One and not at home. Best New Year holidays for children

Summer holidays – the longest, but winter – the most long-awaited. First, the new year and christmas (it became necessary for holidays and certainly gifts). Secondly, behind six months of hard study. And finally, thirdly, the snowy winter often grieves adults, but never – children and adolescents, which snowballs and drifts – an excess reason to draw yourself.

On vacation sports teenagers is the time to ride on real skiing. Last year, one of the most fashionable winter resorts (Austria and Switzerland does not count, this is a classic genre) was the ski camp "Sappad", Located in Northern Italy, a hundred kilometers from Venice. This camp, that is, the town of Piano-di Lutz, is fully designed for schoolchildren and students. For training, all conditions have been created for ski art: the child will be given SKI-PASS (subscription to lifts) and equipment (skis, shoes and sticks). Want, you do not want, and on skis we will go: novice athletes are brought daily from the camps to the lift and back and provide a Russian-speaking instructor of alkaline skiing. He will be a professional and titled athlete, which is not surprising, because in "Sappad" In 1999, the World Cup was held in ski racing, and skiing (both ordinary and mountainous) for the local population like slippers. In addition to skis – skating, sledding and winter football. Children settle down four in the rooms approximately corresponding to the four-star; Feed four times a day. For a group of ten people looks after one guide. Weekly tour will cost $ 900-1300.

However, there are parents who do not risk sending their child to so distant, in their opinion, like Italy, places. Even during the holiday period, it is psychologically important for them to have a child as close to home. For children of such parents, winter camps in Slovakia – a country that is much closer than Italy. As you know, children’s tourism has always been well developed in the countries of the former compliance. The ideology was changed, but the traditions remained. And they added a higher level of service. In Slovakia, there is a developed network of children’s winter camps with different embodiments – from small cozy cottages to three-star class hotels. Food quadrasova. The usual composition of the group -8-20 children, observes one accompanying. However, for an additional fee, parents can "attach" Additional baby to the child.

Sometimes there are pathologically inquisitive children. Their board books are thick encyclopedias, telling about the miracles of light and riddles of nature. Such children can be sent to the holidays in Mexico (naturally, in the company with their parents). Best children’s route – "Mexico-Cancun Mexico". The main focus of local excursions in Mexico City and Cancuna is made on historical monuments – buildings of Aztecs and Maya. The excursion program provides for visiting the Alamed Park and the Palace of Fine Arts Located next to him, as well as a huge chapultep park, where the country’s largest National Anthropological Museum is located. If the time is allowed, the program will also include visits to the archaeological zone of the Totyukan (40 km north-east of the city). In Cancun, the main thing is the perfectly preserved ancient settlements of Maya. The best of them – Chechen-ita. It has been preserved in a practical priority. Self "Cream history" – Big pyramid known as "Lock", Temple of Warriors with the figure of God Chaoak and Astronomical Observatory Maya. However, the excursion program rest in Cancun is not exhausted. This is a beautiful resort with luxurious sandy beaches and the Emerald Sea, which is also considered one of the world’s best diving places in the world. Essential plus for a children’s route: Mexico – the country is tourist and rare calm, and Cancun is a world-class resort; Safety everything is in perfect order. Tour price $ 2500 per person.

Kids who still do not know anything about Maya, but they know everything about Santa Claus and Santa Claus, they go together in Finland. Lapland, part of Finland, – Country of Good Santa Claus and Deer with branched horns and sad eyes. In short, there is something to look. Only Santa Claus villages in Finland whole two – Rovaniemi and kitchen. Children’s holidays are not fun for Finland, but a big business with a well-established infrastructure. Cottage villages with rustic houses, surrounded by Christmas trees and deer headers, a complete set of winter games (sledges, skiing, skates; hire in the price of the tour is not included). As well as a cultural program, the nail of which is a high-spirited nail in one of the villages of Santa Claus, where the award ceremony is held with memorable diplomas in honor of the intersection of the polar circle. You can also send postcards from the post office of Santa Claus with his personal postage stamp. From additional entertainment not included in the tour price – a trip to the Arctic zoo of the wound, where more than 200 species of animals live in conditions close to natural, visiting the farm, where they are grown by real Siberian lips; Doggyrian Strip, Motoros Fari, Safari on Reindeer Slies – In Arbitrary Combinations. Those who will seem not enough New Year’s fairy tales, can visit Santa Park. Price weekly tour $ 400-700.

One and not at home. Best New Year holidays for children

Finished toy fans (that is, the most smallest schoolchildren who have solid mickey-maus tetrats) must go (together with their parents) in the famous Disney World (USA, Orlando, Florida). Nice that in "Disneyland" Now there are no queues that for this place – nonsense. Each of the nine zones Disney World is a separate amusement park with its own entourage: the world of the future (fuses dedicated to technical progress), the world of nations (11 mini-states), the magical kingdom (castles and gnomes) and others.

In addition to the roundabouts and heroes of cartoons in Disney World there are several water parks: Laguna Typhunov, hurricane coast and country rivers. After the water is the time for mini zoos like the kingdom of animals, African safari and prehistoric jungle. The most solemn event of a trip – Breakfast with Mickey Mouse in a Crystal Palace (not included). In addition, for a fee, guests are invited to visit the MGM film studio, where you will demonstrate near the process of filming films in the scenery of several historical eras and work of cascaders in the scenes of a disaster of different scale. Price weekly travel per person $ 1800.

With all the diversity there are absolutely separate children’s travels or VIP tours. Individual guide, special program, inclusion in a small group of child governess. At the same time, nothing prevents the standard tour of the individual program: after all, the trip to England can be changed beyond recognition. Include in it, for example, trips to Wells or to Scotland. And from the visit to the mysterious lake Loch Ness with a not-sensitive monster your child will never refuse. Yes, and the mysterious stones of Stonehechnya probably will attract his attention.

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