On the US cars – the main journey of 2018 with Maxim Shahinsky

But there are exceptions when on some routes it is worth going a group,
as a rally with Maxim Shansky, which he has been in a row.Perhaps this is the most amazing program he ever created!
This is an auto-job for the USA in September 2018:
http: // travel.SHAINSKY.com / usa_top

The first such tour Maxim organized exactly a year ago, in September 2017. Places were disassembled instantly. In a TV about America, you can say anything.
But you have to understand that it is propaganda, and there are unreal America.

This America is unimaginable national parks and highways

I already told how in September 2014, we drove with friends by car
Approximately the same route that Maxim offers. I had a lot of travel, but it was and remains the most unforgettable journey for my whole life! Memories are so bright that as if it was yesterday.

  • When in one day you can see coniferous forests in the rocky mountains
    with snowy peaks and a sultry desert in nat. Park "Arki".
  • When real Indians are carrying you in the Canyon Antelope,
    And you understand that you are already in some fantastic film.
  • When running on the most famous road in the monument valley,
    for which the Forrest Gump ran.
  • When you go 800 meters from parking on the Horseshoe Bend viewing area,
    Thinking, "Just look at 1 minute and everything, back to the car, and it is too hot".And in fact hang there for 2 hours. Standing on the edge of the cliff, see how far below
    Great Colorado River makes an incredible 360 ​​degree bending.
    Feel like blood freezes in the veins, breathing stops and freezes the whole world.
On the US cars - the main journey of 2018 with Maxim Shahinsky

It’s not just amazing places, but Shoulder! I can’t pick another word. And if there were only 2-3 such shielded places for the trip … It would be unforgettable! But no, such places there are 5-7 per day!

How to travel in america?

Exclusively on the rented car! You lose 98% of impressions, if you do not take the car.
And Maxim Shahinsky exactly the same opinion. Usually in its tours, he with the group moves on public transport or on the ordered minibus. But in the USA in 2018, he makes the focallength for the second time! You can be like the wheel yourself, and you can only be a passenger. If you are a driver and ready to take passengers, then the legendary sports car Ford Mustang will be provided as a bonus for one day ! And passengers will pay gasoline all the trip.

Why in the US only with Maxim?

Maxim before moving to Thailand, lived for a long time and worked in America.
I started with an ordinary travel agent, but then became the leading telecast about traveling in America For Americans.Phenomenal experience! This is generally a miracle that in general this opportunity you have. I still do not understand why Maxim himself personally organizes such tours. I always say him that it is like a microscope nails take. T.To. Maxim Shainsky do not clone. In one such trip, he can only take about 20-30 people. And only 1 such a trip for the whole year. And people who have a desire and opportunities – tens of thousands.

  • Traveling in America in September 2014

When we traveled to America in September 2014, we began to prepare for the trip in July.
Flights and car booked without problems. But with accommodation I had to tight! In all NC. Parks very little hotels and all of them booked for a year. We had to live exclusively in roadside motels, located sometimes 50 km from the attractions where we were driving. And Maxim has long booked for a group the best places to stay throughout the program. This is a very important advantage! By the way, in some nat. Housing parks are not only extremely small, but it is very expensive,
Sometimes I saw prices up to $ 1000 a day. Depending on the total cost of travel, I can’t understand how and where Maxim ducks the rooms cheaper in such places.

  • Prices for housing

T.To. There are no such prices on the Internet. Maxim has many personal secrets and connections (especially by the USA),
with which he sometimes even shares with me.
Regarding the US visa. Get it easy, you just need to fill a rather long profile and come with a passport to any embassy. But because of political disagreements, in Russia in the embassies it is quite difficult to register now. And sometimes it is impossible at all.

  • Obtaining a visa in the USA

To get a visa quickly, you need to go to Armenia, Georgia or Poland. This is nothing terrible, there are also taking in Russian. And as a plus – it turns out a short spontaneous journey. If independently the whole process for you will look complicated,
then only for the participants of the rally, our partner will hold you on all stages for a small surcharge, and you will receive a visa for 3 years. If there is a refusal in a visa, Maxim will fully return an advance payment. But last year it was 30 people and there was no failure.
There are no places very soon!
Excellent Travels!

On the US cars - the main journey of 2018 with Maxim Shahinsky

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