Cock rushed to collect mushrooms and carried them on the raft.

– Julia, they somehow look doubtful, we do not know them!

– I see that they are edible!

Mushroom (and Dr.) nevertheless did not believe)

But I had a powerful trump card in my pocket – "Irish stew", The recipe of which was the optimal use of all residues. No one could compete with me to compete – except for the same large families of the family with 25 years of experience in collecting residues in the refrigerator. And such on the raft did not lead.

George said that since we had so much time, it seems to us a great case to arrange a gorgeous dinner. He promised to show us what could be done on the river in the sense of strank, and offered to cook from vegetables, cold meat and all sorts of residues Irish stew.

Especially the secrets of Rag were useful when Coca was removed on the plane, and my batchmakers appeared brightly – the question of honor began to feed satisfying, but fiscal.

I understood the terminology you need, I deftly made a welded spaghetti in the paste and "fried onions, tormented with a pate and a juniper sprig, with the addition of mayonnaise sauce and tomatoes, sprayed with turmeric …" – At this place, the vigilance of older fell asleep, and he was no longer heard)

In Olekminsk, we were adjusted by several parties of cucumbers in Olekminsk. Cucumber ballast was a kilogram 15. All the way I spilled cucumbers with garlic and dill, all the way they served as dessert and "snack for nerves" for rowers. Zucchini was also so much that they were incentively roasted, even a ritual and a court arose: so that he had happened, Zar Zabachkachi! There were options to sprinkle them with herbalife and there are raw – but in the smoke it was convenient to warm her hands and eat with the heat heat. It is difficult to name the day when the guys did not have to spend so a few hours.

On the river goes marquise.

Part 4. Household

But my raft, pigs from songs and words,
All my troubles called, not so bad.

"Unbearable ease of being" continued exactly the first two days, which we conducted mainly in dreams and business plans. We have already seen a raft leased weddings, seized by white muslin, garlands, Chinese lanterns. Also planned photo sessions of girls in a hoody in Sunny and on the plaid – in cloudy weather. In dreams on the raft there was also a large folding table with a tablecloth and cups of thin porcelain, music, a leisure area with a library. In dreams, we had a carnate-building under different tastes bringing a stable income. We also believed that I made a mistake by taking so few new books on the raft. Stremes began to master the knitted hook, I learned to collect spinning.

Older demanded that he was given the space of three "k", only unlike the German woman with her Cirche, Kyukh, Kinder, he had to be Kafka, Kurkarza and beautiful.

In the first two days, we tastefully stacked "Side’y".

We have not yet known that soon a rich spiritual life will be changed by a delight-being, driven by consciousness in a simple framework "from Meli to lunch". Honeymoon we lived in 2 days, the stern life and the difficulty of coexistence began.

– Julia, you have not seen a block for a knife? -We the last hope was drawn by the oldmes, who crossed all the toolklocks of the fleet.

– It’s such a gray brick? A, he is in the kitchen bucket.

– Damn, the raft falls on the nose, barrel struck!

– Just Misha is cleaning the potatoes.

Plot-being takes all the time without leaving time for leisure – although it is because the menu is unimaginable in the usual beam requires soaking, roasting, languishing in different dishes (see. Part of the food), in men, the time flies in "Rowing (a) clocks", repair work and Buretskaya strap. Well, if it is tired of standing at the stove – you can change for a while)

That, well we pull?

– Yes, very cute. Just stop.

– This, it turns out, is not at all difficult. I thought it was a lot of hard.

– No, it’s very simple. We just need to pull all the time. That’s all.

In the rare fallen moments of rest, even older did not want any kafki nor Cupperazy, but "beautifully" he contemplated with one eye, half a lot in the tent.

However, during the swimming, a table and a bench, a nasal lamp, two stools, a row, cutting board, two spatulas, touys, hairpin (in the photo) and earned earrings.

I was afraid before the trip no lack of amenities (although I am a man-dependent man), and two weeks in the fist "Room" by 18 squares. Starmecha I have not seen before the trip never, but according to the characteristic of the son, he introvert, picking up in music and literature, straightline. I waited for impartial conclusions about the motives of the Soviet pop.

After dinner, George pulled his banjo and wanted to play, but Harris protested. He said he had a headache and he does not feel strong enough to withstand the game George. George objected that the music could help him – the music often calms the nerves and drive his headache, – and he took two or three bell notes – on a sample. But Harris said he prefers a headache.

Starmest son drew such a portrait: "Mom will feed us porridge from Ivan tea, she is also not averse to drink."

The first days of Stremes, as it turned out later, waited intensively when I show the promised qualities, and he will find stewed grass in a plate, and me – with a can of beer on the stern. But we went to the soul in the soul! We had a lot of common: read books, heard songs (concerts of the Leningrad Rock Club went to me in Karma), and most importantly – we were always ready to go down over the same things. I never prepared herbal-grain mixture – and it saved our relationship)

Part of the last.Triumphal.

Where everything looks and looks at my strange, stubborn compass.

Whether we thought that we were so cool, going without a motor in 10 hands on a raft weighing one and a half tons? Heroes felt themselves?

We definitely liked what they are considered to be on the shore.

We have seen how we start taking pictures and promise to send vatsap, shoot on our background and ask profile in inst . We were confident that passing boats had already included us on the list of attractions: "And this is a live picture of" Burlaki on Lensky ". Let’s get up all – Selfie on their background, while they are in the frame!"

But we did it not because of the "copper pipes" – as far as we attached to the raft, it became clear in the first days of return, when only the captain rejoiced to the owned goods of responsibility. The rest watpili "I want to go back …" simple difficulties, small victories, a clear world, opened by the scope of the sky and land, pigeon-dairy sunrises, bring from passing vessels – from this so immediately do not move away ..

It’s time to feel silently to admire the beauty that we saw – but when the flat monitor will be able to pass the yellow-crimson paints driving around the nerves, the sounds of "tombyssing" roasting on a frying pan, the smell of heated sand from the shore, heat from the day sun, joy with bubbles in the nose After we put another check mark)

We passed five hundred kilometers, broke four oars and sold a raft under a floating marina in Bulguynnyakhta.

Victory did not even seemed victories, but after I was surprised – how it lived two weeks without a bath, warm water from the crane, side by side with unfamiliar to that? How did the clock in cold water guys? How we got up cold in the morning in 4-5 am, to reach to the fog? What helped us not to grumble, do not sneak, translate any nastyness to the reason for a joke?

Coincided the puzzles of characters, interests, musical and literary addies – of course. The ability to believe.

( Even before the start of the alloy, the Secretary of the Department of the RGO sent me a message "You fed the spirits?"- To which I proudly sent photos of baked pellets. People not from Yakutia looked at me somewhat frightened: "You truth to believe it??"

The sailor, besides faith in the spirits of the river and forest, was a terrible esoteric. Whatever happened – he sentenced that for the success of the enterprise, it is necessary to visualize the desired (motor, for example) – and oddly enough, the boat went immediately, who wanted to alleviate our suffering. The sailor followed the purity of the thoughts – when we could not remove the raft with the Mel, he suspiciously looked at everyone and wrote: "Which of you does not believe in success? Because of it, we can’t encounter! Doubts prevent subtle energies!" He believed that the power of thought we can turn the wind or ignore the course, this Castaneda assured that it was necessary to imagine – no currents ..)

But the main thing – the same degree of dementia and courage to the team of the fleet of the "Beautiful Marquis". This is some more technical smelting – everything you need for such a trip.

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