On the village to the grandfather Zyonga

In the same random method, we chose the Vietnamese health resort – Fukuok Island. In Vietnam, I wanted, but somehow so that not in the thick of the folk life with her flicker smell of fried herring and the frightening battalions of the moped troops. Fukuok grew out of the fog of consciousness by sudden iceberg and nailed her hand (or what these icebergs are sitting out), offering a direct flight to Hoshi-Human 24 tons., and from there a straight hour flight to the end point of the path. So our bastions fell so.

Slightly Hoshimina

To progress and flush on the mysterious island on time, we chose an internal flight with a reserve at 5 o’clock. These long 300 minutes we had to spend in a large Asian city, where by 10 am air warms up to 30. In order not to waste the time, they went to taste local specialists – Fo Soup and Spring Rolls, to take the same way in Vietnamese style and change currency. Fo soup was very good, like Spring Rolls, hairstyle came out in the style of the magazine "Vietnam Today" for 1987., And the course in Ho Chi Minh City turned out to be a pleasant course on the island, which we naturally learned on the island.

The most profitable met in the exchanger in the city center opposite the main market. About Ho Chi Minh City I can say this: this is a strange-drowning buzzing anthill in the greenery. Not at all, what imagined – it is more, more beautiful, more comfortable. People also managed to meet, but this is a separate story.


At the airport of Fukuoka two fairly cradled trappers, who first drove a long time, then flew a long time, and then spent 5 hours in jeans and leather sneakers where the temperature below 30 does not go down, and the wind does not blow, expected a taxi to finally deliver to Hotel Langchia Village.

The choice of hotel in places like Fukuok, where their darkness is dirty for every taste and wallet, and the lowest banking rating of 7.5 out of 10 is given to me, to put it mildly, with difficulty. First, I take away from hundreds of heels like, I read feedback and sifting another couple. Then I go, I think I can’t choose, although I already know, I already know where I need. Of course, I wanted to stay at least a couple of nights in a new, incredibly beautiful Mariotte. But 27 000 r. per night against 27,000 in 10 days … it was, what to think about. The toad trembled in me, and Mariott was devoted to temporary anathema.

Nortified travelers know that the main cunning booking in Asia – Designev Bucking.com, reserve accommodation in the AGDE or on the hotel’s home website (not always cheaper, but it is worth checking), but it is better to look for housing right on the spot. We booked at the Agoda for just a week, as a result we decided to stay on the news, paying the hotel on site with a small savings in comparison with the AGDO and with pretty decent – in comparison with Buking. com.

Generally, I immediately laid an eye on a small, but very pretty hotel Langchia. First, the garden is tropical, well-kept, with loungers-swings and thick floral flavors. Secondly, the location is in the Kua-Lap area, 4 km from the city center, which is far enough, so as not to feel just at home, but also close enough to get in the evening on Great Riga Vietnamese songs in Karaoke. Third, your beach on the main network hotel network – Famiana. Famiana himself did not impress me – the vegetation is very much, right to right, the houses are looking at each other. The most beautiful thing in it is a beach area. Sand, deep and soft, like a rug with a long pile, velvet green lawn and clean Moreusko.

Famiana Resort

Langchch I loved right away, this is one of the few hotels from where I did not want to leave even at sea. Each centimeter pleases the eye, and the hearing is delivered by Cicadians and Vietnamese roosters. Local roosters, by the way, gave it to me Sheldon Cooper, hate unfinished phrases. Each time, having walked like a rooster scrawns Cakar, I really wanted to finish for him – Kuuuuuuu. One Vazserman is known why these strange birds do not dock.

Beach Famiana

Long Beach is really Long, and therefore it is very diverse on the device and comfort. Outside the city, for example, in Qua-lapse, the beach is clean and led only in those places where decent hotels are adjacent to it. The rest of the plots, even those that are considered paid, require "soap fragrant and towels fluffy" – Packages and all sorts of little, on the sand Dahklak and Algae. But the central Long Beach is very comfortable, youth, partner and clean. There is a tourist life, restaurants, discotes and other entertainment, – all that I personally want to suck dosage.

Neighboring sections of the beach – it is not clear that where it is lying and when it all end)))

About Fingerneyl

On Fukuok we drove almost without a plan. Water excursion to Fingerneyal island promised to become a central event of stay. Well, strictly speaking, so.

Excursion to the island named marigolds We bought on the first day in a tent on our beach. And this is not a Greek island, where the bearded representatives of travel agencies stand on the main street side by side in five rows – everything is much easier on Fukuok, a travel agencies are only 2-3. In fact, it is not necessary to choose a company, but the type of floating and the number of co-butter passengers. Well, you mean VIP-not VIP. We, as they say, there were no graphs in the ancestors, took a democratic six-hour tour of the two-candy schoon, not the first time. We paid not for greed, no. For contingency – always, that is, you should always have dramne with you. 6 hours on a boat that costs most of the time, swinging that the thin rowan is almost an introductory test in the Space School. I’ll tell you immediately, we did not pass the test, with potential weightlessness, we have so much relationship.

Having asked for a fellow guide when a landing on Fingerneyl is expected, I decided to ignore the number one stop. It was morning, I did not want to swim, I waited patiently, until the whole mostly Vietnamese people squeeze in the blue waters of the South China Sea. And at that time, our "victory" rushed like lovers of creativity David Tukhmanova on the waves of memory.

While everything is regular))

I managed to sit, lie down, take a walk, chat with a talkative American. Igor managed to sink with a tube and without a tube, wet, dry, get cold and dry again, and we all stood and did not plan to raise sails. To the dinner, which was served immediately, without going with a spaced place, I was already pretty green face, so I agreed from the proposed panel only to Coca-Cola. Igor very modestly joined meals. All those inhabitants were fed and finally, after three hours, the boat thickened. We went to the beautiful Fingerney, which I was obviously not destined to see that day, because, first, despite the judgments of the guide, the nail was an island from the first series. Well, and secondly, I would not get to the second, because as soon as we threw anchor, and I happily jumped into the water, it became obvious that I was now omitted everywhere and everywhere, especially on the waves. I had to go out, wrapped in a towel and take a sad pose on a deck chair. After a second in sight Igor appeared, he also suffered.

As soon as they sailed (another hour later), it was much easier for me, I almost cheerfully got up and saw our ship. It was a floating hospital.

Vietnamese faces, and so slightly greenish from endless bleaching funds, acquired a pleasant shade of May herbs, then there were complaints there. Some of the wounded brought to the port of the registry. Not immediately and with the greatest labor we left the ship – Igor was unbearable bad. Again, something on a taxi with stops got to the hotel, where it turned out that my husband is a hot thing, which I received a documentary confirmation from a thermometer. So we met with the best local hospital Vinell, located 30 km from the hotel. Then there were funny Fukuoks, tests, analyzes and recovery by the express method, when the temperature, chair and heart rhythms of the patient are sharply normalized by the type of white bathrobe and promised antibiotics.

Vincherl – a new area of ​​the island, while still being upgradable, but already traveling thanks to a safari park and an amusement park, adjacent to the hospital. If there is no time later, Wow, we would be lit on the American slides, which is just so mood to disappear. But the time was later, and we went to sleep.

So, the main recommendation: they gathered to kut on a boat, do not forget to zhink vodka))
And it is better to use the dramne and not be seduced by a ship dinner. And it is even better to just rent a float and swim to the islands according to an individual plan.

Zyong-Dong, he is Duong-Dong

The capital of the island is a typical Asian village with an innumerable stream of mopedists and road kings – a taxi. The first days I was very afraid of everything that moves, because the local manner turns and rebuild does not leave the chances to dodge the inexperienced tourist on Velik.

If Fukuoktsu needs to turn left, he, despite all the conventions, the diagonal goes to the oncoming lab. Right on my eyes, the moped crashed into a taxi, everyone remained alive and satisfied, but to rent a scooter for some reason, it turned out. Therefore, when we still did it, I kept needed Valerian drops, for at first I was almost as scary, as the first time behind the wheel of the car (on a mountain road in Cretan knees). Thank you calm Igor, who loved the local road life and did not twitch each time I scared for his back or, as a raccoon, wrapped it with tenacins.

In fact, danger represents only urban traffic and traffic in the area of ​​construction at Park Vincherl. Island roads, even trunk, pretty deserted and therefore comfortable.

About the city to say especially nothing. All mixed – people, rats. On the elegant main street, resting in the night market, everything is chinno-noble. On a less festive street, walking away from the sea, dozens of authentic eaters, due to low plastic tables and tiny multi-colored chairs looking like a younger kindergarten group. Here you can try a thousand and one dish of noodles and seafood, and after the meal all unnecessary throw on the floor. From time to time, a specially trained person with a broom appears in the hall and suggests order.

On the approach to the market on the right side there is a pharmacy where Russians graze. Purchased to therapeutic mushrooms Lingzhi and change dollars from Russian-speaking Vietnamese. Exchange rate here is the most pleasant.

I, like many ladies from 12 and older, I love to coat any organic mud and wait until the face stretches to the state of the lung paralysis. Clearly, I could not pass past the pharmacy powder for 15 bucks called "Swallow Nest", which, according to the description, consists of bird saliva and instantly turns the horse in the princess. In appearance mask resembled a penny Chinese pearl powder, which our oriental girlfriends whiten the skin to the very pleasant green shade. Returning from the city, I, naturally, the first thing I tried to put it all on my face. The mask did not give in. She looked like a dirty cloth, which he had just washed high school corridors. I went for order to go with her for a minute two minutes, then it became boring. After a couple of days, showed the powder of the hotel masseuse. Ta resums that the mask was defective, and I took an unsuccessful purchase at the pharmacy, where I changed it to that very pearl mask without any questions. Here I am an unpleasant buyer.


Beautiful Bai Sao Beach of those that look in Caribbean brightly and in Balinese green, and fascinated, and disappointed at the same time. He is dirty – a great bunch of garbage rushes exactly in the middle of the beach, as if sharing it on a paid and free. In the sea floats all sorts of little, including joyful Vietnamese. But at the same time, how beautiful! Just a picture of a booklet, if you carefully cut in photoshop here is this package, there are those candy and that coconut shell.

If you go left to the end, you will come to two paid beaches with swings, on which you can make a photo for a reasonable fee or, giving up much more, sit on the sun loungers and is photographed how much the soul.

We had enough five minutes for photography, the Vietnamese virgin lacks and hours))

On Bai Sao, we came twice – for the first time, like white people, settled on the sun loungers, in the second, as the yellow people, went to the easiest and enjoyed the silence and joyful rustling of flying past packages.

You are uncomfortable to swim here, always mad waves. But you can just lie down and go on nature, which, as a very beautiful woman with a wart above the lip, has light external defects.

On the village to the grandfather Zyonga


Probably, this is the most paradise place of the whole island. Here are expensive hotels, the perfect beach line, cleanliness and transparent water. I would like to stay here?! I do not know, I still love the city is slightly closer, and the services in the hotel were worth just below. But come here it is important and necessary, ong-lang is beautiful.

Safari Park

I have never been on safari. At the insistence of the root of Chukovsky in Africa, Egypt did not go further and in the zoo of this kind also did not fall. This first experience was a meant to glory, because we saw numerous hippets ass! These glorious and thick hyppopotamuses!

I stroked the trunk of an elephant and touched the tongue of the giraffe, we fell in love with surprisingly fashion zebras and feline different degrees of nursing.

And, perhaps, for the first time in my life I liked the birds. And some of them were very sorry – they sought to heaven, but every time they beat their heads about the net.

In general, how animals are contained, what huge areas are highlighted every kind, it can not but rejoice. Probably in the place of the Gazelle, I would prefer to live in such captivity, and not in an ideally viewed and complete dangers of African savanna.

Fishing Village Ham Nierh

This is a story about how you can spoil fresh seafood with inadvertent preparation. Ham Nierh – Absolutely Authentic Island Fishermen Village. There are the same on the other side of the island, but it is here that the very floating restaurants are located, where you can try everything for a penny than a richly. And, judging by the suggestion, it is still rich. Such a number of marine marine moronic we saw only on Hainan, t.E. On the other side of the same South Raytsky.

Refluses of the local tavern consists of sinks of all sizes with different inhabitants inside. We poked your finger in the fresh catch and sat down. Restaurant swayed on the waves. After a significant excursion of weekly limitations, we were stolen to be in any unstable object longer than half an hour, but I feared in vain, the order filed after 2 minutes. And, believe me, better than a cook worked over it longer, because these rubber, smelling items approached under the classification "Conditionally edible", and they could only swallow, but not chew. We were chewed-chewed, but did not extinguish.

My taste receptors remember only chopped peanuts in oil, which is served to any dish as a sauce.

Summary: Perhaps these reptiles are just so prepared, we just do not know how to eat them.

At the exit from the pier, they witnessed a brigade trading from under the floor (in the literal). Vietnamese Grandma, standing on his knee in the water, from somewhere from under the skirt, took out one one, then another grid of shells, demonstrating them from below, apparently, restaurant purchases standing on the pier. They discussed, they traded something that they bought something. B2B scheme, Fukuok.
In Ningche us, it is clear, there is a market where you can buy all sorts of dried fishing, nuts and souvenirs.

Elephants Dali

A few miles of Kua-lapse there is a pearl factory and a huge shop of pearls, and immediately behind them is unfinished, and because almost the delicious Sunset Sonato complex. It was there that the second Fest of electronic music "Episode" was held in May (Ex Kazantip).

Without wounded lovers of music style music, this is perhaps the most romantic Fukuoka place. Imagine: Futuristic buildings, scene, deserted beach, revived elephants gave a wander around the water, playing music from "La Land", Two sun loungers in which you look at the sun rolling in the sea … what can be wonderful?!
Answer: Nothing can be wonderful))

Sunsets and lotuses

Separately, I want to say about the sunsets. Yes, they are beautiful in all Asian countries – a big round ball gradually descends from the sky and plunges into the warm sea. But it was on Fukuchok that they seemed special, cinema something.

Two weeks on the island flew almost unnoticed: under the roar of the scooter, the sounds of rustic life, the taste of mango and smells of tropical colors and spices. We really liked the island, he is imperfect and bad – this is such a grandmother’s cottage, where the bed is preparing for you, and you have 13, you screamed with uncle Mozik and Taucan from Granny Ride with a local Swamp to swim on the river. Let’s go? I would like, because soulful ..

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