One day from the life of ancient people

Just do not think that the ancient "troglodites" were deprived of mercy and feelings of the beautiful – they loved and worked, sang and danced, treated the neighbors and worshiped the spirits. Their life was different.

Contrary to stereotypes, the first thing you will see, waking up in the morning, are not high vaults of the cave, but an elegant pattern of twisted deer horns. The walls of your house are the skulls and bones of the mammoths, they are closed by shaggy skins. Somehow from the walls crept on the earth – it filled the gaps between the bones so as not to blow. Seemingly your home reminds Yaranga.

You have heard that some people live in grooves in a rock, but find a warm and spacious cave is not easy. Therefore, you build dwellings from the girlfriend: bones, stones, trees and animal skins.

You are a man, so you live to the right of the hearth, on the male side of the hut. Next to your lies from the dry herb and skins – your faithful helpers: flint axes, arms and copies, animal figures. On the left side separated from your wooden post and partition from the skins, there are female things: knives, scrapers, bone needles, decorations and figurines that descendants will be called Paleolithic Venus.

Pulling, you go out to pollute a pleasant morning freshness. Log in to your home is beautiful. You gladly remember how it was built with her family this summer: in Alveola, Mammoth skulls inserted the longest beers, which came together. And so that they do not collapse, the ends have connected their ends with another tale, spiled by oblique. It turned out a beautiful semicircular arch.

Having passed under it, you are in the yard and see how women, sitting on a bench made from Mammoth’s shoulder bone, pick something at the table (they serves the blade of the same Mammoth) thin flint slides. These are small beads from the Mammoth. Thousands of these are already decorated with your cap and fur overalls, to which firmly sewn furry boots resembling unts.

Breakfast will be hungry: a little sticky porridge from wild cereals and a handful of dried berries. You almost always want to eat, because food is always lacking, but in the morning especially. Need to go hunting.

You waited for him with hope and fear. It happens only once a year, when deer pass through these edges to the south -. Their way unchanged centuries. He was still recognized by your great-grandfathers, you know about him and you. The biggest mining is Mammoth, but to kill him – good luck, so today in your deer plans.

Only to start you need to give tribute to the spirits of hunting. Otherwise nothing will happen. All Male Female Community Population is already preparing to make a sacred rite. You take your best long spear with a sharp, like a razor, a flint tip and go to a small area of ​​the beach near the river. Armed with sticks, carefully evaporate on the sand Future mining figures – deer.

Better, of course, when the animals are depicted on cool arches of the cave or, which is even more pleasant for spirits, made of clay (it is such sculptures that created a tribe in the neighborhood). But at your disposal there are no cliffs, and clay is also a little, so you have to use sand. Sharpening Casting Spear, you throw it into sand silhouettes. Your tribesmen do the same – the more hugs, the stronger will be hunting.

Silently applied to the river, you wait. If we publish at least one disturbing sound, sensitive animals are scared and scatter, we will go to the south by other roads. Winter will turn the catastrophe, as last year, when all your children died, a few sisters and brothers, – the hunt then failed.

"Kra-Kra". Finally you hear a pleasant and almost forgotten for you sound – a deaf knock of the horns for each other. These are deer, they are suitable for the fields of the river to twist on the other side. Looking at one eye from the root, you see a flock. Thousands of animals are already crowded. The first is a large male – went! And behind him the rest.

Water boiled, now is the time! The air trembled from the whistle copies. Good luck favors you, and your fellows are already slaughtered in boats. Winter will be full, fame in spirits.

There are losses. One of the hunters is seriously injured. His head is pought by a blow of a powerful horns. The wound is serious, and to heal it, you will need medicine: a mile from yarrow, infusion of yellow cornflower, a cross, ephedra and altea. Knowledge about these herbs in the community are transmitted from generation to generation, and old-timers remember that they got people from small, but unusually autonous, broad-gravy strangers with large noses and red hair – descendants will be called from Neanderthals. The husband of one of the distant relatives was one of them (to think only, they even had children, at the same time similar to the slender dark-eyed and black-haired co-chamber and blue-eyed Neanderthal!).

Shaman, living, as usual, on the outskirts of the settlement, accelerates all the witnesses, and then whispers over the wounded something incomprehensible, periodically crying a terrible voice and rolling his eyes. At the very end of the ritual, he pulls out a puppet’s wooden doll and shakes it in the air, questioning something. But the spirits refuse to help.

Death is the usual phenomenon in the settlement, so no one flashes for a long time. One of the men takes in the hands of a flint knife and dexterous movements removes the skin from the dead, separating the meat from the bones. The fire is already burning. Brave hunter need to eat in order to be taken over its strength and courage. Deer will take place later.

You eat quickly like wolves. And remember how a few moon backs are also ate man from a neighboring community. "It is impossible to kill near, and sometimes you can, at least if there is a threat to theft of valuable stocks. Although there is a man and killing people rarely, "you think you.

One day from the life of ancient people

And then help dig a shallow pit and lay the skeleton on the side. The remains must be filled with the neck and pick up the stone slab to not get into the world of living.

Many deaths surround your tribe lately. Perfume clearly require offenses. Tomorrow they will receive them – two children from the tribe, brother and sister, who have long been preparing for this purpose (the boy, according to custom, for example, does not eat meat for a long time). And then put in their grave of the jewelry: several darts from the straightened tissue of Mammoth, bone daggers, flint knives, huge claws of the cave lion, and will be buried with all the honors, putting a head to the head.


Behind a difficult day. Your loved ones deserved a holiday. In the center of the settlement, a large bonfire is already burning, and the relatives prepared flutes from the beer of the mammoth, hammers from the Northern deer horn and the drums from animal skins. Tools are richly decorated and get only in special days as today.

The sparks from the fire are carried in the sky, music sounds, and it appears – an unknown creature with a long beard, deer horns and a horse tail, with white stripes on the smeared of the body, with the legs of a person and claws of a cave bear. Smoke from the fire hides the silhouette, giving will imagination, and now you are dancing, repeating his insane dances for the reincarnated shaman.

An hour or another – and it subsides. You along with other men move to a big long hut, where the shaman is already in the familiar human case tell you what the female ears cannot hear, – where did the world come from.

Decaying the bone figures of birds, strung on the lace, churins and bone plates, he begins: "At the beginning of the time the world was covered with water. Poultry flew over him. They sat down on the water, but there was nowhere to reveal the nest. Dived of gagara, but could not get to the bottom, could not bring land. Then dived swan. I barely drew to a deep bottom, grabbed the handful of sand and raised to the surface. Scattered the grain of the grace around and dry. Birds have become a nest, steel and other animals live on earth ".

Now you know the mystery of the universe. With a light heart you go to your home, where in a dream continue to hunt a deer.

The article is the interpretation of the archaeological finds of the Paleolithic times. The material uses data from the book of Anthropologist Stanislav Drobyshevsky "Bikes from Grott: 50 stories from the life of ancient people", as well as information from ethnography – for example, the myth of the creation of the world, the so-called "myth about the diver".

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