One day in London

Let’s imagine: You are in London, you have free time, but it is enough. Situations may be different: a long transplantation, a business trip or a visit to the city as part of a big trip. To see as much as possible, a short visit must be planned even more carefully than long-term. "My Planet" and the online service Timescenery offer an example of a finished route for the day.

9:30 – Airport

Take as the basis of the daily flight from Moscow SU 2580 Aeroflot Airlines. He arrives in Heathrow at 9:30 am local time. Maximum per hour you will pass all the formalities. Sit on the subway right in the terminal and go straight to the Covent Garden station (ticket costs £ 6). Here you can (if you have a day) Book now. If you do not intend to spend the night in the city, leave things in the storage chamber at the airport. If you are traveling from Gatwick Airport, then you are straight to the central station Victoria on Gatwick Express (£ 17.80), and where it is easy to get to the subway to our destination.

11: 30-11: 45 – Covent Garden

Covent Garden area – the place is always crowded and very atmospheric. Once there were hundreds of shelves of vegetable and fruit market. Since then, much has changed, however, the area is still considered the center of trade, attracting lovers of shopping and gourmets. We will start our day from art: at Piazza Covent Garden We will see the ideas of street musicians or comedians (they are incredibly good here!). And in the central building of the market (now the shopping center is located in his walls) to be up to admire the architecture.

11: 55-12: 05 – Trafalgar Square

Without this sight, London is not London. Here are three main streets of Westminster: Strange, Whitehall and Mellel, pass all the main holidays of the country, and on Christmas Eve, the main tree is installed. In the very center, on top of the 44-meter column, he is elevated – the majestic Horatio Nelson. His rest watchdide bronze lions. In 1805, under the command of the famous Admiral, the British fleet won the battle at Cape Trafalgar. In honor of this battle, the area and got its name. You can walk to Square from Covent Gardena on foot, for example, Strend Street.

12: 05-12: 45 – National Gallery

From the northern side of Trafalgar Square, the London National Gallery is located – one of the best meetings of Western European painting. Taking into account the pleasant fact that the entrance to all state museums of London is free, it would be a crime not to go here.

In the collection of the museum – the canvas of almost all the great artists – from representatives of the late Middle Ages to French Impressionists. Among them, you can see such masterpieces like "Venus and Mars" Botticelli, "Vakh and Ariadne" Titian and "Pond with water lily" Monet. On the website of the National Gallery, all information is represented including in Russian, so Must-See is easy to choose in advance. Please note that there are also a number of thematic routes: "Life of Christ" and "Excursion with children".

In the National Gallery, you can also snack: there are several cafes and a restaurant.

One day in London

12: 55-13: 10 – Equestrian Guard

Leaving the National Gallery, follow the street Whitehall – Here are the main state institutions of the country. That is why it is often when it comes to government messages, they say: "Whiteholl said …" Stop at the equestrian guard – an antique building with a clock tower, which will serve two equestrian and two hungry kingdoms. We will not try to laugh the sentries in red uniforms, how thousands of tourists do. It is better to wait for the bright ceremony of changing Karaul (it passes every hour).

13: 15-13: 20 – Downing Street 10

Go further – and literally in a couple of minutes you will go to the crossroads of Whitehall street and Downing Street. Here, in house number 10, there is a residence of the Prime Minister. Once here they allowed visitors – now approach the famous door with a white digital 10 can not. So it’s not worth lingering here. If only you do not hope to see Teresa May.

13: 30-13: 40 – Westminster Abbey

Whiteholl Street smoothly goes to Parliament Street and will lead you to one of London’s most majestic buildings – Westminster Abbey. Almost all monarchs of Britain were crowned in his walls, including the current Queen Elizabeth II. Here in 1997, residents of Great Britain said goodbye to the princess Diana. Entrance to the territory of Westminster Abbey costs £ 20. But there is a secret for those who want to save. If you come on Sunday at 17:00 to the service, then you will have about half an hour to inspect the temple.

One day in London

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