Eighth day: one day in Macau

The eighth day of our trip to Hong Kong was decided to devote a visit to Macau, and we went there not just. Makao casino we were interested in little, but the fact is that for Russian citizens Visa in Hong Kong not needed if they are here less than 14 days. Our trip lasted somewhat longer, so it was necessary to either make a full-fledged visa for all at home, or to leave Hong Kong, and drove again, get new two weeks. You can travel cheaper or in neighboring China right on the subway (if you have a Chinese visa) or in Macau. In Macau Visa for residents of the Russian Federation is not required, so it was decided to go here, especially since no one was there.

In Macau, you can go through the air or sea, and we have chosen the second option – it is cheaper and faster. About how to get from Hong Kong in Macau and how much it costs, read in Separate article. We decided to go on the road at one of the first ferries, to spend more time in Macau, where we had a rather extensive program, because we had only one day for inspection, and it was necessary to see everything to the maximum. But the desire to sleep won, so we left Hong Kong only at 10 am, and in 11 all the passport formalities have already passed and they went to explore a new country for us.

Most tourists right immediately at the port come to free shuttles from the casino and go to play. There was no such entertainment program, so we went on foot to the first point of our program – Thematic Park Fishman’s Wharf, about which we already described in detail. He is located very close to the terminal, so it was decided to walk on foot.

Representatives of Casino Macau

In Macau, as in Hong Kong, the above-ground pedestrian galleries are popular

Park "Pier Fishermen" – the largest theme park in Macau, but it did not impress us – everything seems unfinished, unfinished, solid shops and restaurants.

We decided to have breakfast in one of them, but seeing coffee prices, changed my mind, and decided to postpone the fees before finding a more budget version. The child was filled with a pre-seized food, and the parents can suffer.


Discussion of the further route

To tolerate, though, it was not necessary to endure – on the building of the nearest casino we noticed the familiar sign of the American catering and went there. McDonalds is on one of the floors of the casino – apparently, in the calculation, if the avid players are hungry, and the money for oysters and champagne will end. By the way, prices in Macau above Hong Kong. At the checkout you can pay both plastic and Hong Kong dollars. By the way, not all local restaurants take Hong Kong money.

We go to Macau Casino

But not at all in order to play roulette

The next point of our program is the Cultural Center of Macau, in which several museums are located. The most famous of them is artistic, but we needed not he, but an unusual museum of gifts, and, special gifts. Long time Macau was Portuguese colony and only in December 1999 was returned to China. In honor of this event, a series of souvenirs and gifts, which are now stored in a small museum. Among them are real works of art, it was on them that we were going to look. But we were not lucky – at first we could not find it for a long time, and when they found it, it turned out that he was closed.

Square in front of the cultural center of Macau with original fountains

Not to waste time we went further. The next item of our program is the Grand Program Museum in Macau, but on the way I had to shut on one of the playgrounds, where without them. The playgrounds in Macau look more battered than in Hong Kong, and there are almost no children.

Playgrounds in Macau

Playground for children in Macau

At the site Maxim did not like it, so after 15 minutes we went on, "watch cars". The Grand Prix Museum is located on the Golden Lotus Square, it was here in 1999 Macau moved from Portugal back to China. The area as two drops of water looks like a Golden Buggy Square in Hong Kong, and even the statue of the lotus, at first glance, is almost no different – against the background of it, tourists are frozen in intricate postures, and on the part it looks very funny.

Gold Lotus Square in Macau

Museum of the Grand Prix in Macau, about which we too Already wrote in detail – One of the most visited museums in the city. It is devoted to the history of the street racing route Guia Circuit, on which cars and moto competitions are announcing. Many famous pilots of Formula 1 once participated in this Grand Prix, which is considered pretty prestigious.

This museum is a real holiday for boys. Where else will you see so many cars with a story, well, and a pleasant bonus is a free entrance, which is very important in Neszaevo Macau.

Museum of the Grand Prix in Macau

Nearby, directly on the contrary, there is another free museum – Museum of Wine. We are indifferent to alcohol, so this exhibition hall did not make a proper impression on us.

Museum of Wine in Macau

Shop with Museum of Wine in Macau

The next point of our walk in Macau – visits to fort on the hill Gui. You can get there in three ways: on foot, taxi or cable car. It was very hard for foot, the cable car was located exactly from the opposite side of the hill from us, so that only a taxi remained. Taxi is best to catch at the entrance to the casino, more precisely it is not necessary to catch it – they themselves are waiting for passengers. Literally a couple of minutes and we are on the spot, on top of the hill.

Here we first were interested in the lighthouse and the system of underground military tunnels. As in most Musaners Macau, the entrance is completely free.

Installation inside underground facilities

The famous lighthouse, which became one of Macau business cards

In addition to free museums, a small, but very cozy park is located on the hill, from which stunning views of the city are located.

Tourists enjoy the views of Macau

View of Macau from the hill

Playground in the park

Go off the hill we decided on a cable car. The path takes only a few minutes, and you are already on the other side of the hill. Pretty cool, only the booths are very small.

Calfaire in Macau

Cabin window view

Our permanent readers know how we tremble we treat a small island called Taiwan, And recently, we were still seriously fascinated by his story, so Dr. Sun-Yatsen memorial house in Macau could not miss.

We will definitely make a separate report about this museum, so now only a couple of photos, so as not to stretch today.

Sun-Yatren House Museum in Macau

Memorial House Sun Yatsen

Before you go to the main tourist attraction of Macau – Ruins of the Cathedral of St. Paul, we decided to take a little walk on a not quite tourist area and look at the market for local. And, honestly, they were very amazed, as the turf of the city with a casino and expensive restaurants differ from ordinary streets.

One day in Macau

Macau outside the tourist trail

The market is generally an amazing place and, perhaps, one of the most colorful in Macau, which we saw – what is not selling here!

This is not a dump, as it would be possible to think, but a store on the market, and there are many such.

Assortment of an unusual tent

But in general, markets in Macau are similar to Taiwan markets and Markets of Hong Kong.

Next Stop on our way – a small garden of Casa Garden and the Church of St. Anthony. The garden has a centuries-old history, once there was a residence of the director of the branch of the East India company in Macau.

Church of St. Anthony – the oldest religious structure in Macau, the first mention of him refer to 1565.

Church of St. Anthony in Macau

To visit Macau and not visit Ruins of the Cathedral of St. Paul Just incorrectly, so we go on, to the main attraction of the city. Before that we almost did not meet tourists on the streets of the city, but here they were not just a lot, but a lot of favorable!

But it is worth a few dozen meters to the side and again silence and anyone around. It seems that people come to Macau to take pictures on the background of the ruins of St. Paul, and then sitting in the casino.

Ruins of the Cathedral of St. Paul in Macau

The next mandatory point of the tourist program in Macau – Senate Square (Senado Square), which became famous for the whole world with a colorful stone mosaic. On all sides, the area surrounds the buildings built in a typical Portuguese colonial style.

House of Mercy in Senate Square in Macau

We walked around Macau all day and fed on ready-made food from shops: fruit, buns, hot dogs, but it’s time to fully dine.

The child replenishes the reserves on the go

While we dined in one of the restaurants Macau, the street was completely dark – on the clock about 8 pm. But if you think we put up back to Hong Kong, then mistaken – we continued our walk. Our goal was to walk to Lake Nam Van, to admire the night illumination on Macau Tower, and on the way, a couple of historic buildings and temples hooked.

Tower Macau at night

Having in love with the tower, we have come to Lisbon Casino, where they caught a taxi and went to the ferry terminal to return to Hong Kong. During the day we found more than 33km, but did not look even a quarter of all the sights of Macau. In general, summing up the day we can say that Macau did not impress us at all.

This article was stolen from http: // poznamka.Ru.

Of course, it is interesting to look at the country, but for some reason I don’t want to go back here. But never say "never", Hong Kong didn’t like Hong Kong, only after 3 or 4 visits, he completely overwhelmed by us and does not let go still, and who knows, maybe Taipa Island in Macau will charm us so much that it will become One of your favorite corners on the planet.

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One day in Macau

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