One day from the life of the Indian train

"Two Tickets to Kochin, Please" – I ask, looking into the small box of the Indian Station Cass. A mustache Hindu looks at me, she shakes his head in all directions and begins to quickly taitor in response.

"Uala Mala Barala" – hears me. What would it mean? Probably some kind of mixture of English with local adverbs. Although, it could already get used to – so in India they often speak, we called it Hinglysh, well, a mixture of Hindi and English.

I turn everything into rumor. The point is responsible, we need to get out of here. Does not help.

Noise, gam, someone pushes me in the back. Does not push, just not the concepts of personal space in India. Meanwhile, the Masty Cashier already stretches to me a small piece of paper with incomprehensible letters. Although not, one thing was performed. Obviously: "Happy Journey". Admit it was the only thing that was read there. Well, thanks for the wish, it will not hurt us. Ahead of 5-6 hours in the Indian train.

"With you 300 rupees" – he said wrote to me on the calculator. 300, so 300. Ticket from us. It remains to understand what to do with it. He, by the way, was one for two. Neither the time of departure nor the platform on it is not specified. but.

Okay, it’s even fun. The experience of Indian trains has already been. And what is he? That nothing is clear, the trains are late regularly, in the mouthpore you sometimes say something on Hindi, the place of departure is transferred, the cows on the platform run, and most importantly be vigilant.

So, I remember, you need to find someone who speaks English and can help. Are looking for. A pair of guys from Israel, there is not something yes, and go to the other side. Indian man in a shirt and pants found, and I hurry to him with hopes for what he says, well, in English says. Girlfriend in shock guards our backpacks, she is the first time in India, the first time in the Indian station. I kind of experienced, take the troubles.

The man helped, helped not miss the desired train and reach the car, and also jump into it. Yes, the system is such who managed, that well done. It’s not all, it will also be joined. But we are already happy – the first mission is fulfilled, and before the second it is still necessary to live. We manage to sit down, it seems, we are lucky today.

It turned out to be the easiest class – Slipper. Looks like our reserved sequel, well, really very old and sometimes with three shelves instead of two and no windows, instead of the windows they have lattices. "But fresh" – we thought. Outside, he, admit, looks more frighteners – old lattices hanging people, irradiated paint, swinging in the incomprehensible direction. Once inside, you understand. Yes, who I cheat, inside too scary. First scary.

People a lot, hot, smells even more. And to whom it seems that the smells are small, you will be offered "Cai Tsai" and hot corn local sweets, for example. Look, by the way, like our pyshki, only instead of chili sugar powder. Probably, the day on the trip and we would venture on tasting, but then there were enough smells.

One day from the life of the Indian train

So we sat down. We are wary of the pair of opposite. Two white girls, and even blondes always attract a lot of attention to this country. In the eyes, the question and distrust. I smile wide, I do it sincerely, it is impossible and starting differently and start: "Hello, my name is nastya. My Friend Is Also Nastya ». Well, then some kind of joke, how are you. That’s all, ice melted. They smile to us also sincerely, in the eyes played funny sparkers.

How I love it in India, in people there, this light and love they emit. Heat from them, bright. Everything is about open hearts. Divide, you will not be afraid and you will get so much heat in response that you will become like a light bulb. And you will not open, well, then you just admire the Taj Mahal, the beauty of the mountains and the ocean, maybe you can remember in the ashram and quarrel on the endless trash under the legs. But for me it is not about the country, it is about people. Although, so everywhere. But here is especially. Magic Places in People. They bring bright colors in their lives, dazzling bright. In his sometimes very difficult life again and again bring these paints. Live with a heart, and still endless faith. Another world or ..?

And a lot of interesting things were waiting ahead. Only we made friends with the neighbors, as we were asked. Yes, yes, it turned out, we took other people’s places, and our tickets just "without place". So what I was told by the pretty at the checkout at the station ..

So even better – new places, new neighbors and new smiles.

Indian train is an interesting place to observe people, behind infinite-green fields,. I looked like a fascinating film with the stories of the life of these people, and myself lived a little life.

I was very happy in this so frightening outside the train. Who would have thought! These are all people, incredibly bright and responsive. They will prompt, help, spend, share with you with your light and warmth. And so always in India, if you donate her heart.

One day from the life of the Indian train

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