On the slopes of the Bavarian Alps

Bavaria is not only the birthplace of beer and sausages. Visit it in the winter – and you will see for yourself. Although, of course, taste an excellent Bavarian beer, stewed cabbage and roasted pork will not be completely superfluous. Odrovel’s locals are famous for the Bogatyr appetite and truly limitless love for a foam drink. Drink it they are ready and in the hot July days, and in the January cold. But besides Beer, the Bavarians are proud of their ski resorts. The beauty and paintings are famous Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Berchtensgaden, Oberstdorf may well argue with the popular resorts of Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

Double-titled city

In the ranking of the German ski resorts, Garmisch-Partenkirchen confidently occupies the first line. The best ski slopes of the Olympic level are located here, on the slopes of the highest mountain of Germany Tsugspitz (2962 m).

The dual name of the city is not by chance. For a long time, two villages, harmis and neighboring parthenkirchen, existed separately from each other. Their residents have never been in a friendly relationship. In the spirit of popular commercials about cleaning products, they competed literally in all. While they did not reconcile … Adolf Hitler. On the eve of the winter Olympics of 1936, the Führer carried out a combination of two enemy towns. So on the map, in fact, Garmisch-Partenkirchen appeared. It is located just two hours drive from Munich. Therefore, tourists going to the ski resort are usually preliminary acquainted with the attractions of the capital of Bavaria and try beer in her old taverns.

You can stay in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in one of the cozy family hotels. Many avid skiers prefer to live in the city itself, but in the village of Grynaau, in close proximity to the ski tracks. In this case, you do not have to spend a lot of time on the road. After all, to the mountains from Garmisha, you must first get on the gear railway, and then on the funicular.

You can ride in the local glaciers from mid-November to the beginning of May. Ski routes are divided into several zones: Zugspitz, Garmisch Classic, Ecbauer and Wank. Among the fifty descents, each tourist will find suitable for himself in terms of difficulty: lightweight "blue" family holidays and more complex "Red" and "Black" for skiers with experience. For extremals, separate areas of unprepared, so-called virgin descents are assigned. All routes are equipped with rackets – in the area of ​​the harmisha, they are already fifty-four. True, in order to use them during the day, you need to purchase SKI-PASS subscription (47 euro for two days). For the elite and most complex zone, Zugspitz requires a special skip Ski-Pass (147 euros for 6 days). To rent a ski and shoes for one day, you will have to pay another 22 euros.

Anyone who has never got up to the mountain skiing in life may take advantage of the services of many instructors. Experienced athletes, among whom there are many Russian languages, for a reasonable fee will reveal the secrets of their skill, will be prompted for optimative descents (for example, in the Wank area, where the mountain slopes are more commonly).

For cross-country ski lovers, there is gamish and plain routes. Tennis courts have also tennis courts at the Olympic stadium and a giant, with a total area of ​​two more square kilometers, a water park with covered and open pools. In the evening, after swimming, it’s nice to walk along the old streets, with the characteristic, made in the Alpine style houses. Wall painting gives them a kind of toy view. And there are no lovers of urban graffiti, but representatives of traditional classical painting. Sometimes their work looks in real works of art.

Inspecting local attractions, do not forget to visit the house-estate of the German composer Richard Strausa. At the top of the Tsugspitz there is the highestmost exhibition hall in the world. And of course, be sure to travel on a tour of the Bavarian Castles. The legendary palace of Neuschwestin is not only a symbol of Bavaria, but also the emblem of the American Disney Empire.

Lift to the eagle nest

Fabulous landscapes are waiting for you in the eastern part of the Bavarian Alps, in the District of Berchtensgaden. This area located among the snow-covered vertices and the mountain slopes is considered to be pearl of Bavaria. Here is the second highest after Tsugspitz Top of Germany Watzman (2714 m). Most popular winter holiday location in Berchtenszgaden – Shenau village on the shore of the Clean Mountain Lake Königssee. On a cable car can be very quickly moving from there to the Jenner ski area. Kabinc literally attracts tourists over the Alps. From the height of 1800 m, the unusually beautiful, breathtaking panorama opens. In Jenner no descents maximum, "Black", categories. The vast majority of the tracks here "Red", Medium in terms of complexity, there are also newcomers oriented "Green". Six lifts work. The cost of the daily SKI-PASS in Jenner is 21.5 euros for an adult and 13 euros for a child (up to 14 years old). As in Garmishe, here are offered to use the services of instructors.

Novice skiers, fearful even the coolest descents of Jenner, it is recommended to try their forces on even more gentle slopes of Rossfeld or Gethens. These resorts are nearby from Berchtensgaden, the capital of the region of the same name. Good highlighting of the tracks in the Getten allows you to ride even at night. Resting in the area love not only skiers, but also snowboarders. Nice here and just go through, breathe fresh air. Pedestrian trails stretched out in the vicinity of Berchtensgaden for many kilometers. After riding strength can be restored in "Watzman Terme". This is a whole range of baths, saunas and swimming pools, including mineral water.

On the slopes of the Bavarian Alps

To the main local attraction – Located on Mount Obersalzberg Castle "Eagle Nest", Like to ski slopes, you can climb along the cable car. Work on the reconstruction of the famous Alpine Center, where in the years of World War II, the residence of the Fuhrera was located four years ago. The complex was practically completely destroyed by the bombings of the Allies, and since then no one has decided to start his recovery. The Bavaria authorities perfectly understood that the recreation of the center could cause some people a negative reaction, but this fact did not stop them: a gloomy past "Eagle nest" – This is also the story of Germany.

Silent mountains

Ski resort Oberstdorf, located in the Valley of the River Ilfler, is designed for a quiet family vacation. Quiet in the right sense of the word. On a significant territory announced by the pedestrian zone, even the entrance of cars is denied.

In Oberstdorf, as in Garmyshe, there are super-compound for passage "Black" highways, and calculated on lovers lighter "Red" and "blue". The pride of Oberstdorf is considered the longest (7.5 km) in Germany, the descent of nonberborn.

Many skiers prefer the Oberistdorf District Zlolek district: its central track is equipped with a snow gun, allowing you to ride with any weather, as well as a unique circular lift. In total, there are 24 lifts and four cable cars in Obersdorf. For the rental ski per day will have to pay about 15 euros. The weekly subscription SKI-PASS costs 164 euros, however, acquiring it, you will get the right to ride not only in Oberstdorf, but also at the neighboring Austrian ski resort Kleinvalseal. Much cheaper will cost riding on ordinary cross-country skiing. Their rent is included in the price of the resort card (1.5 euros). In addition, you will receive a guidebook and coupons, giving the right to discounts when purchasing tickets for excursions and local buses and trains.

After walking in the winter air, you can warm up in the thermal baths of Oberstdorf and skip a glass-other mulled wine in one of his taverns. In the city, it is necessary to look at the local local lore museum, the decoration of which is an old passionate cross (1673). Oberstdorfs consider themselves deeply believers. True, they believe not only in Christ, but also in the mountain alpine spirits. Every five years, the ritual rite of their expulsion is performed by thirteen representatives of ancient birth. So, by gathering to conquer the ski slopes of Bavaria this year, you have a unique opportunity to put up in modern Oberstdorf "Dikarey".

On the slopes of the Bavarian Alps

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