On the sights of Italy

Make this entry I prompted one of my friend who wanted to go to Italy. He intended to go to Rimini and at the same time to see "everything else".

Naturally, I asked the explanation that he means under the phrase "everything else"? It turned out that this is a long list of all the most popular important sights Italy. The Pisa Tower and Vatican and Venice, Long List. My friend sincerely believed that all this can be quickly driven by ordering excursions.

Where does this view come from?

After a short conversation, it became clear how such a performance appeared. And indeed, in many countries it can be done. In Egypt, you can, if you wish from any resort to go to the Egyptian pyramids or in the Karnak Temple. Of course, the path from Sharm el-Sheikh to Cairo is not close, but if desired it is possible and costs quite acceptable money.

In Tunisia, the situation is even better, from hotels in Sousse Sousse arranging excursions to any sights of the country. Sousse is very profitable located in the center of the country on the Mediterranean coast.

In Turkey, resting in the resorts near Antalya, it is difficult to see only the sights of Istanbul, you will have to fly on the plane by a local flight.

From here my friend and the impression was the impression that for two hundred dollars will be able to drive around all the most interesting places in Italy.

Reality Surov

The cost of excursions from Rimini is several times higher than in Egypt or Tunisia. Everything is worth it more. And the cost of the driver and the time of the guide, fuel and the price of exponent’s excursion buses. Entrance tickets, cost of paid motorways, everything is more expensive. Still, Italy is a developed country of Europe.

In addition, many tourists are bad to themselves represent the size of the country and the location of the resort of Rimini on the map. Italy is much more than it seems. Talk about each group of attractions separately.

Rome and Vatican

The most famous sights in Rome and Vatican are the Amphitheater of the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, St. Peter’s Cathedral, Sisikstinskaya Capella and Vatican Museums.

As you noticed, in Rome a record concentration of cultural heritage sites per unit area. This is not surprising, because the city is more than 2,700 years old, 600 years old, he was the capital of all Western civilization, and was still one of the Italian capitals of culture and art.

Rimini to Rome is 350 kilometers. Even on a high-speed train to go for several hours. Tourist bus rides even slower, about 5 hours. One day excursion is excluded. Even if you set early in the morning and return over midnight, then in the city you will have time to see no more than two attractions, and it is at best.

Ride Rome need a few days and book there Hotel.


The main attraction in this city is the excavations of the Roman city of Pompeii, which was buried under the ashes layer and perfectly preserved. Also in the city there are several famous palaces. This Palazzo Real and Palazzo Capodimont – Winter and Summer Residence of the Governors of the Bourbon Dynasty.

Rimini is even more – about 500 kilometers, which makes a one-day trip even more problematic. This is also needed to go for a few days to look at at least the most interesting places of the city.

Famous for its magnificent Pisa Cathedral and Falling Tower. From Rimini to Pisa 300 kilometers, also not very convenient for one-day trip.

However, go here on a tour "One day" you can, because in addition to the cathedral and tower, there is almost nothing to watch in Pisa. Tedious, but you can.

On the sights of Italy


Can also come for a day trip. Along the highway here ride 220 kilometers from Rimini. Florence should look at the statue of David, and visit the famous Gallery Uffizi.

Florence a lot of attractions, but they are little familiar to the Russians. Most of them do not cause interest from the average resident of our country, they will rather be interesting to intellectuals and fans of Italian culture.


Rimini is 250 kilometers. Excursions in the city are long enough, even ride on the gondola will take you at least an hour of time. Theoretically, it is possible to go to Venice for one day.

But think about how much the concept of "hurry" and "Venice" can generally be compatible with each other? This is a city of calm, beauty and antkey. You will not even really have time to go to the store and look after the Venetian mask and other souvenirs.


This is the industrial center of Italy. Milan is not so rich in the sights. Most tourists appreciate this city as a great place for shopping. Of the interesting places of cultural heritage, it is possible to remember that the mystery in the evening – the fresco of work Leonardo da Vinci.

From Rimini he is 320 kilometers, which is also not close. One-day trip is not recommended, especially if you want to go shopping and find the best price for clothing of famous brands.


How did you understand wherever you go from Rimini, always go long and in most cities to go for one day there is no point. In addition, you will be very unpleasant surprised by high prices for such trips. Of course, you can choose only one city and go for a few days there – this is the best option. Or maybe it is worth seeing the sights of Rimini himself? They are no less interesting, although not so famous for the Russians.

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